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Super Science Day!

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Year 2 have had a fantastic Science day today! We spent the morning completing lots of different science based activities. We enjoyed learning about habitats and collected items to make a suitable home for a hedgehog.

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We also investigated air resistance and made our own aeroplanes. We looked at how water can change state into a solid, liquid or gas. We enjoyed learning about colour and made colour spinners. Finally we thought about friction and how friction can affecvt the speed at which a car travells down a ramp.

I spy with my little eye something beginning with P

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Hi All,

Well what a busy week that was!!!! The highlight of the whole week was our class assemblies on Friday and what had happened to the two classes suddenly we had 60 pirates invading our classrooms!!! That's right our assembly was all about Pirates and the work we completed last half term. The children looked amazing, voices were loud and clear, songs sung beautifully, fantastic jokes told and a great deal of fun was had by all. I'm sure you agree the children were brilliant and a credit to you all. Thanks also to our parents/grand parents for the costumes and your attendance on the day. It is really appreciated!

Class Assembly 024 Small

We have also continued our work in Maths and Literacy. In Maths we have started to look at multiplication and it is clear to see the knowledge of tables in the classes improving all the time. In Literacy we have continued to work on Explanation texts and found out the life cycle of a butterfly. Some super presentations and work was produced.

Our new topic is Ice and we started to learn about Captain Scott and his journey which children found really interesting. We look forward to continuing this topic and learning about Shackleton next week.

Have a great weekend,

The Year 2 Team

Keeping Healthy

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Year 2 are starting to rehearse for their Class Assemblies. Homework this week is to learn your words. We have been enjoying singing this healthy eating song that we learnt as part of our Science topic last half term.

We look forward to seeing parents at the assemblies on Friday 15th November  in the Acorns hall.

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A busy final week for Year 2. In Maths we have continued to focus on subtraction using the number line which children are really starting to understand. In Literacy our topic has been Instructions and we were able to get outside (when the rain relented) to complete a sports course. The children had to complete the course as their partner guided them with the instructions. The next day, the children then produced a written set of instructions.
We hope you all have a good break.
The Year 2 team

Hip To Be A Square

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This week is Shape Week and Year 2 have taken part in many fun lessons all about shape! On Monday we all went outside to investigate shapes around the school. Raindrops were falling on our heads but that didn't stop the children enjoying finding 2D and 3D shapes. On Tuesday we then looked at making 2D and 3D shapes using straws. The children had great fun and found it interesting to make the shapes. We have also started to learn time during the week. In Literacy we have started our unit on Instructions and on Wednesday the children had to follow instructions to make a jam sandwich. I think we have some potential chefs amongst us!

Have a great weekend,

The Year 2 Team

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2MW Blog Shape 2

Pirate Ships and Year 2 Work

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"Ahoy there ship mates!" Year 2 has been a hive of activity this week. In Maths we have been learning to add numbers using the partitioning method and because the children have become so good at it, we had to include addition word problems to keep them on their toes! In Literacy, we have continued our Traditional Tales unit and produced stories about a horrible little girl called 'Little Red Riding Hood' Some super work was produced and I think we might have some future authors!

The highlight of the week was making our pirate ships during Topic. We had to cut out sails, the boat and back all of this onto the blue sea background. The children really enjoyed doing the activity and can't wait to create another one using chalk next week.

Have a great weekend ship mates! The Year 2 Team

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Science Investigations

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This week, as part of our 'Health and Growth' Science topic, we have completed an investigation. We wanted to find out how exercise affects our heart rate. First we had to plan our investigation. We talked about the importance of making it a fair test by keeping some things the same. We made predictions about which type exercise would make our hearts beat fastest.

fair test 001

We had lots of fun completing the investigation outside!

fair test 002

Can you guess which type of exercise made our hearts beat fastest?

Pirate Talk in Year 2

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On September 19th last week it was 'International Talk Like A Pirate Day'. Year 2 had great fun talking like pirates as part of our topic work.


We had great fun!

These are some of the words we learnt:



Come ere me beauty

Aye aye, captain

Blige rat

Davey Jones' locker

Do you know what they mean?


Numicon Fun In Year 2

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Year 2 have had great fun this week with our first Numicon lesson in Maths. The children had to create numbers using various Numicon shapes and then represent these numbers using pictures on a worksheet! The children really enjoyed using the Numicon and can't wait for next Tuesday when we will be using the shapes to add numbers!

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We have also continued our Silly Poetry unit writing tongue twisters and riddles as part of the week, which was thoroughly enjoyable and some super work was produced.

A busy week in Year 2!

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We have had another busy week in Year 2! In Literacy we have been thinking about the features of poetry. We read a poem called 'Spaghetti, Spaghetti' and used it to help us write our own silly poem. In Maths we have been using a hundred square to help us when finding more and less as well as partitioning numbers.

Topic this term is Pirates and this week we found out about the famous pirates, Blackbeard and Anne Bonny. Did you know that Blackbeard's favourite drink was rum mixed with gunpowder?! Anne Bonny ran away from home at 16 and became a pirate onboard Calico Jack's ship.

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Welcome to Year 2!

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Welcome to the new Year 2!


We have had a great start to the new school year with lots of fun and hard work ... starting as we mean to go on!

This week we have revisited our rules, routines and expectations and have been busy beginning our topic for this half term which is "Pirates". We started this week with learning about the famous pirate 'Blackbeard' and his ship.



My Money and Business Enterprise Week

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Welcome back to everyone in Year 2 for our 'last' half term!

We have had a busy first week back as this week at Whitehouse Common, it is Business Enterprise and My Money Week. We were very lucky to visited by Mr Murray and Mr Reekie from Skanska who talked to us about what their company does. We found out that Skanska built the Gherkin in London and they 'greened' the 32nd level of the Empire State Building. We completed a quiz to show our learning. It was a really interesting morning. Also this week, we have found out about the value of money, what currencies are used in other countries, designed our own currency, designed our own charity and logo, completed money word problems and invented a new chocolate bar (the highlight of the week for most children!!!)

Both classes are also completeing their products (salt dough plaques and butterflies) ready to be sold on Thursday 20th June at our school shop in the Mall. Make sure you get there quick to buy these anazing products!

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