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Science and Maths Day

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This week the children in Year 2 have taken part in Science is Fun and Maths is Fun days. During Science Day, the children took part in experiments involving floating and sinking and absorption. The children had great fun all day. On Friday during Maths Day, we learnt about positioning and direction then went outside to measure the lengths and widths of the field. Finally we were joined by Year 5 to learn some times tables raps!

Wishing you all a happy holiday,

The Year 2 Team

Money, Fruit Salads, Materials and SATs

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pounds_moneyYear Two have had a busy couple of weeks. In Numeracy, the children have been looking at adding money totals and finding change. Parents beware, the children know how much pocket money and change they should receive! In Literacy, the children have continued to work on information texts and produced some super writing about Materials.

In Science, we investigated whether or not materials can change shape and carried out an experiment using paper, glass, wood, plastic and rubber. The children made some super predictions and had a lot of fun.

This week in Topic, the children have learnt about Mexican Fruits such as tuna, lychee, pitahaya, chico zapote and zapote blanco. The children have also made some super fruit salads including using good knife skills!

Finally the children have also taken part in SATs tests this week and the Year 2 team are proud of all their work and effort.

More next week,

The Year Two Team


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Year 2 have continued to be busy this week. The children are loving their new topic on Mexico and learning about a village called Tocuaro. During the week, we found out lots of interesting facts about Tocuaro such as: It has 600 people, 4 shops, 1 church, a primary school and a bull-ring. They have no dentists or doctors and each family spends one week cleaning the church.

In Literacy, the children produced some super information texts about Mexico and have learnt about the Mexican capital (Mexico City) the colours of the flag and what they mean, their language is Spanish and their currency which is a peso. They also learnt about the different Mexican fruits ready to make a fruit salad next week!

The Year 2 children are still working really hard and we are very proud of their work since Christmas.

More next week.

The Year 2 Team

Year 2 News

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Year 2 have had another busy and interesting week. In Numeracy, we have been learning to multiply numbers using the grid method and also to solve problems using all four operations. In Literacy, the children produced some excellent information texts all about the Antarctic. We have started our exciting new topic on 'Mexico' and the children have started to learn all about the village of Tocuaro through looking at photos and pictures. In Science, we have been looking at Materials and finding out the uses and properties of materials such as wood, metal, plastic and paper.

Enjoy the weekend,

The Year 2 Team 

Gutes Neues Jahr

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Year 2 have had a super first week back. As part of Every Child Matters Week, Year 2 looked at Germany. The children had great fun during the week and have worked really hard! The children took part in many activities including: Making a fact-file on Germany, learnt some German playground games including Zucker Und Salz and Der Plumsack Geht um, learnt about German foods and sung Silent Night in German. On Friday, the children learnt how to hold a small conversation in German, learnt to count to 10 in German and made an Edelweiss hat. The week was concluded with an excellent assembly showing off all the new facts they had learnt. Well done to all the children for showing such enthusiasm during the week.

From the Year 2 team we would like to wish you all a Gutes Neues Jahr!

Happy Christmas from Year 2

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Year 2 have had a busy week so far. After completing their wonderful Christmas performance of 'It's A Baby', they have settled down to Christmas activities and produced some lovely wrapping paper, a Christmas card, Christmas calenders, written a letter for Santa Claus and had the class Christmas parties.

We are extremely proud of all the children in Year 2. Throughout the whole term they have worked really hard and should be praised for all their efforts.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Year 2 team

It's a baby!

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8thDecWell done to all the children in Key Stage 1. We have now finished all our Christmas performances for another year. The children all did a great job and used loud, clear voices. Thank you to all the parents for sending in such great costumes. Happy Christmas!



Christmas is Coming Year 2

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Year 2 have continued to be busy in the lead up to Christmas. In Numeracy we have been looking at adding money and finding change (Parents beware they know how much pocket money and change they should receive!) In Literacy the children have produced some excellent stories. We have also continued to rehearse for the Christmas production and the children are really excited about performing for you on Monday and Tuesday next week. We also received a visit from a magician on Wednesday and a lot of fun was had by all!

Year 2 Homework Website of the Week

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websiteThe 'Website of the Week' this week, from your Homework books, is a Science game. [Click here] to play the game and make different circuits.

Year 2 News - Christmas Production Practice

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Year 2 have been really busy this week. We have had lots of fun rehearsing our Christmas production 'It's a Baby!' The actors and narrators have really worked hard learning their lines! Both classes have also learnt their songs for the production and everyone can't wait to show you all their hard work on the 'big day.'

Year 2 News

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Year 2 have been completing different assessments for Maths and Literacy this week. Mr Worth and I are proud of everyone for working so hard! As part of our Ice topic, we have learnt the names of different animals in Spanish!

El pinguino


El oso pola


El zorro


Year 2 Homework

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multiply42It was suggested that we put the link for our 'Website of the week' on our Year 2 blog so that you don't have to try to type it all out. This week the website, from your homework sheet, is a game to practice your multiplication tables. To play the game [click here].

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