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This week we have begun a topic about Plants in Science. This change in topic is due to the lack of sunshine that is needed for our topic about Light and Shadows! We will return to this topic during the second half of term. We have begun an investigation about the effect of watering on seedlings, looking at how quantity and frequency of watering might affect the growth of a plant!

Next week we will be starting our collage work. We will be creating a collage of a village scene in India. Could you please help your child to find some materials to do this task? Snippets of fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, buttons, straw, match sticks etc. would be very useful to us. The children need to bring these items into school on Monday May 14th. Many thanks.

Year Three News

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The children in Year Three have just begun a new and exciting topic entitled Bollywood! We hope they will enjoy this topic as much as the topic about Castles. Yesterday Miss Harper kindly gave them an introduction to India. The children'flew' to Delhi and upon touchdown were overwhelmed by the colours, smells and traffic noise of this very busy city. Miss Harper showed them articles she had broght back from her visit, photos, childrens' work and newspapers. Some children were dressed in Indian costume.

Year 3 News

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Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Kenilworth Castle on Monday. The children displayed high levels of enthusiasm by asking and answering some amazing questions. They learnt about the different methods to defend and attack a castle. They also enjoyed learning about life in the castle and how food was prepared in the enormous kitchen. This week the children have also enjoyed showing their precious items during our Spirituality afternoon. These items promoted good discussion about the meaning of spirituality. We have also prepared for Mother's Day and hope all Mums enjoy a well-earned rest this coming Sunday.

Year 3 News

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This week we have begun preparing for our class assembly. We have begun learning about Magnets in Science. The children are really looking forward to our topic about Castles. They produced some fantastic posters during half term. Thank you for these.

Year Three Update

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This week year three have started to rehearse for our class assemblies next Friday 2nd March (3SG 9.15 and 3HS 2.45). We are looking forward to sharing what we have been learning with you!

We have also started our new literacy unit on ‘Adventure and Mystery Stories’ by analysing some examples.

In science we are learning about ‘Magnets and Springs’ this half term and have been thinking about what we already know about forces from KS1 and will soon be conducting investigations to find out more about their uses.

The year three team

Teeth, teeth and more teeth!

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This week year three have learnt about the damage that acid can cause to tooth enamel, with an exciting investigation. We learnt what the different parts of the tooth are and that the enamel is the outer layer that protects are tooth. We then investigated what causes this to be damaged by using a hard-boiled egg, a jar and some vinegar! We decided that the shell on the egg represented the enamel on our tooth as it protects the egg like the enamel protects our tooth. We then placed the egg in vinegar and predicted what would happen. We left the experiment for two days, although it was tricky not to peak! After this we removed the egg from the vinegar to find that the acid in the vinegar had caused the shell to weaken and fall off. We concluded that to stop this happening to our tooth enamel it was vital that we take care of our teeth and brush them regularly.

We have also been learning about teeth in our topic lessons. We created a timeline of dentistry through the ages and have been looking at how toothbrushes have changed. Did you know that the first toothbrushes were made by the Ancient Chinese from pigs?

Things That Bite

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Year three are having a great time with their topic work on ‘Things That Bite’. Some of the activities that we have been doing include researching information to make an informative shark fact-file, writing a snake poem about fangs and creating a mosaic based on the habitats of creatures with a toxic bite. In Literacy we have continued with our information texts unit; writing about crocodiles and tigers this week!

We enjoyed sharing the strategies that we use for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with you at our Inspire Workshop on Tuesday. Thank you very much for coming, we hope that you found it useful.

Year Three have a special visitor!

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dentistOn Thursday, Mr Dixon visited Year Three to speak to us about his job as a dentist. This was a fantastic way to start our topic work on ‘Things That Bite’ and helped us to learn lots about teeth for our science work too.

He brought in some models of teeth for us to have a look at and we even saw some shark teeth too! We played games about which types of food are good and bad for our teeth and asked Mr Dixon some very thoughtful questions. We enjoyed watching Alex take a disclosure tablet, which turned parts of his teeth pink!

Miss Greenwood and Mrs Sotomayor took lots of photographs and put them in our ‘Class Learning Journey’ and we wrote about what we had learnt and enjoyed in our special class book too.

Thank you very much to Mr Dixon for a extremely interesting and enjoyable afternoon.

Year Three Update

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Year three have had a busy and enjoyable week. In Literacy we have been reading information texts about sharks! On Friday we started to write our own information text using the features that we had learnt about.

In Science we have been learning about what makes a healthy and balanced diet. We played games on the laptops to find out more about the different food groups and then created our own healthy menu. We had to make sure that we used the food groups in the correct amounts! We are looking forward to learning about teeth soon and having a special visitor to help us with this.

We have also learnt about the rules that different religions have in R.E. We found out that most Christians follow The Ten Commandments and Buddhists follow The Five Precepts.

We are looking forward to sharing how we learn with you at our Inspire Workshop on Tuesday 24th January.


Happy New Year

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Happy New Year from the year three team, we hope that you had a fantastic Christmas if you were celebrating it.

Year three have had an exciting start to the term by learning about how New Year is celebrated in the Punjab region of India, as this is where one of our link schools is. The children enjoyed a variety of activities including; doing maths in Punjabi, learning a dance that Miss Harper was taught when she visited Bawa Lawani, drama games, art and R.E.

We have also started our Science topic on Teeth and Healthy Eating and we are looking forward to beginning our topic ‘Things That Bite’!

new year

Christmas Fun!

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This week year three have been enjoying exciting Christmas activities to celebrate their hard work this half term. We have had a creative week and made reindeer food to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve, Christmas cards, tea-light holders, Christmas puddings, tree decorations and Christmas pictures.

 The children delivered fantastic performances of 'It's a Miracle' on Monday and Tuesday, which we were very proud of them for. We have also enjoyed our Christmas party and spotted some brilliant dance moves!

 We are incredibly sad to have to say goodbye to Miss Sartori this week, but are extremely excited about meeting baby Peanut!

 Thank you for all of your support this term.

 We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

 The Year Three Team Innocent


It's a Miracle!

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This week children have continued with their rehearsals for our show 'It's a Miracle'. As a Key Stage we are so proud of all the children, our singers have worked so hard to learn the songs and the actors and dancers are fabulous!

Children have also completed their drama work with Miss Wilson and Year 3 were treated to a performance from the after school drama club on Monday, a rather revolting version of Cinderella! Year 3 then wrote thank you letters to Miss Wilson as they have really enjoyed the sessions.

A letter will be going out this week regarding next week's class Christmas Parties.

Miss Sartori is waddling slowly round the school, occasionally being mistaken for a christmas pudding ;-) 

The Year 3 Team



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