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A visit from the Dentist

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Q: What does the dentist of the year get?
A: A little plaque

We would award Mr Dixon a plaque for his super talk about teeth on Monday! We learned about the profession, how to care for our teeth and the different names of teeth. we also compared teeth of humans with animals and thought about how animals adapt so they can hunt and eat. Can you imagine if a shark had human teeth?

funny shark

We enjoyed looking at the models of teeth and used these to learn how to brush our teeth properly!


Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to you all. Thank you so much for all our kinds and gifts. We hope you all had a lovely festive break.

We have returned this week and begun full speed... We have completed our RE unit called Rules and enjoyed learning about the importance of rules in different religions.

Click on the image below to find out more about the important rules Christians follow called The Ten Commandments.


 We watched a short video that taught us about when Moses received the Ten Commandments from God.


We then found out about how rules are impotant to Buddhists and compared these with the Ten Commandments.

They follow The Five Precepts. You can find out more about these by clicking on the image below.


A final flurry of festive fun...

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Christmas lights

Well, in our final week of school for 2013, we’ve had tremendous fun.

We had a simply fantastic start to the week with the final performance of our Christmas show – Project Christmas. It went without a hitch, was thoroughly enjoyed by all and Year 3 and 4 are (quite rightly) very proud of all they achieved. Each and every one of them a star!

18.12 Photo 1

In other activities, we have been very busy developing skills in both art and DT. We’ve been creating Kandinsky style artwork using shape and colour as a focus and have made photo frames in DT using joining skills and carefully considering the key elements of a successful design. Our DT work has also made us consider our BLP skill of reflectiveness; it was important to revise and adapt our work as we followed each step of the design process.

18.12 Photo 2

18.12 Photo 3

18.12 Photo 4

We’ve continued our Literacy linked to The Bear and The Hare and The Snowman’s Journey which have been great fun and we’ve even worked collaboratively to solve Christmas themed word problems in Maths too.


Christmas round the world

Focusing on Christmas Around the World activities has also helped us to revisit some of the skills and understanding we develop in our SMSC learning (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) as we have explored how the festive season is celebrated by others across the globe.

So now, all that remains is Christmas parties, Toy Day fun and a whole lot of festive treats! It has been a super term and all the hard work and effort is reflected in our learning and successes. A big thank you to everyone at home (and elsewhere beyond the classroom and school gates) for your help, support and enthusiasm.

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. Here’s to a super 2014!

Merry Christmas

Sorry - literacy link now available

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Apologies for the technical glitch this week on the Moodle homework. The link for literacy work to be uploaded to is now available if you want to upload your work here. Sorry for any inconvenience

A whole lot of learning....What a busy week!

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Well, this week we have been very busy in the lead up to Christmas and in all aspects of our learning!

We have been continuing to practice our Christmas show and now it is show time and we are ready to dazzle with our singing, dancing and acting skills! We hope you will enjoy it!

In Maths we have been exploring and creating number systems using our knowledge of number facts and place value. We based our learning around the Mayan number system which uses a series of symbols to represent numbers. We had great fun creating our own versions and using each other's to build larger numbers.

Our Literacy work has been linked to The Bear and The Hare advert so it has had a real Christmassy feel and we have enjoy using this to develop our descriptive writing. It has also been interesting to discuss and explore this animated advert as we have continued our ICT unit "We are animators" and developed our short films using the Ipads.

Watch the video to see the animators of this year's iconic John Lewis advert to find out how and why it was made...


Run, run, run and Christmas play fun!

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This week we have been busy starting to rehearse our Christmas production by learning song words, dancing, speaking loudly and clearly and, with our Year 4 friends, beginning to put the pieces together to assemble our Christmas extravaganza!


We have also taken part in our first House Sports event for the year by completing a cross country run yesterday. We all took part in the race, supported and encouraged by our new Sports Crew who were organising and co-ordinating it. It was a test of both our PE skills and our BLP skills (especially perseverance and collaboration in the way we had to show a determination to complete the run and support our peers in being successful) but it was great fun too.


In ICT we are developing our mini films and this week have been bringing props in from home to use in our projects which involve using the I-pads to film and edit our mini movies. We are showing our creativity in a variety of ways and are proving just how fantastic and imaginative we can be!


Songs to practise for the Christmas Play

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Here are our Christmas play songs. Try to practise these at home.

  1. Most Wonderful time of the year

2. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

3. Busy Christmas Countdown

4. Nestor – The Long Eared Christmas Donkey:

5. Gloria

6. The Wisemen's Song

7. It's time for celebration


Practice makes perfect...

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This week we have been continuing to build on our learning so far to use and apply our learning in different ways.


In maths, we are now familiar with the Numicon apparatus and are starting to use it in a wider range of contexts. This week we used it to help develop our reasoning skills by using it in a maths talk lesson.

Our task was to create our own word problems (number stories) linked to multiplication, use the Numicon to solve the problem and then to help us explain our mathematical thinking.

    Numicon 2    Numicon 1    

Numicon 3                                                                                                                      

In Literacy, we are applying our creative writing skills and SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar), which have been ongoing focuses in our lessons so far, to poetry. We have been exploring shape poems and have been looking at the language and presentation of this style of poems to support us in writing our own weather shape poems at the end of the week.

shape poems

Science Day fun! - Lava Lamps and Crazy Custard!!

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wacky science day

Friday last week was great fun when we enjoyed a whole day dedicated to developing our science skills!

Miss Harper and Miss Maugham had planned practical activities which not only helped us to learn new things but also made us think about how to make our writing in science more successful.

We started the day with a treasure hunt to find and match science equipment and vocabulary to warm up our science brains and give us some words which we could use throughout the day.


After that we completed two other activities; exploring crazy custard (in which we discussed and wrote scientific predictions to share our thoughts on what would happen if Miss Harper filled a swimming pool with custard and attempted to walk across the surface!) and making lava lamps (where Miss Maugham helped us to write clear and concise methods to explain the process).

lava lamps

Science day 2                       science day 3

It was a fantastically fun day and we are looking forward to showing off our improved skills in our Science books.

science day 4 

Come rain or's learning time!

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Well, we have had a busy week this week and have become totally immersed in our new topic for this half term - Extreme Weather!

In topic lessons, we have watched videos and looked at information on the internet about different weathers and we have explored the equipment used by meteorologists to measure the weather such as; rain gauges, barometers, thermometers, wind vanes etc. which has been fun and next we will begin to look in more detail at some specific examples of extreme weather...we can't wait!

Our topic theme has crossed over into our Literacy work and has led to us using both descriptive language tools and factual information to produce fiction and non-fiction written work. We felt really inspired and enjoyed using a range of skills which have helped us to focus on our VCOP.

In other subjects we have been; developing tactics and skills for invasion games and learning lots of new PE vocabulary along the way, continuing to use apparatus and resources to support us in our maths learning (especially in helping us understand place value and calculations) and starting our new science topic of rocks and soils with some outdoor learning.  

We are ending our busy week with some activities to support this year's Children in Need appeal during our Golden Time and watching Year 2's class assemblies which should both be great fun!

children-in-need logo

Year 3 learn about Diwali

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We have been very lucky this week to have received a visit form Mrs Desai. She came to talk to us about the special Hindu festival, Diwali. Mrs Desai showed us some Diya lamps.

Diva lamps

Mrs Desai showed us how to make a Rangoli pattern using coloured powder and a stencil.


We learned about the story of Rama and Sita. You can watch this story here.

Class Assembly - Mythical Monsters Inc.

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This week we have been really busy practising our class assemblies which are giving us the chance to share all of our learning this half term linked to our Ancient Greek topic.

We have lots of things to share and have been hard at work learning lines, singing, dancing and acting and we hope that everyone who comes to watch will enjoy the show!

Monsters Inc

myth legends sm v01

Alongside this we have been writing our own Myths and Legends in both Literacy and topic to continue to develop our writing skills and give us lots of opportunity to become absorbed in extended writing. It has been really fun and it has helped us show our imaginative and creative sides in a different way.

We have had a fun-filled first half term full of many different activities and look forward to the next next term as we embark on our new topic of Extreme Weather and begin the build up to festive fun.... It really is all go in Year 3!

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