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Money Money Money

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This week, in Maths, we have been looking at money, We found money totals and calculated change. We used different resources from our Maths boxes such as, hundred squares and coins. If you would like to play a change game at home please [click here].

Change Maths 11.11 001 Mobile

Change Maths 11.11 004 Mobile

Change Maths 11.11 005 Mobile

Class Assemblies

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Everyone in Year 2 has made a super start to the second half of the Autumn term. 2MW preduced a fantastic class assembly on Friday and 2HB and 2VT are busy rehearsing theirs for next week.

 Literacy Instructions 4.11.14 003 Mobile  Literacy Instructions 4.11.14 002 Mobile
 Literacy Instructions 4.11.14 004 Mobile  Literacy Instructions 4.11.14 001 Mobile

In Literacy we have finished our work on instructions. We went outside gave instructions to a partner, telling them how to complete an obstacle course. It was lots of fun!

Looking at instructions

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This week Year 2 have started to look at instructions. We read and shared lots of different instructions and thought about their features.


We enjoyed following the instructions the most!

 Literacy 22.10 008 Mobile Literacy 22.10 018 Mobile 
 Literacy 22.10 017 Mobile  Literacy 22.10 019 Mobile


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This week we have finished our work on 'Traditional Tales'. The final story we looked at was Rumpelstiltskin. We enjoyed listening to the story and then retelling it using role play. We had lots of fun! Please [click here] to read the story at home.

iteracy 14.10 019 Mobile iteracy 14.10 020 Mobile
iteracy 14.10 010 Mobile iteracy 14.10 005 Mobile

Uniform Debate

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As part of our Literacy work this week we thought about our school uniform. We had to decide if we thought we should wear school uniform or not and give reasons for our choices. In groups we then presented our ideas to the rest of the class and had to try and persuade them to agree with us. What do you think? Should we wear school unform?

 Literacy 7.10 001 Mobile Literacy 7.10 002 Mobile 
 Literacy 7.10 003 Mobile Literacy 7.10 004 Mobile 
 Literacy 7.10 005 Mobile  


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On Friday, every school in our Learning Trust for Excellence held a special trust day. Every year was given one of our trust values to focus on. Year 2 were given 'equity'. We found out that equity means being fair. We are all different but everybody should be treated fairly. We enjoyed thinking about the things that we enjoy and are good at. At the end of the day there was a special assembly where we shared what we had found out and heard about the values that other classes had looked at.


European Day of Languages

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Year 2 have had another busy week. As part of European Day of Languages each class looked at a different language. 2HB looked at French, 2MW did German and 2VT found out some Italian. Everyone enjoyed sharing what they had learned in a special assembly.

In our Spanish lessons we have all enjoyed looking at Zoo animals. If you would like to sing the song at home please [click here].

Numicon in Year 2

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Year 2 have had a busy week in Maths this week! We have been using a hundred square to help us find more and less and partitioning numbers into tens and units. We used the Numicon to help make different numbers and find how manyt tens were in the number and how many units. It was great fun!

 numicon 16 014 Mobile  numicon 16 007 Mobile
numicon 16 008 Mobile   numicon 16 004 Mobile
 numicon 16 003 Mobile  

Traditional Tales

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In Literacy this week we have started to look at 'Traditional Tales'. We listed as many different traditional tales as we could and thought about their features. We worked in a group to identify good and bad characters, the problem and the setting. Everyone worked really hard!

Literacy 8.9.14 001 Mobile  Literacy 8.9.14 002 Mobile 
 Literacy 8.9.14 003 Mobile  Literacy 8.9.14 004 Mobile

A Super Start!

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All the Year 2 children have had a super start to the year! We have been looking at the artist Pablo Picasso as part of Art Week. We have looked at different pieces of his work and tried to create our own. We found out about his life in Spain and enjoyed creating Picasso inspired symmetrical patterns. If you would like to create your own Picasso face at home please [click here].



Our last week in Year 2

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Year 2 have had a fantastic last week! We have enjoyed lots of special assemblies where we celebrated our achievements. The highlight of the week was making our own Fire Engines as part of our Design Technology work. We thought about how the Fire Engines today are different to those from 1666, used in the Great Fire of London. We used old boxes, turned inside out, and decorated them with ladders and lights. Then we painted them and added lights. The finished engines all look fantastic!

DT Fire 005 Mobile DT Fire 010 Mobile
DT Fire 006 Mobile DT Fire 009 Mobile

What a fantastic end to the year!

Thank you for all your support over the year and we wish all the children of 2HB and 2MW good luck in Year 3 :-)

Time in Year 2

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This week Year 2 have been looking at time. We worked with a partner and used the clocks to help us solve different time problems. Everyone worked really hard! If you would like to try and solve some time problems at home please [click here]. In Literacy we have continued to look at Voices in the Park, which we will continue in Year 3 as part of our transition work. Well done to all the children who were awarded their Summer term 100% Attendance certificates this week. Who will achieve their 100% Attendance for the whole year?

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