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Christmas Fun and Games

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The children all enjoyed the last few weeks of the term. The children performed brilliantly in the KS1 Christmas production and all the staff were very proud of them. The children really enjoyed the class parties during the last week of term and threw some 'groovy moves' whilst playing musical statues and musical bumps.


Mr Potato!!

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The Christmas fun has well and truly begun this week with a visit from Mr Potato. The children really enjoyed taking part in magic tricks and plate spinning. Thanks to the PTA for organising it.




Puppet Investigating.

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To finish out topic on Toys we are investigating and making our own puppets. We looked at a variety of different type of puppet and paid close attention to how they were put together. We decided most of the hand puppets were stitched together and so learnt how to sew a basic running stitch. The boys were very good!!! We are now busy making our own pop-up puppets based on our PE Story The Nutcracker.


Doll Detectives

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We have been busy using all of our research skills to answer questions about dolls and how they were made. We had to answer three questions set by our teachers. The questions were:

1) What material were the first dolls made from?  
2)What material are dolls made from today?
3)What are the main differences between dolls from the past and dolls of the present?


Pudsey Day!

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We were all very excited to wear our pyjamas to school to support Children in Need. There was a great array of pj's on display including some splendid Hulk Onsee's sported by Mrs Edwards and Mrs Linley!!Pudsey_Dayhulks

Investigating old Toys.

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We were very fortunate to have a special visitor come to school to share with us her collection of toys from the 1950's. We were fascinated with Mrs Campbell's selection of dolls, books, games and jigsaws. We were able to see first hand the different materials that were used to make toys. We were able to make direct comparisons with our own toys. We really enjoyed seeing pictures of Mrs Campbell as a little girl surrounded by some of her toys!


Phew!!! What a busy couple of weeks!

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We have been so busy in Year 1, there's lots to tell you about so let's get started.

We have been investigating lots of toys, old and new, and really enjoyed bringing in our favourite toys from home to share and talk about. We looked carefully at the different materials our toys are made from and talked about the use of batteries and electronics in many of our favourites.


Maths Day

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Year 1 had a very active Maths Day on Friday. The children learnt all about the days of the week and the months of the year. We started by reading The Hungry Caterpillar and thought about the busy week that he had. We then moved to the playground to burn off some energy skipping the months of the year in order. We also learnt a skipping rhyme to help us remember the months of the year in order; Strawberry Ice Cream, Huckleberry Finn, When you hear your birthday month, jump in !!!!


A very noisy afternoon!!

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To complete our 'Around the World' topic we finished off looking at music from Africa and Spain. The children were taught all about rhythm and keeping time. We looked at videos of African drummers and Flamenco dancers and saw how they used rhythm differently. the children really enjoyed having the opportunity to play hand drums themselves and finished the lesson with fantastic flamenco dancing.


It's that time of year again!

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Yes, the 21st October is fast approaching and Mrs Edwards will once again be taking on the Bupa Birmingham Half Marathon to raise funds for Bliss. Bliss is a charity which supports babies and parents affected by premature birth. I would be very grateful for any support with sponsorship, so if you would like to add to my fund raising please pass your donation to me directly or send into the school office in a marked envelope. Thanks

Wish me Luck! 


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We have had a very Arty week in school this week. We have been learning all about Portraiture and how to draw self portraits using the correct proportions. As part of our portraiture work we have looked at how faces are represented in African culture on traditional African Masks. We have looked carefully at the patterns included in the carvings on the masks and tried to replicate these patterns in our own versions of the masks.


Maths in Year 1

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We have been busy learning lots of new Maths vocabulary this half term. This week we have learnt what the word 'Estimate' means. We enjoyed estimating how many counters a friend had collected before accurately counting them out to see how close our estimates were. We are all working very hard on our Maths!


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