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Exploring Habitats

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This week we were really lucky to have a visit from a lady called Lucy who works for a charity called the RSPB. We were considering how our school grounds are an excellent habitat for a lot of wildlife, and how we could possibly improve the habitats for the creatures who live there.

We used special equipment and techniques to carefully collect a range of minibeasts.

obseving carefully

Our special pots had a magnifyer on the top so that we could see lots of detail and, with the help of an identification sheet, we were able to name the minibeasts we found.

slugs small

Lucy showed us some really good places where we would find lots of minibeasts... There were lots of Leopard slugs under this slab!

minibeast house small

Of course we already have an excellent "Minibeast hotel!"

After spreading out a white sheet, Lucy shook a tree and we found that many minibeasts dropped down and we could see them easily!

caterpillars small

We learned such a lot about the minibeasts that our school grounds provide a habitat for. We will keep looking!

Seaside in the past

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This week in year 1 we have enjoyed finding out about seaside holidays in the past. We found out about bathing machines, donkey rides and Punch and Judy shows. We also found out that many people would travel by train and for some children it was a rare treat to go to the seaside.


Cosford Air Museum

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This week we all had a fantastic time at Cosford Air Museum. We took part in lots of activities.

One activity we did was the 4D experience, it was very exciting. Water sprayed in our faces, the seats moved and we were in a fast and exhilarating race.

We also completed lots of activities to do with Gravity and Air Resistance in the Fun and Flight section of the museum!

In addition, we got to look around a range of different planes and aircraft. We had lots of different planes to look for on our activity sheet.

All of us went to the airport to; we had to check in our luggage, have our passport checked and go through security checks to check for any metal.

We also went inside the aeroplane and had to role-play being cabin crew.Cosford2Blog Cosfordcosford4cosford6

Easter Fun!

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We have finished an extremely short and busy half term with our Easter celebrations....

We were joined by many parents this morning when we had our Easter Bonnet Parade. Some of the bonnets and hats were outstanding and what's more everyone joined in!

1ad small

1Ag small

Year 1 children also enjoyed themselves searching our beautiful grounds for small plastic eggs that they then exchanged for real chocolate eggs! Yummy!!

egg hunt small

Best wishes for a lovely Easter break to all our children and their families.


Fun with World Book Day

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Year 1 have joined in with the whole school today in celebrating World Book Day. We have made this year's celebrations extra special by marking what would have been the 100th birthday of one of our favourite children's authors, Roald Dahl.

We have enjoyed a Dressing Up Parade in Foundation Key Stage and Key Stage 1, shared books with Year 5 and taken part in many World Book Day activities.

1AD WBD small

1AG WBD small

Everything Dinosaur

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Last week Year 1 were visited by Mike  from Everything Dinosaur.

Skull sm

They were able to get really close and handle many exciting fossils and learnt much about dinosaurs from an expert!

Did you know that although an Ankylosaurus was huge, his brain was only the size of a child's fist? Here the children try their fissts for size inside the skull of an Ankylosaurus!

Yes, he was so big that seven children could stand within his tummy!

Tummy sm

As you can imagine the children were very enthusiastic and we really feel that this "hands on"  visit was beneficial to their learning.

fossil sm

class sm

Of course everyone likes to try and roar as loudly as a dinosaur!

Phiz Lab!

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This week year one enjoyed visiting the new Phiz Lab. We found it very exciting and enjoyed investigating all of the different resources we could find.

We found out about the life cycle of a frog and we could talk about the different stages.

We are also enjoying writing our very own dinosaur adventure stories. Our teachers can’t wait to see the finished stories!

phiz labphiz 1

Happy New Year Everyone!

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This week in Literacy we have launched our new topic of ‘Dinosaurs’.

We have been using our ‘Talk for Writing’ actions to learn a lot of new facts about dinosaurs. Did you know that some of the tallest dinosaurs were over 15 metres tall?

KC blogDino blog

In maths we have been exploring the number 20 using a lot of resources. We have represented the number in a range of different ways, discovered what times tables it appears in and explored many number facts.

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Just a reminder that Year 1 swimming days are as follows.

1AD- Wednesdays

1AG – Thursdays.


The Year 1 Team

Tinsel and Tea-towels

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We have been very busy this week rehearsing our show of 'Tinsel and Tea-Towels'. We are looking forward to seeing you all


Please note our performance times in the Acorns Hall are:

Monday 14th - 2-15-3-15

Tuesday 15th 9-15-10-15



True or False?

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In maths we used a range of apparatus from our maths boxes to test whether the number sentences and word problems were true or false. We felt like teachers checking the work and found it fun.

emmie and teddyemma blog

Black History Week

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As part of Black History Week we have been looking at Bob Marley. Watch the video below of one of his songs and join in if you can!



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This week we have enjoyed using Numicon to help us understand the value of money and to help us with our number bonds.

We have enjoyed the Harvest assembly this week and listened well to Reverend Green’s story. Thank you for all the food you all provided.

Please note this week is Moodle homework.


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