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Year 2 News - Christmas Production Practice

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Year 2 have been really busy this week. We have had lots of fun rehearsing our Christmas production 'It's a Baby!' The actors and narrators have really worked hard learning their lines! Both classes have also learnt their songs for the production and everyone can't wait to show you all their hard work on the 'big day.'

Year 2 News

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Year 2 have been completing different assessments for Maths and Literacy this week. Mr Worth and I are proud of everyone for working so hard! As part of our Ice topic, we have learnt the names of different animals in Spanish!

El pinguino


El oso pola


El zorro


Year 2 Homework

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multiply42It was suggested that we put the link for our 'Website of the week' on our Year 2 blog so that you don't have to try to type it all out. This week the website, from your homework sheet, is a game to practice your multiplication tables. To play the game [click here].

Electricity Posters

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Year 2 have been learning about Electricity this half term. This week we designed posters to warn people about the dangers of electricity and show them how to use electricity safely. Keep an eye out for them around the school as we are going to laminate them and put them up!



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Year 2 are really enjoying their 'Ice' topic. We have been learning about Antarctica and investigating the explorers Shakleton, Scott and Amundson.


Year 2 Assemblies

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Well done to all of Year 2 for their fantastic class assemblies today, 2HB this morning and 2MW this afternoon. You were all very confident and your costumes were fabulous. Mr Worth and I are really proud of you all! Thank you to Miss Tunney who made sure the music and power point were working at the right times Smile

Moodle fun!

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Year 2 are all very excited about starting their Moodle homework this week! They have been shown what to do in school so shouldn't have too many problems. Well done to those that rushed home on Wednesday to get it done.

Don't forget that the Year 2 class assemblies are on Friday 11th November. Make sure you practice your words!


Year 2 News

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Year 2 have been working really hard this week. In Numeracy we have looked at 2D and 3D shapes and identified properties they have! In Literacy this week we have been making jam sandwiches and then writing the instructions for how to make the sandwich. I think we have some budding chefs in the classes!!!

On Tuesday at WCPS it was 'Black History Day' and Year 2 looked at the work of Benjamin Zephaniah. The children produced some excellent fact-files and poems in the morning. In the afternoon, the children worked in groups to produce a performance to one of his poems. Their work was fantastic!

Have a great week off,

The Year 2 Team

Author of the week

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In Year 2 we have been enjoying reading books by our 'Author of the week'. 2MW have been looking at the author Eric Carle and finding out interesting facts about him. His best-known work, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, has eaten its way into the hearts of literally millions of children all over the world and has been translated into more than 50 languages and sold over 33 million copies. 2HB have been finding out about A.A. Milne. Miss Breeze brought in her huge Eeyore from home to look after the book. Can you guess what stories A.A. Milne is famous for writing?

Pirates Pirates Pirates

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Year 2 are still really enjoying our Pirates topic. We have been learning a sea shanty as part of our music lessons. These are the lyrics:

The pirate ship is coming,
We know it’s on its way,
The pirate ship is coming,
We’ve seen it in the bay.

A skull and crossbones on the mast,
A wild and noisy crew:
The pirate ship is coming
And it's after me and you!

[Click here] to see all the lyrics and listen to the song.

Year 2 News

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The children in Year 2 are continuing to work really hard in class. In Maths, they have been learning subtraction this week using the number square and number line and have really understood this. In Literacy, we have started to look at Traditional Tales and the children had lots of fun role-playing the characters from Rumplestiltskin. In Science, we found out what happens to our heart rate when we exercise! It was fun to see the children running, walking and performing star jumps in the playground.

Year 2 Update!

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We still love our Pirate topic and have been enjoying spending time in our Pirate Ship role plays. Don't the pictures look great! We have been doing lots of Pirate themed art work ready for our Year 2 display in the Acorns hall. Make sure you have a look if you go past it. In Literacy we have had fun writing our own nonsense poems and we have been adding using a number line in Maths.



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