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Summer 2

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We hope you have had a lovely half term week and are now ready to start our last term in Year1.

This week we have been learning all about materials. We discussed the properties of each material and why different materials are used for different objects.

Science materias

We are also rehearsing our class dance so that we are ready to perform in our dance show next week.

Please note; Our school trip to Birmingham Hippodrome is next Thursday. Please can you ensure you have handed the consent forms in to the office.

Thanks for your support.

The Year 1 team.

Phonics and Maths Inspire Workshop

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Today we loved having our parents in for our Year 1 Inspire workshop. We worked hard but also had lots of fun.

We played lots of phonics games and solved problems using resources in Maths.

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Ice Investigation

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In science we have been investigating different temperatures. We discussed how we measure temperature and what units are used? We also had a go at reading temperatures on different thermometers.

For our investigation we put ice cubes in different places and observed the changes and measured the temperatures.

ice cube

East Midlands Airport

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We were very lucky to visit East Midlands airport to help us with our topic on fight. We enjoyed looking round the different parts of the airport and enjoyed taking part in a role pay. We all had a fantastic time.

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A Christmas Carol

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We were very lucky this morning to watch a production of ‘A Christmas Carol’. We joined in with some songs and copied all of the actions.

In R.E we have thought about the Christmas story and have sequenced the events and written about them. We have thought about the true meaning of Christmas and what is really important.  

In maths, we are continuing to count in 2’s’5s and 10’s so please help us with this at home. We have been using resources to help us and have been explaining our thinking.

We have been very busy rehearsing our show of ‘The Snow Child.’ We are looking forward to seeing you all there and hope you will enjoy the show. Thanks for providing the children with costumes if you have not yet sent in your child’s costume please could you do so ASAP.

Thanks in advance,

The Year 1 team

Comparing Toys

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We have enjoyed sorting and comparing old and new toys. We have even looked at Mrs Duckers’s mum’s teddy that is nearly 70 years old! We have found out lots of facts about old toys such as bears in the past had glass eyes or even leather boot buttons as eyes and that old cars were made out of tin.

We have also placed toys on a timeline and noted the differences between them.



toys 3

toys 4

Five Senses

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This week in science we have been investigating our senses. We have  enjoyed smelling, tasting, touching and hearing lots of different things.

We especially enjoyed guessing which pot contained the scent of lime and which plate contained the salt and vinegar crisps. 



The Gruffalo

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This week we have enjoyed creating story plans to retell the story of The Gruffalo. We also used lots of actions to help us and used different expressions for the different characters.


We have solved lots of problems this week in maths finding one more and one less and have enjoyed using a range of resources to help us.

During our topic lesson, we enjoyed sharing our holiday photos and locating our destinations on a world map.

Welcome Back Year 1

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Welcome back everyone, we hope you all had a lovely summer.

All the Year 1 children have had a fantastic start to the year! This week we have enjoyed looking at the Paralympics and learning all about the events and the athletes. 

We have also been into the hall to listen to some carnival music and have learnt some moves to perform.

Blog pic

In literacy we have been revisiting our transition book ‘Where the Wild Things are’ and have performed some freeze frames to retell the main parts of the story.

blg zach

Overall we have had a very successful start to the year. Well done.

Please note that in Year 1 the children will need an indoor and an outdoor P.E kit. Please could the children have a pair of trainers for outdoor P.E.

In addition Library days are as follows.

1JH -Wednesdays

1AD- Thursdays

Homework will be given out on Monday and this will last for the length of the topic. 


The Year One Team

Summer Fun!

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Today in FKS and KS1 we had a fantastic afternoon making the most of the sunshine.

We have taken part in lots of fun activities such as, paddling, playing in the sand, reading in the shade and lots, lots more.

This has really put us in the mood for our summer holidays now!

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you all as we really appreciate your support throughout the year. It really does make a huge difference.

We hope you have a wonderful summer and will miss teaching your children next year but know that they are now ready for their new school year!


Business Enterprise

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This week we have planned and made an exciting product to sell at our School Shop.

1AG plants small

Our School Shop is 3:30pm on Friday 24th June and Monday 27th June. Please come and support us as we have put so much work into the deisgning and making of our products.

flowers 2 sm

flowers sm

Life Caravan

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Today we enjoyed going into the Life Caravan to learn all about how to keep our bodies healthy. We loved meeting Gerald the giraffe and he taught us lots of things. We found out that breakfast is really important to give us energy and that we should try to eat at least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day because they provide lots of vitamins, minerals and fibre which our bodies need to function properly.

We also found out that we should try to avoid eating too many sweets, cakes and biscuits because too many sugary foods and drinks can contribute to tooth decay.

In our P.E lesson we took part in a skipping activity! Some of us we really good but some of us found skipping quite tricky. We are going to keep persevering with skipping this week.

We are looking forward to more exciting activities during our Health Week.

Just a reminder that the dance show will be on the 8th July.

geraldcaravan pic

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