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Planetarium Visit

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Today we had a visit from the Think Tank Planetarium as part of our 'Night' topic.

Planetarium 002 Mobile

This is what we did:

  • Understand that night time is when the sun has set and we can see other stars
  • Observe how stars are grouped together into pictures called constellations
  • Know there are eight planets and one dwarf planet.
  • Observe that the sun is our closest star
  • Comprehend that objects don’t disappear at night time we just can’t see them
  • Identify what the moon is made of

Planetarium 003 Mobile

It was really dark inside!

Planetarium 004 Mobile

Ozzy the Owl wanted to find out about the night sky.

Planetarium 005 Mobile

For more information about the planetarium you can [click here].

Design Technology

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Last week, as part of our Mexico topic, we designed and made a Mexican Fruit Salad! We thoroughly enjoyed it. First, we learnt about which fruits are popular in Mexico.

DT fruit salad 017 Mobile

We then designed our own Fruit salad and thought about which fruits we would like to use. I think everybody's favourite part was the making and eating!

DT fruit salad 018 Mobile

We talked about how to use a knife safely and the importance of having clean hands and working in a clean area.

DT fruit salad 019 Mobile

Then we all made our own fruit salad by carefully cutting the different fruits and mixing them with either apple or orange juice.

DT fruit salad 020 Mobile

Finally we tasted them and they were delicious!

DT fruit salad 021 Mobile

Year 2 INSPIRE Workshop

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This morning Year 2 had their INSPIRE workshop. Many thanks to all the adults that attended, all the children really enjoyed it.

Year 2 Inspire 001 Mobile

We hope that you enjoyed working with your children and seeing the different activities that they do.

Year 2 Inspire 002 Mobile

We looked at different strategies that we use in Mathematics, to help us with addition and subtraction.

Year 2 Inspire 004 Mobile

We showed our parents how we solve different problems.

Year 2 Inspire 005 Mobile

Year 2 Inspire 006 Mobile

Year 2 Inspire 012 Mobile

We also completed different reading activities to help to develop our creativity.

Year 2 Inspire 009 Mobile

Information from the morning has been sent home for any parents that were unable to attend.

PSHE Sign Language

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Our PSHE topic this half term is 'Our Community'. We have thought about the different people that live in our community. Some people that live near us may have special needs or disabilities.

PSHE Signing 001 Mobile

Sign language is used by deaf people to talk.

PSHE Signing 003 Mobile

We found out how to sign our names!

PSHE Signing 005 Mobile

If you would like to find out more about sign language please [click here].

Hola México

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This week we have thoroughly enjoyed tasting different Mexican food!

Mexican food 001 Mobile

We tried toasted tortillas with guacamole and nachos with a tomato salsa.

Mexican food 002 Mobile

Tortillas are a type of thin flatbread made from finely ground wheat flour. Flatbread tortillas have been eaten for thousands of years in Mexico. They are round and vary in size from about 6 cm to over 30 cm.

Mexican food 004 Mobile

Guacamole is an avocado-based sauce that originated with the Aztecs in Mexico.

Mexican food 005 Mobile

Nachos are made from tortillas, which are cut into wedges and then fried.

Mexican food 006 Mobile

Some of us thought that the salsa was a bit spicy, but very tasty!


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We have started our exciting new topic on 'Mexico' and the children have started to learn all about the village of Tocuaro through looking at photos and pictures. In 2HB there is a Travel Agents so you can book a holiday to  Mexico. 2MW have a Mexican Cantina where you can cook up a Mexican feast. We have found out about the Horta family and have thought about similarities and differences between us and them. The Horta's live in a house originally built by Gustavo's father, Jesus Horta (who is now 79 years old). Jesus and his wife Guadalupe (aged 78) still live there, but the house has been extended to give space for the rest of the family. If you would like to find out more about Tocuaro and the Horta family please [click here].


Next week we are looking forward to tasting some Mexican food!

Fixed or Growth Mindset

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We are all learners on a similar journey but we may get there in different ways. Some people may find something easy and another person may find it difficult. This week we have been finding out about Fixed and Growth Mindset as part of our Building Learning Power work.

fixedgrowth Small

Fixed mindset is when you are closed to learning and give up easily. Good learners have a Growth mindset and are open to learning. They enjoy challenges and learn from their mistakes. We talked about how our aim is to have a Growth mindset but sometimes your mindset may be fixed. If you keep trying and persevere you will find thigs easier.

Fixed growth 001 Small Mobile

We completed an activity where we had to sort different statements into either Fixed or Growth.

Fixed growth 002 Small Mobile

We worked together with a partner. Some of the statements we agreed on but sometimes we didn't and then we had to explain our decisions.

 Fixed growth 003 Small Mobile

Happy Christmas

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I'm sure you will agree that the Key Stage One performances on Monday and Tuesday were fantastic! Well done to all the children involved we are really proud of you.

This week Year 2 have been lucky enough to watch the Foundation stage production as well as the Year 5 and 6 Carol Concert. They sat beautifully and listened really well. We have also been busy making our Christmas cards and have enjoyed printing in Art.

Toy day 001 Small

As you can see we all really enjoyed Toy Day and played really well will eachother.

Toy day 002 Small

Toy day 003 Small

Mr Worth and I would like to thank all the chilsren in Year 2 for their hard work this term. Thanks also to all the adults at home for their support. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Each Friday during December we are having 5 mintue reflection time. We light a special Advent candle and think about what Christmas means to us. We have learnt about the Advent wreath, that is found in a Church, and the importance of each of the candles placed in it.

Advemt 6.12.13 003 Small

We are looking forward to our Christmas productions next week and hope to see you there!

Measuring Maths

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This week in Maths, Year 2 have been looking at measuring accurately. We looked at rulers and found out that it is really important to ensure you put the 0 line at the start of whatever you are measuring. 100 cm is the same as 1 metre.

003 Small

We measured different things around the classroom. First we made a sensible estimate and then we measured accurately with a ruler or metre stick.

wb Small

You can [click here] to play a 'reading length' game.

ICT Work

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This half term we have been 'Creating pictures' as part of our ICT work. We really enjoy going to our ICT Suite each week where we are developing our ICT skills. We have been using different Paint packages to create pictures in the style of different artists. This week we learnt how to retrieve a document and open a weblink. We used lines and the fill tool to create pictures in the style of the artist, Piet Mondrian.

Piet Mondrian was born on 7th March 1872 in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. From a very young age, he was exposed to art. His father was a qualified art instructor and his uncle was an artist. Piet Mondrian became a primary school teacher and he painted in his spare time. His early paintings were mainly landscapes, featuring fields, rivers and windmills and he was influenced by the art of Picasso.

We used a website to help us create Mondrian style pictures. [Click here] to access the website.

Super Science Day!

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Year 2 have had a fantastic Science day today! We spent the morning completing lots of different science based activities. We enjoyed learning about habitats and collected items to make a suitable home for a hedgehog.

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Blog 1

We also investigated air resistance and made our own aeroplanes. We looked at how water can change state into a solid, liquid or gas. We enjoyed learning about colour and made colour spinners. Finally we thought about friction and how friction can affecvt the speed at which a car travells down a ramp.

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