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Busy Bees

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In literacy this week we have enjoyed writing our own stories about the seaside it has made us very excited for the Summer Holidays!

In maths this week we have been learning about division and sharing objects into groups. We noticed that our division number sentences also linked to our multiplication number sentences.

We have also been learning about the story of Passover and the significance of each of the foods on the Sedar plate.

Thanks for your continued support at home

The Year One Team.

Year 1 Blog

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We are very proud of the children this week as they have all completed the Year One phonics screening tests. They have all worked really hard to learn all their sounds and blend them together to read real words and nonsense words. In addition they have been showing their teachers how much they have learnt in maths on their non-negotiables for Year One.

We are looking forward to Sports Day on Friday and have been outside to practise some of the events in our PE lessons. We know it is important to work as a team and that everybody plays an important part.

sports day

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

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We have been very lucky this week as we had a workshop based on the seaside in the past. We had a brilliant time and learnt lots of interesting facts. We didn’t know that the poor could not afford a bathing suit so they could only paddle and that people went to the seaside once a year as a treat.

We learnt that the pier was an exciting place to be and there were a range of games such as hoopla, roll a penny and Punch and Judy shows.

We also found out that you could buy a penny lick, which was a glass bowl full of ice cream and you licked it all out. Then you handed it back and they just refilled it for the next person without washing the bowl! Yuk!roll a pennyseaside blog1hoopla

Health Week in Year 1

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 This week Year one have enjoyed a range of activities for Health week. We have designed our own fruit and vegetable characters and sketched a bowl of fruits. We enjoyed helping Gerald the Giraffe in the Life Caravan and enjoyed tasting a range of healthy snacks during the Health Education Show Assembly. In Literacy we have written acrostic poems about different foods (which was quite tricky for some foods) and we have written instructions for how to make a chicken and mango wrap. In Maths we have completed a tally chart and a bar chart to show our favourite ice cream flavours and have answered questions about our data. We hope you all had a lovely half term.

The Year One Team


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This week we have enjoyed researching dinosaurs for our dinosaur reports! We have found out lots of interesting facts.

Did you know that…

The Smallest Dinosaur was the Saltopus. It was only 3 feet long, and weighed about five pounds.

The Biggest Dinosaurs were: Saurpods. Seismosaurus was 165 feet long (it's tail helped!). Arentinosaurus was the heaviest at 100 tons. The Brachiosaurus was 39 feet high (which helped it reach branches in trees). Giganotosaurus was the largest hunting dinosaur, at 46 feet long and up to 8 tons!

Why did Dinosaurs Look So Weird? Dinosaurs were around for millions of years. During that time they changed to suit their environment and conditions. Horns, plates, thorns, spines, long necks, claws, each of these served a purpose for that dinosaur. If you think about it, dinosoaurs were around for a little more than 200 million years. Human beings have been around for about 120,000. Think how weird WE might look in another million years or so!

We are looking forward to our trip to Warwick castle on Friday. Keep an eye out for the blog next week to see what we got up to!

Endangered Animals!

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This week we have been thinking about the animals on our planet and how it is very important we all try and protect them. We looked at how some of our beautiful animals are now endangered. Some of these animals are Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos and Snow Leopards.

We talked about how sad we would be and how we would feel if these animals became extinct!

Please be reminded that the children need an indoor and outdoor PE kit in school.


Money, Money, Money!

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This week in Maths we have been busy little shopkeepers and customers. We have had to work out how to make different totals with coins and work out the correct change.

money blog1

We have also enjoyed exploring the different sounds of the instruments and creating music of our own.

blog music1

We are working hard in our phonics lessons and have been reading a range of real and nonsense words.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

DT - Making Simnel Cakes

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Year 1 have been busy baking this week. We have learnt about many symbols linked with Easter and have looked at Simnel cakes this week. We made our own simnel cupcakes by following a list of instructions. All the children played a part in creating our mixture and had a cracking time (lots of eggs to break, tee hee)!

Inspire Workshop

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This week we had lots of fun working with our family and friends for our inspire workshop. We hope you all had fun!inspire 2inspire4inspireinspire3

It's nearly Spring!

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This week we have been looking at rhyming poems. We have written some poems of our own.

These are some of our ideas.

I went to Abigail’s garden and what did I see?

A beautiful flower swaying next to me.

I went to Abigail’s garden and what did I hear?

A blackbird singing sweetly on a fence quite near.

I went to Abigail’s garden and what did I smell?

A pretty red rose and a beautiful bluebell.

In Maths we have been looking at fractions. We worked in groups to share objects into 2 groups to find half of a number and four groups to find a quarter of a number. Some of us worked out how to halve and quarter numbers using our number facts.

We have enjoyed listening to Mrs Hawksworth talking about plants and sketching some of the plants in Abigail’s garden.

We hope you like your birdboxes!

blog bird boxquarters

Welcome Back!

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We hope you all had a lovely half term break.

This week we have looked at some rhyming poems and have written some food poems of our own. This is one of our favourite foods poem that we wrote.

Chocolate is delicious.

Chocolate is sweet.

Although it is not very healthy,

it is perfect as a treat.

Can you think of anymore verses for this poem using different foods?

In Maths, we have been looking at number sequences by counting in 2’s 5’s and 10’s. We found it a little tricky counting back in the sequence.

We are looking forward to eating pancakes next week and World Book Day. Start thinking about what topping you would like on a pancake and what costume you are going to wear on Thursday.


The Year 1 Team.

Shape, Space and Measure Week.

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This week in Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have counted the faces, edges and discussed whether a shape can roll or slide.

We learnt that we can make 3D shapes using nets. We cut out a range of different nets and made the 3D shapes. It was very tricky. Can you tell what 3D shapes we have made?



blog2   blog5

We have also been learning to tell the time to o’clock and half past. Some of us have moved onto quarter past and quarter to. We are all getting much better at telling the time.

In Literacy we have been working on our basic skills. Can you find the missing punctuation in these sentences?

please can i go outside

i like fish and chips because it is very tasty

help shouted richard

Thanks for all of your support this term. We hope you all have a lovely holiday.

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