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Please note that  the Year 3 INSPIRE is on Wednesday 9th October. We look forward to seeing you then.

Minotaur Art

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We have continued with our fun Numicon activities in Year 3 and are learning more about the shapes and making links in our maths learning each time we use them. The lessons are great fun and our partner and group work results in some great thoughts and ideas which reflect our ever growing understanding of number.

This week we have also moved on in our topic work to find out about the story of The Minotaur.

We listened to the story and retold it through freeze frames and drama and by creating storyboards. We then had great fun in the art room developing our understanding of line and tone by creating a Minotaur picture using charcoal and we created press print pictures of this famous mythical monster too which allowed us to explore different media and techniques.

Look out for some of our fantastic art work on display in our classrooms!

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website pic 3

website pic 4

Fun with Numicon!

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We have been having great fun in our practical maths lessons by taking time to explore our great new Numicon resource. We have been using the shapes to explore number and using our BLP noticing skills to spot patterns and make links between the shapes and number facts.

In out topic work we are finding out a lot about The Ancient Greeks, this week focusing on Greek gods and Greek warfare which has given us lots of opportunities to use the ipads and laptops for research. We are great historical investigators now!

Greek gods

We are also really looking forward to our harvest assembly this week and have been busy practising our song so that we can sing it on Friday with plenty of confidence and enthusiasm...


A Super Start...

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Blog 1

Welcome to the new Year 3!

We have had a great start to the new school year with lots of fun and hard work ... starting as we mean to go on!

This week we have revisited our rules, routines and expectations and have been busy working through our RE work on "Stories with Meanings" and beginning our topic for this half term which is "Mythical Monsters". We started this with art work sketching Ancient Greek artefacts and created our own imaginative mythincal monsters and drawing them exploring the use of line and tone.

Greek pot

mythical monster

We are looking forward to work next week on our transition unit for Literacy with writing linked to the story of Voices in The Park and trying out new maths resources to support our maths learning and develop our practical maths skills.

Watch this space to hear all about it ...

Healthy Lifestyles, Sports Day and Charlotte's Web

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Following our visit to the Healthy Caravan we were inspired to think about healthy food, the functions of the organs of our body and what we can do to keep ourselves more healthy.  We ate fruit kebabs, designed an information leaflet about the organs of the human body and some of us investigated how micro-organisms grow. During Sports Day we were able to demonstrate our athletic skills and we all had a fun time in the sunshine.  Thank you to the PTA for the very welcomed lolly-ices! This week we are reading Charlotte's Web.  We are really fortunate to have a copy each and share the reading in class.  We have also been learning about the author E.B. White and some of the other books he wrote. We will continue with this book next week too.

Aeroplanes and Local History

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On Wednesday we had an aeroplane, not exactly landing, but arriving at our school.  Roger, the owner and the pilot, was able to tell us lots of information about how an aeroplane works, which helped us with designing our own aircraft later in the afternoon.  We related this theme to Maths and calculated estimated times of arrivals and to Literacy too. Thank you Mr David (who is actually a pilot too) for organising this. On Friday we visited Bishey Vesey Grammar School and were treated to a tour in which we learned lots of historical facts relating to the building, the school and Bishop Vesey.  We were able to spend some time to do an observational drawing of the school too.  This week we will be learning about how to live more healthily and remembering that on Tuesday we can bring items in for the Summer Fayre and it is a mufti day too.

Second Summer Term

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As always, we have had a very busy week.  It began with a big drive to gain GOLD standard on our next times tables challenge.  Most of us have now acheived the first of our two Maths targets in less than a week which is extremely good going.  We also spent alot of time this week learning about things that are special to us and within different religions.  Thank goodness for good weather because our Science topic is 'Plants' and we will be learning about specific conditions that a range of plants grow in.  Our thoughts are now directed to the Business Enterprise week next week.  We will be having Maths lessons specially designed to consider money; how its spent, saved or given away; and also making our products for the school shop which will be available for sale on Thursday, 20th June in the Mall.  This year we will be making purses and naturally we will be aiming to make a profit otherwise the 'Dragons' will be asking awkward questions. 

From FOLTE to the Titanic

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We began the week by celebrating the launch of the Four Oakes Learning Trust of Excellence with lots of exciting and enjoyable party activities.   During the week we sadly finished our Bollywood topic and Light and Shadow science investigations which have been amazing.  We've also been working hard to get our gold stickers for our times tables too. Friday was history day when we dressed up and learned about the Titanic story.  We related the story to Literacy, Maths and Science and shared some of our work in assembly. Our new targets are now in our individual planners and we have been asked to learn our next time table for when we return to school.  We hope you do find time to have a restful holiday and the weather starts to improve.

Aston Villa Football Club

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Our trip to Aston Villa Football Club was amazing!  From the minute we got there until the minute we went home we were totally enthralled by the activities we did and the facilities at the club.  During the morning we used the indoor Academy pitches to participate in a Year 3 football tournament.  Sean, our coach and guide for the day was brilliant in organising and looking after us.  After lunch we toured the ground and got to see the Players' Lounge, the Press rooms (the one's were you see the players and the managers being interviewed on TV), the changing rooms (the home changing room was already set up for Petrov's testimonial match to be held on Sunday).  Because of the testimonial game, the pitch had already been set up and inspected so we couldn't actually go on it, but we could walk around it.  Nonetheless, the experience was totally awesome.  Quotes from the children today included, "This is like all my dreams have come true," and "It's like having Golden Time ALL DAY". Thank you to the Villa coaches, Jonathan and Simone, who coach at our school, for organising the trip and to Sean who made the trip a memorable occasion for our children.

The Weather!

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After a lovely sunny bank holiday our return to school was met with unpredictable weather changes.  Each time we tried to investigate the formation of shadows the Sun dipped behind the clouds again.  That was frustrating!  On another day the wind tried to blow us off the failed and we carried on playing. During topic we compared the weather in India to that of Sutton Coldfield and found there were similarities, instead of differences.  The prolonged showers had similarities with India's monsoon season, however, the temperature is a lot hotter in India, even during their winter months, than it is here. Our fingers are crossed for good weather this Friday when we are all going to Aston Villa Football Club.  A packed lunch, snack and drink will be needed.  Hopefully we will get to put some photographs onto our blog next week.


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On Monday we were treated by a visited from Miss Harper who updated us on her trip to India.  Some of us dressed in our family's traditional Indian clothes, and indeed, Miss Harper donned her new red Indian suit!  We had prepared lots of questions to ask her and she also told us lots of other exciting facts about India.  After the talk we played Bollywood music and tasted some traditional Indian snacks.  During Literacy we learned about recording dialogue and practised how to punctuate it.  Next week we will be learning how to use dialogue in playscripts.  Also next week we will be working hard in Maths to gain more gold stars in our timestable books. Please remind yourself of your next times table target which is written on your target page in your planner.  Our Science topic, Light and Shadow, has been tricky.  The sun kept ducking behind the clouds just as we were about to draw our shadows as part of a scientific investigation.  After several attempts perseverance prevailed and we succeeded!

From Birmingham City to Mumbai!

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You might have heard from the children that we 'flew' to India this week as part of Topic theme 'Bollywood'. After break we were each given a boarding pass and then had to find our seat on the 'aeroplane'.  Following an flight safety talk we 'took off' and, after an unreaslistic short flight, eventually landed in Mumbai.  We compared Birmingham's and Mumbai's geographical features and cultures and thought about what else we would like to learn about India.  We wrote questions that we are going to ask Miss Harper about her trip to India and hope to be sampling some Indian food on Monday.

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