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Time Week!

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This week we have been celebrating time week! We've done lots of things to develop our confidence with telling the time. We've practised telling the time to the nearest five minute on anologue and digital clocks, as well as working out what time it will be in 30 minutes or an hour! We've also been learning a 'Months of the Year' poem in Guided Reading. 

Time Picture

Please continue to work with your child on telling the time at home, this will really help them! If you wish to play some onlien games, you can visit :

Please note that your children's SATs results will be found in their end of year reports. If you wish to be reminded of materials shared during the SATs information session, please follow this link:

Thanks and see you next time! 

The Year 2 Team

Class Dance!

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Wow, I'm sure you're just as impressed as us at the quality of Year 2's class dances. We've been practising really hard over the last few weeks, and it has all paid off! 

2HP Dance Blog Photo2JV Dance Blog Photo min

Thanks to all of you who provided your children with the costumes, which made it even more special. 

See you next time,

The Year 2 Team

Life Cycles!

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This week we have had lots of fun learning about the life cycle of a frog! We have used the Talk for Writing approach, learning actions and creating 'story maps'! 

Frog Blog

Please continue to practise times tables, spellings and daily reading at home. 

Well done for all of your hard work this week Year 2!

The Year 2 Team

Pyjama Party!

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We've all worked so hard this week... So we decided to treat ourselves to a bit of fun! A pyjama party! We loved watching a film in our onesies and dressing gowns, snuggling up with our teddies and blankets!

Blog 2JVBlog 2HP

Well done to all the children, we're all very proud of you.

The Year 2 Team

Look at us shine!

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Last week, Year 2 took part in our Chance to Shine assemblies. We loved showing the school our hobbies and talents. We saw all sorts of wonderful thigns, from skiing to playing the violin!  

Blog 2JVBlog 2HP

Easter Fun!

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This week we have been celebrating all things Easter! We have taken part in the Easter Bonnet Parade and had an egg hunt. We have had so much fun, can you believe we only have one term left!? 

Have a lovely half term, stay safe and have lots of fun.

The Year 2 Team

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Book Award Challenge!

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As you know at Whitehouse Common we are participating in ‘The Book Award’ challenge. We are doing this to encourage all children to read a range of books from different genres and authors for pleasure.

The list of different ‘challenges’ can be found under ‘curriculum’- ‘book awards’ - ‘year 2’ on the school website.

Once the children have completed all thirty challenges, they will be placed into a prize draw at the end of the year, where they will be in with a chance of winning a… Kindle Fire!

Kindle Fire

Mr. Vickers recommends reading ‘The Twits’, Mrs. Hollis recommends ‘A Very First Poetry Book’ and Mrs. Parkes recommends ‘The Hodge Heg’.

The Twits BlogA Very First Poetry Book BlogThe Hodgeheg Blog

If you want to complete some challenges at home, please clearly write ‘Book Award’ as well as the title of the book and the challenge it achieves in your child’s planner.

Happy reading!

The Year 2 Team

World Book Day

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We've taken World Book Day a little further in year 2... We've been celebrating it all week! In English we have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have used this to think of, and write different types of sentence, including; statements, commands, questions and exclamations! It has been great fun, we really enjoyed dressing up and reading with the year 6 children too.

Thanks for visiting and see you next time! 

The Year 2 Team

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Art in a Day Fun!

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I'm sure you have heard by now, all about the fun we had during Art in a Day! We looked at the artist Andy Goldsworthy and his work. We started by exploring some of his artwork and then made some of our own natural sculptures, you might have seen these on the side of the path!

As if that wasn't enough, we then used clay to make penguins, this linked to our topic 'Poles Apart'! We can't wait for our next Art in a Day... Thanks to all those parents who sent in natural materials for our sculptures!


Blog Art in a Day


Year 2's Inspire Workshop

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A huge thank you to all of the people who came to Year 2's Inspire Workshop, I'm sure you will agree the children loved working having you in the classroom, and we have seen that they have all gained a lot from it. You should have also received a pack containing a step by step guide for each of the calculation methods, it would be great if you could use and refer to this when helping your child from home.

Have a great weekend, 

The Year 2 Team

Blog Inspire

Folk Tales!

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Over the last two weeks we have been learning about folk tales. We began by reading the traditional version of Beauty and the Beast, identifying the features, and then started to develop our own characters and setting. Today we will be creating a story map using Talk for Writing, which will help us when it comes to writing our new folk tales on Thursday and Friday!

We very much look forward to speaking with you all at the Inspire Workshop next Tuesday!

See you soon,

The Year 2 Team

Beauty and the Beast

Art in a Day!

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This week, Year 2 have had their Art in a Day, we looked at Andy Warhol and his famous artwork - Popart! We created some of our own Popart by printing using ink. We created a warm background, and then a silhoutte of the London skyline!

Art2Art 1

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