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Inspire Workshop

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Thank you to all the parents that attended our Year 2 Inspire workshop on Tuesday morning, we hope you enjoyed it! Everyone had a great time and worked really hard. We looked at reading, writing and maths. Information packs have been sent home, with children, for those parents that were unable to attend.

 inspire 057 Mobile  inspire 023 Mobile
 inspire 069 Mobile  inspire 005 Mobile

Rocks and Soils

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Year 2 are thoroughly enjoying their new Science topic 'Rocks and Soils'. We have thought about what rocks are and what they are used for. We went outside and collected different rocks and then sorted them into different groups. We thought about texture (size, shape, arrangement of particles) and appearance (colours). If you would like to find out more please [click here].

stones 016 stones 011
stones 028 stones 004

Numicon Fun

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In Maths this week we have been looking at fractions. We found out that the number at the bottom (denominator) shows the number of parts altogether and the number at the top (numerator) shows how many parts you have. We focussed on finding half of numbers and used the Numicon to help us. We had great fun! If you would like to play a fraction game at home please [click here].

Maths 13.1.15 008 Mobile   Maths 13.1.15 002 Mobile
 Maths 13.1.15 009 Mobile  Maths 13.1.15 001 Mobile

Year 2 Spring Term

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Welcome back! We hope that all children and their families enjoyed a relaxing and fun packed break.  We have really enjoyed hearing about all of the things you got up to in the holiday today.  2015 is going to be a busy year for year 2 with SATs tests to sit in May.  We have got lots of lovely things coming up at school over the next few weeks and months, starting with our brand ne topic 'Poles Apart!'. Children will have brought home a booklet to share at home showing all the things that they will be learning.


Merry Christmas

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A huge well done to all the KS1 children for their performance of 'Born in a Barn'. What an amazing production!

Year 2 have been busy preparing cards and calendars ready to bring home. They all had great fun on Tuesday at the Christmas parties. Many thanks to the PTA for providing the disco. We even had a special visitor!

Thank you to all the children for their hard work this term and also to parents for your support at home. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Miss Breeze, Mr Worth and Miss Thompson


Pots of Care

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This week Year 2 have enjoyed planting their Marie Curie Pots of care. We had to fill the pot with soil and carefully plant the daffodil bulb in the middle. Children will have brought the pots home on Friday. Remember to look after them and care for them and then in the Spring you should have a beautiful daffodil flower!

For more information on the Marie Curie Pots of care please [click here].

Daffodil pots 002 Mobile   Daffodil pots 003 Mobile
 Daffodil pots 004 Mobile  Daffodil pots 001 Mobile

Missing numbers and signs

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This week we have all been marvellous mathematicians! We used the numicon to help us find missing numbers and signs in number sentences. Everyone worked really hard. If you would like to play a missing signs game at home please [click here].

blog2 numicon


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This week Year 2 have started to look at non-chronological reports. We have shared nlots of different reports and identified the features of reports. Next week we are going to write a report about London!Non Chronological Report

Telling the time

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This week Year 2 have started to look at time. We thought about the difference between an analogue clock and a digital clock. We read the time from a digital clock then put that time on our own small analogue clock. It was tricky remembering which was the hour hand and which was the minute hand! If you would like to play a time game looking at digital and analogue please [click here].

 Time 18.11 009 Mobile  Time 18.11 006 Mobile
 Time 18.11 013 Mobile  Time 18.11 004 Mobile

Money Money Money

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This week, in Maths, we have been looking at money, We found money totals and calculated change. We used different resources from our Maths boxes such as, hundred squares and coins. If you would like to play a change game at home please [click here].

Change Maths 11.11 001 Mobile

Change Maths 11.11 004 Mobile

Change Maths 11.11 005 Mobile

Class Assemblies

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Everyone in Year 2 has made a super start to the second half of the Autumn term. 2MW preduced a fantastic class assembly on Friday and 2HB and 2VT are busy rehearsing theirs for next week.

 Literacy Instructions 4.11.14 003 Mobile  Literacy Instructions 4.11.14 002 Mobile
 Literacy Instructions 4.11.14 004 Mobile  Literacy Instructions 4.11.14 001 Mobile

In Literacy we have finished our work on instructions. We went outside gave instructions to a partner, telling them how to complete an obstacle course. It was lots of fun!

Looking at instructions

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This week Year 2 have started to look at instructions. We read and shared lots of different instructions and thought about their features.


We enjoyed following the instructions the most!

 Literacy 22.10 008 Mobile Literacy 22.10 018 Mobile 
 Literacy 22.10 017 Mobile  Literacy 22.10 019 Mobile

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