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Welcoming in the New Year.

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Happy New Year!

Children in Year 1 welcomed in the New Year by learning about how New Year is celebrated around the world. We focused on the celebrations in Germany. The children enjoyed playing traditional German games with Mr Worth and were taught to sing Silent Night in German. 1EE enjoyed making a traditional German gift called a Shultute. A Shultute is a traditional gift given to children on their first day of school that is filled with treats and toys.


Year 1 Christmas Performance

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We have really enjoyed our last week at school. We have completed so many different Christmas activities and have been elbows deep in glitter and sequins.Terrific! We loved our Christmas parties and showed our friends some groovy dance moves. Our teachers were so proud of our performance in our Christmas show 'It's a Baby' enjoy the photos!

Thank you for the lovely Christmas gifts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Year 1 Staff x. 



Science in Year 1

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We have been very busy the last few weeks becoming outstanding scientists. We have completed three different investigations on materials. Our first invesitigation helped Mrs Edmunds find the correct material to wrap a christmas parcel to send to Australia. Our second investigation was very exciting as we had to help Santa's elves find the best material to make Santa a new hat that would keep him warm and DRY! And in our last investigation we had to help Discovery Dog find the best material to wipe Nora Puppy's wee! Yes, everyone thought it was quite amusing except perhaps Discovery Dog. The photo shows a group of Year 1 children testing plastic, paper and fabric to soak up a puddle of liquid.


Pickled onions and chips!

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In September Mrs Hawksworth and Mrs Horne helped Year 1 children to harvest our batch of Shallot onions. After a day of tears from Mrs Horne as she bravely peeled the onions, the children prepared the onions with pickling vinegar and put them to one side in the classrooms where they have sat safely for the past few months. Last week the children got to test the fruits of their labour by enjoying an afternoon treat of pickled onions and chips! The children enjoyed the onions (and particularly enjoyed the chips) so all the hard work was well worth it. A handful of the children's pickled onion jars will be on sale at the Christmas Fayre so keep your eyes peeled (not you Mrs Horne!!) for these sort after items.

Welcome to our Toy Museum!

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Children from Year 1 were thrilled to show Miss Sartori and children from Reception around our class Toy Museum. The children had worked in groups to set the classroom up with displays of toys from the 1960's, 1870's and modern times. Another group of children discussed how teddy bears had changed since they became popular in the Victorian times. The children's favourite display was made up of toys brought in from home as supplied by some very helpful Grandparents. The children were able to share metal rocking horses, five stones, metal cars, early plastic dolls and children's books from the 1940's.


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Year 1 have had a brillant time in our first week back to school. We have had lots to talk about with our new topic TOYS! We especially enjoyed trying out some playground toys and games from the past such as hopscotch, skipping, marbles, hoops, ball and cup, ring games, yo,yo's and lots more... We can't wait to find out what our Parents and Grandparents played with when they were children.

African Masks....

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Year 1 have been very busy this week exploring African masks.  We looked at many different kinds of masks, explored the colours, patterns and shapes  we could see on the African masks,  made sketches of African masks and finally we had great fun in the Art room making monoprints of our own African mask. They look brilliant! We are looking forward to decorating them next week.


Run, run as fast as you can!

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On 23rd October Mrs Edwards will be running the Birmingham Half Marathon in aid of Bliss, the Premature baby organization.  Training is almost complete and the big day is fast approaching. 
I am running on behalf of 'Team Tom'. This is a group of people running in memory of a little boy, born at 25 weeks old. Unfortunately little Tom died at 2 months old but his twin brother Charlie is now a happy and healthy 5 year old thanks to the care and expertise provided by many Bliss doctors and nurses. Bliss support babies that are born too small, too soon, or too sick. The special care baby charity, provides vital support and care to premature and sick babies across the UK. They offer guidance and information at a critical time in families' lives and fund ground-breaking research and campaign for babies to receive the best possible level of care regardless of when and where they are born.
I am trying to raise as much money as I can to help support Bliss and will be leaving a donation tin in the both the Acorns and Oaks reception areas. Alternatively you can donate at I would be really grateful for any contributions to this collection and for your support and encouragement to help get me around all 13 miles!
Many Thanks
Mrs Edwards x

Barnaby Bear visits Spain

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As part of our topic work we looked at Barnaby Bear's visit to Spain. We thought about what he would need to pack in his suitcase, how he would get there and what he would see and eat during his visit. We also read a postcard he sent to one of his friends. We found out that oranges are grown in Spain and we made an orange cake using a whole orange, skin and all, using a food processor. After we had iced it we all tasted it and most of us liked it!

Patterns, pictures and more

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In our mathematics this week we have been looking at 2d and 3d shapes. We have gone on a shape hunt and found them in the classroom and outside. We looked at wrapping paper and used repeating patterns to generate our own designs. We have thought about the properties of the shapes, including the number of sides and corners of 2d shapes and the faces, edges and vertices of 3d shapes. We also checked out the shape pages in our planners to help us!

Year 1 Enjoy the Gruffalo!

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In Year 1 we have been enjoying our work in Literacy on the Gruffalo. We have read the story, watched the short film, retold the story using story language, acted out the story with puppets and masks and described the characters using super adjectives! Some of us have even written about a new character for the Gruffalo to eat...Badger pie, Hedgehog bubblegum, Eagle soup and many more.


Year One search the school grounds for a visitor

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As part of our topic ‘If you go down to the woods today’ both Year One classes received a letter from Barnaby Bear telling them he was coming to visit. However he managed to get lost in the school grounds and we all had to go out to look for him. We then looked at an aerial photograph and matching map of the local area to find the school. We also thought of questions we wanted to ask Barnaby Bear. We are looking forward to finding out more about his travels round the world!

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