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We are Detectives!

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In Year 2 we are being detectives trying to help Miss Maugham solve the mystery of the missing maths money!  We are learning about how emails can be used to communicate and have send and received emails from Miss Maugham explaining the problem.  We are hot on the case to find the suspicious man, who may or may not have stolen the plastic money, using the clues she has emailed to us.  

play money resized  

Charlie and Lola visit London

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Continuing with our London theme we have been reading the text 'We Completely Must go to London' during our Literacy lessons.  We have really enjoyed reading the text and using it for our writing as well as thinking about all of the things that can be seen in London.  

charlie         charlie 2

Our science topic has also got off to a fantastic start and we are enjoying learning about Animals Including Humans.



The Great Fire of London

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We are about to begin our new topic on 'The Great Fire of London'.  We are really looking forward to finding out about what happened on that fateful date - how the fire began, who it affected and how the fire was finally extinguished.  It is a very famous event in our history.  

fire of london  

Welcome Back Year 2

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We want to say a huge well done to all of the children for a fantactic start to Year 2 yesterday.  We worked really hard writing pirate theme acrostic poems and designing flags.  Our team games in the afternoon really challenged us to work together and co-operate with each other in order to solve problems.  Our pirate theme is going to continue for the rest of the week linking to our book 'The Night Pirates' by Peter Harris.  

The Night Pirates


Celebration of Dance

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What a fabulous performance today! We hope you enjoyed our celebration of dance assembly today for those of you who managed to come and see the show. We are really proud of everyone! All those weeks of rehearsals and practising really paid off. The children all performed confidently and enjoyed themselves.

The Horta Family

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This week we have been continuing our work on Mexico as part of our 'Going Loco!' topic. We found out about the Horta family who live in Tocuaro. The Horta's live in a house originally built by Gustavo's father, Jesus Horta (who is now 79 years old). Jesus and his wife Guadalupe (aged 78) still live there, but the house has been extended to give space for the rest of the family. The family work together to make mexican masks so we had a go at designing our own! Please [click here] to learn more about the Horta family.

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The Singing Mermaid

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In Literacy this week we have been reading 'The Singing Mermaid'. We enjoyed listening to the story, finding the rhyming words and sorting parts of the story into 'trash' or 'treasure'. We identified the speech in the text and thought about how we could change the ending. [Click here] to listen to the story.

singing mermaid

Sports Day 2015

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Well done to all of the children in Year 2 for their fantastic efforts in Sports Day! Everyone had great fun, tried really hard and cheered each other on. We were also lucky that the rain held off for us. A huge thank you to the PTA for the lovely lollies.

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 2HB Sports day 017 Mobile  2HB Sports day 040 Mobile
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Speech Marks

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In literacy this week, Year 2 have been looking at speech marks. We listened to the story of Little Red Riding Hood and thought about what the characters would say to each other.

Health Week 2015

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Year 2 have had a fantastic week for Health Week. Children look part in tennis lessons, football and even yoga! They enjoyed designing and making their own healthy fruit salads. We thought about where food comes from and sorted different foods into plant or animal. A fun filled week!

Yoga Health week 003 Mobile  Health week 017 Mobile 
 Health fuit salad 031 Mobile  Health fuit salad 033 Mobile

Lichfield Visit

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What a fantastic trip we had! On Wednesday, Year 2 children travelled to Lichfield to investigate historical pioneers from the local area. We found out about Samuel Johnson and Erasmus Darwin. All the children were really well behaved and everyone really enjoyed the trip. You can find out more about the places that we visited using the links below.

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 P1020942 Mobile  P1020954 Mobile
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Súper Español

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This week Year 2 have finished their SATs!! Well done to everyone for their super effort and hard work.

In Spanish we have been looking at 'en la playa'. Can you work out what we were asking?

¡Hola! Una limonada por favor. ¿Cuánto esta?

Spanish May 15 009 Mobile Spanish May 15 008 Mobile

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