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Great Fire of London Topic

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Our topic in Year 2 this half term is Fire!

Role play 001 Mobile Role play 002 Mobile

We are looking at the Great Fire of London. In our ICT lesson this week, we use 2animate to produce an animation showing how easily the fire spread through the wooden buildings because they were so close together.

Fire Small Mobile


Fire2 Small Mobile


Fire3 Small Mobile


Health Week

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Year 2 have had an absolutely fantastic week! We have learned all about being healthy, thinking about diet, exercise, sleep and having a healthy mind. On Monday we watched a 'Food Education Show' where we found out how to make different foods and everyone got to taste something. We have enjoyed Yoga in PE and thought about how music and reflection can help us relax and stay calm.
We also visited the Life Education bus and met Harold the giraffe who taught us that it is important to talk to people about our feelings. We finished the week outside playing tennis with some visiting coaches from Sutton Tennis Club.

Life Education Centre 015 Mobile P1070074 Mobile

yoga 2.6.14 012 Mobile

Super sewing!

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Year 2 have been busy designing and making their own butterflies.

sewing 008

First we had to thead the needle -that was quite tricky!

sewing 007

Next we sewed the two pieces of felt together to create the butterfly.

sewing 009

We left a hole in the edge so we could put some stuffing inside it.

sewing 010

When we finished sewing we had to decorate them. They all look fantastic!

Spanish in Year 2

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Year 2 have alsmost completed their first week of SATs. They have all worked really hard and tried their best! We will be continuing the tests into nest week.


As well as the tests, children have also enjoyed their Spanish lessons where they have been thinking about the names of classroom objects in Spanish.

el lapiz pencil
salon de clase classroom
el libro book
el estuche pencil case

Watch the video below to learn the Spanish months of the year!

Year 2 Choir Performance

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On Sunday 4th May, children from the Year 2 Choir performed at Sutton Town Hall. They all sang beautifully and the audience thought they were fantastic. Many thanks to Mrs Mason for all her hard work with the choir and to all the parents that supported. The children sang a number of songs about different nursery rhymes.

photo 2

Waiting patiently backstage.

photo 1

Ready to go on stage.

photo 3

The performance

photo 4

Well done to all the children that took part!

Plants and Animals

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Year 2 have made a great start to the Summer term! A reminder that Year 2 SATs will take place from Tuesday 6th May -Friday 16th May. You can [click here] to access past papers. Please try to ensure your child comes to school promptly everyday during this period.

We have started our new Science unit, 'Plants and Animals'. We went on a walk around the school grounds.

science grounds 006 Small

We thought about all the different habitats that we could see.

science grounds 007 Small

A habitat is the natural home of a plant or animal.

science grounds 008 Small

There are different plants and animals living in our pond to those living in the raised beds.

science grounds 016 Small

To play a Science game looking at different habitats you can [click here].


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In Year 2 this week we have been looking at time.

Time 8.4.14 002 Small

We worked with a partner and used clocks to help us solve different time problems.

Time 8.4.14 003 Small

You can solve time problems yourselves by [clicking here].

Football Skills

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In PE this half term Year 2 have been developing their football skills.

Football 025 Small

We have thought about which parts of the foot should be used to kick the ball.

Football 026 Small

We enjoyed dribbling the ball to a partner, making sure we kept the ball under control.

Football 027 Small

We also developed our passing skills.

Football 028 Small

We have all enjoyed taking part!

Football 029 Small


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This week we have great fun exploring different musical instruments!


We thought about the different sounds that they make and how we can change the sound by changing how we play the instrument.


We talked about how loud or quiet the sounds were as well as the pitch, whether they were high or low.


We enjoyed finding out about the different instruments. A guiro, also sometimes called a “fish” is an instrument from Latin America that makes noise when a stick or a rasp is pulled over a series of ridges. Originally, guiros were made from natural objects such as bones or dried gourds that had ridges carved into them with knives. Later they were made from wood and metal as well.


The triangle is made from a small round steel tube, and is played by striking it with a steel beater. It's bright shimmering sound is untuned and resembles that of a bell.


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This week in Maths we used Numicon to help us solve word problems from SATs papers. First we read the problem, then we found the key information. Next we had to think about which operation we needed to use.

Numicon 1

Finally we solved the problem using Numicon. We counted out the tens and then the units.

Numicon 2

If you would like to look at some past Maths SATs questions please [click here].

Space Superstars!

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Year 2 are thoroughly enjoying their topic work this half term! We have been learning about the planets in the Solar System. In Literacy, we have started to look at ‘explanation texts’. Explanation texts explain how or why something happens. We worked together, in groups, to give a presentation explaining something to do with Space. If you would like to look at some of the activities we worked on please [click here].

Julia Donaldson

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In Literacy this week we have looked at the children's author Julia Donaldson. She wrote 'The Guffalo'. We looked at lots of different books that she had written and worked with a partner to find similarities and differences.

PSCO 005 Mobile

PSCO 006 Mobile

PSCO 007 Mobile

PSCO 008 Mobile

For for information about Julia Donaldson you can [click here].

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