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Christmas Blog

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To get our countdown to Christmas started, year 3 and 4 held a phase quiz. The phase gathered to answer some rather tricky questions in a bid to win a star prize. Mr Melville created the quiz and had been particularly clever/mean with some of his questions! The children were mixed across the phase and loved interacting with different children from other classes. Excellent behaviour was displayed at all times… well done guys!  


christmas music


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This week we have enjoyedlinking our Topic and Literacy lessons together! Using the Ipads and information bookletsn we have been researching extreme weathers, for example hurricanes. We have learnt how they are formed, how fast the winds are and how to survive them! We have used this research we create newspaper articles, information posters and non-chronological reports. 


Year 3 are animators!

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Over the next few weeks Year 3 will be become animators, using a programme called Scratch. This week we have already been able to input demands to make the sprite character move across the screen. We will also be learning how to make the character speak. As well as having lots of fun changing the backgrounds of the stories we create. 



Greek Pots

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This week Year 3 have been busy designing, making and painting clay pots. The children had to research the shapes, colours and patterns to inspire there own pots. They had to show lots of perseverance when they joined their handles to their pots. Some of the children even painted images of Greek althlets on theirs! 

Clay potsEO


How does our digestive system work?

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This week in science year 3 have been learning all about the digestive system. We have been using lots of scientific vocabulary to name and describe the function of the organs. We have used chocolate, bread and tights to create a model of the digestive system, showing what each organ does and where the food goes next.

These pictures show how the digestive system works:

rsz 1101 7455

Can you explain the process? Here is a video we watched it might help you.

Professor McGinty

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What a treat! Last week Professor McGinty came to WHC to share his expert knowledge of Ancient Greece with us. We all learnt so much new information, ready to start our new topic. We also got to look at artefacts used by the Greeks such as pots and coins.


 You can see a little taster of what we saw at the website below:

Welcome to Year 3

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welcome back desibucket com e2gC2H clipart


Welcome to Year 3!

We hope you have really enjoyed the summer holiday. It is lovely to see you all back, safe and well.

We have begun the first week back with themed lessons that are all linked to the Paralympics. We have already researched Brazil and found out what language they speak, what currency is used and how big the population is.

Over the next couple of days we will be learning how to sketch people taking part in a range of sports, participating in shape lessons linked to the Olympic buildings and design new mascots and emblems. We hope you enjoy it.

Remember to keep checking the blog to see all the fun lesson and keep up with all of our news! 

Medieval Mayhem - Watching History Come To Life!

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This week, we had a fabulous educational visit to Kenilworth Castle to help launch our new topic, A Knight's Tale.


We had a tour of the castle, both inside and out, and the excellent guides told us tales and facts which brought history to life an helped us to understand what life in a castle might have been like. We asked lots of questions to further our learning and we particularly enjoyed finding out about all the ingenius (and gruesome) ways in whcih castles were attacked and defended in the past.

Ken C blog 1    KC blog 1  KC blog 2   Ken C blog 2

Ken C blog 5

The glorious weather meant that we could have a picnic lunch in the castle grounds and we are raring to start the follow up work now to use and apply our knowledge and understanding of castles, knights and life in medieval times...

KC blog 3   Ken C blog 4

Ken C blog 3

Green fingers...!

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plants title

We have been really enjoying our science topic all about plants this half term and have been doing lots of investigating into the things that are needed to ensure plants grow well.

We have had lots of opportunities to make scientifc predictions, consider the importance of fair testing and to write scientific conclusions making links to the things which we have observed and measured. Our science enquiry skills are developing really well as a result and we are really enjoying regular visitis to the Phizz Lab!

Science children

Year 3 are now budding gardeners who could no doubt grow a wide variety of plants extremely well!

We are going to use these skills next half term with links to our current PSHE topic of healthy eating and our activities during health week as we have enlisted the help of Mrs Hawksworth to support us in trying to grow some of our own tomatoes! Watch this space for further news on progress!


A Step Back in Time...

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This week, we have been on a visit as part of our topic work. In our "Blast From The Past" topic, we are learning about the changes over time in our area of the country and finding out more about life in the past in Britain.

We went on a trip to The Black Country Living Museum and had a great time learning with the help of guides who took us back in time and showed us around shops and houses of the past and told us many facts and lots of interesting information. We leartn about how industry in the area has changed and grown over time, we went down in the mines to see what life might have been like for children of our age many years ago, we watched a silent movie starring Charlie Chaplin, we played in the streets with old fashioned toys and we got to ride on a tram or an old-fashioned bus!

It was a fantastic day which has fuelled our imaginations and will help us develop our recount writing as part of Literacy this week too!

BCM 1      BCM2

Chain maker   C Maker 2

Cup and ball    Hobby Horse   Hoop

Blast From the Past!

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So, in Year 3 this week we have started our new topic and we have fully immersed ourselves through links in our Literacy and topic work. We have become history detectives, using questioning, research and discussion to investigate objectsfrom the past and have learnt about primary and secondary sources.

Oliver Twist

Oliver role play 1     Oliver role play 2

In our Literacy, we have begun to learn the story of Oliver Twist and have used role play and story telling to re-tell the story in key events and to compare and contrast lives of people in the past and today. It has been fascintaing and fun!

fantastic forces       magnet

In Science, we have had great fun exploring forces. We carried out a scientific investigation using magnets and then developed our maths skills whilst presenting our findings in a line graph. We have also enjoyed looking at all the super contributions to our first ever science fayre too!

What a fantastic first week ... we are looking for all that is to come in this busy summer term!

Brushing Up on Our Shakespeare!

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This week, we have been celebrating the famous English writer and poet William Shakespeare. In Literacy, we have taken the opportunity to find out more about him and his life and have created fact files to share key facts and develop out non-fiction writing skills. We have also enjoyed using role play to explore one of his plays, Romeo and Juliet, and to try and better understand the language of the time.

We have linked the theme to our reading throughout the week too and have used our key reading skills of inference and deduction to draw images of famous Shakespeare characters from their descriptions.

Following the success of The Big Hoot last year, we are taking part in this year's Big Read and therefore another of our activities this week was to design a Shakespeare themed bench in honour of The Bard! We enjoyed using our drawing and design skills to come up with creative and innovative designs!

Big Read

In each of the Year 3 classes, we have now nominated our talent show acts in preparation for next week's Talent Show and are looking forward to making posters to promote them and cheering them on as we watch all the acts and see just how much incredible talent our school has to offer.

Best of luck to The Magic Masters, Thea and Jaya and The Uptown Funky Kids!

Talent 2

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