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Discovering Dinos

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In the first week back this term, we enjoyed a trip to West Midlands Safari Park. This was to launch our new topic of dinosaurs. We took a tour around The Land of the Living Dinosaurs to see life-size models of some of creatures which would have roamed the earth millions of years ago. It was fascinating! The models allowed us to understand what they different dinosaurs would have looked like and our brilliany guides shared lots of facts about what the different species ate and some of their individual characteristics. We also saw some real fossils which have given clues to archeaologists about the past.

Dino 1  Dino 2

Dino 3  Dino 4

Dino 5  Dino 6

Dino 7  Dino 8

Dino 9  Dino 10

Dino 11

In the afternoon, our learning continued as we used some equipment in the Safari Academy to become fossil hunters ourselves. We dug fossils from beneath the sand and then had to identify what the fossils were. This helped us to understand about how real life objects buried over many years can bring the past alive and teach us about it today.

Fossil 1  Fossil 2

Fossil 3

In the academy we reflected on some of our learning about the dinosaurs and used the facts we could remember to answer questions - we learnt such a lot! It was great! We look forward to using all of this learning in more activities back in school as we conctinue with our topic work.

Finally, we also were lucky enough to have the chance to get a closer look at some of the insects which are kept at the Safari Park (a millipede and a stick insect). Some of us were even brave enough to touch them!

Stick insect  Millipede

What a truly memorable day out we had.....we are now well equipped for even more dinosaur discoveries!

Stranger Danger!

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stranger danger

Today, we had a visit from a local PCSO who came to talk to us about Stranger Danger! This is a really important aspect of staying safe which we realised we need to know and understand well.

Duncan, the PCSO talked to us all about what a stranger is, how to find a safe stranger or a safe place if we are lost and what to do if someone we don't know talks to us or offers us sweets or gifts.

We watched a video to help us understand the key ways to stay safe and which shared key messages through Little Miss and Mr Safety.


PCSO 3    Stay safe

We now know that we must talk to our parents about the things that we will do if we find ourselves faced with a stranger or if we get lost.

Bonkers about Books!

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Our first week back this half term gave us lots of opportunities to further develop both our reading skills and our love of all things book related.


We practised our phonics skills in preparation for our phonics screening in the summer term and demonstrated just how much progress we have been making. We really impressed the teachers and they were very proud of our hard work and efforts - now we have to keep it up so that we keep improving!

We began our English work linked to our topic of school days by thinking about the Roald Dahl story of Matilda. We have been writing diary entries about experiences at school and making some links to the contrasting characters of Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull. As a result, we are improving our sentence structure and developing accuracy in our writing.

World Book Day

Finally, we enjoyed World Book Day. A great opportunity for us to dress up as our favourite book characters (some costume were truly wacky and wonderful!).

Book day costume

 We shared books with our friends in Year 5, completed activities linked to our Big Read text of Fantastic Mr Fox and played a Guess Who quiz to idenitfy famous book characters.

Book day 1    Book Day 2

1AL were even lucky enough to have Mrs Sanford come along and share a book in another language. It was great to hear her read in Bulgarian.

Book day visit

It was a fabulous day full of fun and it has inspired many of us to keep reading a breadth of books at home - especially as it will help us to achieve the gold award in our Reading Challenge.


A week to feel both mindful and inspired!

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Inspire title

This week we had our Inspire workshop in which we shared, with parents and visitors, the different ways we learn to read. We showed them our phonics skills (including our celebrations - do you know The Elvis? The Ketchup Clap? The Firework?) and we shared the ways in which we develop our comprehension skills through; reading pictures, Big Reading and through wringing out the text.

It was a lovely opportunity to work with our parents and to showcase all the brilliant progress we are making through our learning in class.

Inspire workshop 1    Inspire workshop 2   Inspire workshop 6

Inspire workshop 3  Inspire workshop 4

Inspire workshop 5


This week has also been Children's Mental Health Awareness Week. To mark this important event, we have enjoyed a 10 minute mindfulness activity each day after lunch to help us relax, focus and appreciate our surroundings. We have linked these to our senses and we especially enjoyed going on a Rainbow Walk to notice all the colours of the rainbow in the world around us.

As part of the week we also enjoyed a yoga session in our PE lesson and we talked about worries in our PSHE lesson, creating worry jars for our classrooms to help us cope with and address any worries we might have.

Yoga 1  Yoga 2  Yoga 3

It has been an interesting (and busy!) week but we can now use our mindfulness techniques and our balloon breathign to help us wind down and relax over the weekend!


Water and Wings!

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swimming title

In Year One, we have been throwing ourselves into our PE this term by beginning our swimming lessons. We are enjoying swimming each week to develop both our confidence in the water and a range of skills to improve our swiming strokes. Some of us have already shared proud moments of putting our heads underwater, swimming longer distances and jumping in! We are having lots of fun!

Swimming cartoon

investigation title

This week we have also combined our science and topic work by investigating paper planes. We are learning all about flight for our new topic so, to help us understand the important features of aeroplanes, we made our own paper planes and we then tested them to see which were most effective. After recoring our results and looking closely we were able to explain the features which made the plane most effective and we learnt new vocabulary such as aerodynamic and streamlined.

Paper planes

Getting Creative in Week 1

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Art Design Title

For our first week back after the Christmas holiday, we enjoyed completing our next Art in a Day project and designing and making puppets using our design and technology skills.


Our Art in a Day was based on the work of Joan Miro, a Catalan artist who created work in the Surrealist style. We had great fun making printing templates using a range of resources and then using these to make Miro inspired prints which we then worked on top of with crayon and wooden shapes.

Art print 1    Art print 2

Art print 3

As part of our work, we described and evaluated some of the work of Miro as well which helped us to continue devloping our art vocabulary.

For DT, we designed puppets and then built them using a variety of materials. We decorated the puppets following our designs and used our skills to make sure that our final designs were neat, bright and moved effectively.

Puppet 1  Puppet 2  

Puppet 3   Puppet 4

Puppet 5   Puppet 6

Puppet 7   Puppet 8

A Blast from the Past!

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This week in Year 1, we were very lucky to have a visitor to help us with our topic work.

Toy visit 1

Jack's grandma came to see us and shared some toys from her childhood. She told us all about toys from the past and we shared the things that we noticed about how the toys were different from the toys we have today.

We looked at different dolls, a football game and books and puzzles from the past.

Toy visit 2   Toy visit 3   Toy visit 4

Toy visit 5        Toy visit 6

It helped us to understand more about how toys have changed over time and it gave us the chance to ask questions.

We can really see now how both artefacts and people can help us when we want to find out about the past.

We look forward to using and applying the things we learnt in our written work over the next few weeks.

Fun with shapes and toys!

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Play Learn Grow

We have started our new half term with lots of practical fun and exciting learning opportunities, especially in Maths and Topic!

Toys Title

Our new topic is Toys and we have been linking our learning in English by writing character and setting descriptions and developing our sentence work with the film Toy Story as inspiration.

To launch our topic, we had a toy afternoon in which we shared our favourite toys together. We used speaking and listening skills to compare the materials which our toys were made from, how they worked and moved and we also talked about why we liked them. We considered how the toys our parents and grandparents played with might have been different and why.

Toys 1    Toys 2

Toys 3     Toys 4

Toys 5    Toys 6  Toys 7


In Maths, we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been shape detectives by NOTICING these shapes all around us, used songs to learn shape names and have developed our mathematical language by describing shapes and playing games which have encouraged us to use lots of maths talk!

Shapes 1  Shapes 2

Shapes 3   Shape 4

Shape 5  Shape 6

Black History Month activity

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This week, we have learnt some facts and information about Mary Seacole as part of our Black History Month work. We learnt about who Mary Seacole was and her significance in history. As part of this, we also learnt about the differences between medicines and hospitals in the past and now and made links between this and the challenges which Mary Seacole would have had to face when she was helping to treat soldiers in The Crimean War.

Mary Seacole

Black History activity 1 Black History activity 2

It was a fascinating activity and we are looking forward to sharing what we have learnt and learning about what others have learnt in our celebration assembly.

We are responsible - LTE Day

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On our LTE Day, we explored our trust values and completed some work on our focus value of Self-Responsibility.

We thought about what this meant and how we can be responsible for our actions and our choices in school, at home and in the wider community.

We shared a book called "What if Everybody Did that?" which helped us think about the impact of small behaviours or actions on others and the importance of thinking about outcomes and consequences for the choices we make. Following our discussion, we used role play to explore both positive and negative actions and the impact of these on those around us. We then produced work showing images of how a choice might have little impact alone but, if everybody did the same, the consequence could be much more significant!

What if everybody

We now understand how important it is to think about our actions and choices and we are trying to show this in all that we do!

A great start!

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Year 1 have made a great start to the year and have been busy already getting to grips with the curriculum.

We have been; using and exploring our maths resources to help us with our learning, enjoying using Talk for Writing to retell stories and write some of our own, using outdoor learning to learn about the seasons in Science and developing our sending and receiving skills and gymnastic moves as part of our PE. It has been great fun so far and we still have lots more learning to come!

Look at some of our activities to date:

Maths 1       Maths 2

Maths 3       Maths 4

PE 1    Science 1   Science 2

Seaside Day!

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We had an AMAZING day at Whitehouse Common Seaside Resort. We were treated to a donkey ride, an ice cream, a cone of chips and lots of traditional seaside fun and games. Luckily, the weather was perfect and meant we could enjoy our day to the full!

Thank you to all our parent helpers and to those who supported with bringing in lots of resources for the children to enjoy including, tents, paddling pools, sand pts etc. It all added to our fantastic day and helped it become a day we will never forget!ball

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