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What a treat!

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This week Year Three have been lucky enough to have a visit from Professor McGinty. He came to WHC to share his expert knowledge of Ancient Greece with us. We all learnt so much new information, to consolidate our learning of this topic. We really enjoyed looking at artefacts used by the Greeks such as pots and coins.


In addition, we also had a visit from a theatre company and saw the production of Charlotte’s Web. This will be our transition unit for English in the summer, so we got a head start!

220px CharlotteWeb

Indian Naan Baking

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The children in Year 3 have had a busy few weeks learning about Indian food and researching what their favourite Indian accompaniment is.

The children have taste tested a variety of different Naan breads Inc Yogurt and Mint, Plain and Chilli Naan. The overall favourite was the Onion Bharghi Naan. They then designed their own bread recipe and today enjoyed making their bread.

The children  had a great time mixing and kneading their breads. Fingers crossed they tasted as good as they looked!!!


Bhangra Dancing

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Year Three are now looking at Bollywood as their new topic. Bollywood is the name given to the Indian film industry. Bollywood films feature music, song and dance, drawing influence from traditional folk music such as Bhangra as well as modern music such as hip hop. One of the main instruments used in Bhangra music is the dhol, which is a traditional drum.

Year Three were lucky enough to take part in a Bhangra workshop. They learn about the history of the dance as well as learning new moves. Bhangra is a type of folk dance. The dance started in the Punjab region, now divided between India and Pakistan, and began as a folk dance which was conducted by Punjabi farmers. So lots of the moves represent jobs done by farmers for example sowing seeds.

Bhangra became popular in Britain in the 1980s and the artists of Bhangra were selling over 30,000 cassettes a week in the UK even though not one of the artists made their way into the Top 40 UK Chart.

3CC are now going to perform a Bhangra Dance in the summer term.

bhangradancers 1024x797

Year Three Class Assemblies

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Over the past two weeks all of the children in Year Three have been working so hard to learn all of their lines and songs for the class assemblies. 

Wow! They did brilliantly, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Charles are very proud of them all.
 The assemblies were based on the children's Ancient Greek topic and included songs, role plays and stories based in myths, legends and fables.
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Art in a Day

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Art in a Day

Year Three have had so much fun this week taking part in Art in a Day. All of the work we produced was inspired by Monet. We found out the following information about him:

  • Claude Monet was born on 14th November 1840 in Paris, France.
  • He was named Oscar-Claude, and his parents called him Oscar.
  • He probably most well-known for his series of paintings of water lilies, but he also painted many other landscapes and seascapes. He produced a series of paintings of weeping willows – a tribute to the fallen French soldiers in World War 1.
  • He was an impressionist artist, who often painted the same scene lots of times at different times of the year.

We used water colours and oil crayons to create paintings that were linked to our topic of Extreme Weather. We developed our knowledge of techniques like wet on wet and flat brushing. When we painted over our drawings the paint repelled the oil and left our rain and puddles images. We used dark colour like blue and greys to create a stormy scene.



Christmas Angel Design

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Holy Trinity Church has launched an exciting Christmas art project to try to fill their church with lots of beautiful angels.

If you would like to take part you can print the  angel template from the attached link (or see Mrs Edwards in school for a copy) and decorate it anyway you please. There is a prize for the best designed angel.

Angels can be given in directly to the Chursch before 7th December or can be handed to Mrs Edwards in school by Wednesday 6th December.

You will then be able to view the angels in the church December 11th, 13th and 15th between 5pm and 7pm.

Good Luck and get creative! 

Christmas Cracker

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Year Three and Year Five have already started to learn the songs for their Christmas production. Please click on the Year Three links below to practise the songs at home. Remember to use your best singing voices!



All of Year Three




Extreme Weather

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Over the last two weeks Year three have started to look at extreme weathers. We have begun by learning all about biomes. We now know the world is divided into large natural areas. Places like desert and rainforests are biomes. Each biome is known for certain kinds of plants and animals. In addition to this, we’ve started to investigate weather and climate by looking at the average temperatures of the U.k. compared to counties like Brazil. We know the Brazil has a much hotter climate than England because it is closer to the equator and we know that the U.K is located in the Northen Hemisphere and that is why we experience seasons. [Click here] to find out more.


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This week in Year Three we have been learning all about Diwali. We have used our knowledge of information texts to research about the festival and then to use this research to write a non-chronological report. We had to remember to write in the present tense, use sub-headings and to use specialist vocabulary.

We found out lots of interesting information like:

It is the festival of light

It is dependent on the lunisolar calendar

It lasts three -five days

Gift are given to friends and family 


Here is the link to one of e websites we used.


Digestive System

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This week Year Three have been learning all about the digestive system. We have had lots of fun recreating it using bread, milk, coke, tights and a potato masher! The children were understanding what happens to food once we've eaten it and where it goes in our bodies. They were using words like oesophagus, small intensive and large intestine.


Art in a Day

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Year 3 have made a fantastic start to their new topic 'Ancient Greece'. We enjoyed learning all about Greek art, in particular, 3d sculpture from the period and investigated Greek pots and their design. The children learnt that the Greek's were responsible for the creation of the pottery wheel which allowed them to created vases and containers that were much more elaborate than previous designs. The children in Year 3 created their own Greek vases by first creating a thumb pot out of clay and learnt how to join other clay elements such as handles and rims. The pots have been really succesful and the children are now decorating them in the same colour palette used by the Greeks.



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What a year!

We can’t believe that this academic year is going to an end! Year Three have had so much fun. They have had the opportunity to go on three school trips, go back in time with Professor McGinty and go to Bishop Vesey Grammar School for P.E. lessons!

Last week, the children had their transition day with their new teachers, in their new classes and they all thoroughly enjoyed it. They came back to Year Three looking way too grown up!

Mr Worth, Mrs Horne and myself would like to take this chance to say a huge good luck to every single child in the year group! We wish you a very successfully journey in the future and we thank you for all of your hard work across the year.



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