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Brilliant Bodies

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With the temperature dropping, what a great opportunity to test out our bodies to see how making our muscles work hard can warm us up.

In Science the children went outside and exercised their muscles. They thought about how they felt before, during and after exercising; what muscles they could feel working hard, whether they felt hot or cold and ended with discussion about how and why their hearts were pumping harder. They were completely warn out afterwards but suprisingly...none of the children felt cold :) 

Muscles1   Muscles2

Towards the end of the week, we had lot's of fun with Meccano to try and make a model elbow joint. The children had to use their knowledge of muscles to try and work out without instruction how to make the elbow joint using Meccano pieces and elastic bands. All of the children were really engaged in this activity and used their models to help them explain how an elbow joint works.


Joints1  Joints2

Joints3  Joints4

Muscle Mad

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In Science, we have began to investigate our muscles.

We have learnt all about how muscles work in antagonistic pairs, when one muscle contracts, the other muscle relaxes.

Have a look at this animation:

This week the children will be taking part in some scientific P.E lessons, investigating how their muscles feel before, during and after excerise. It'll be interesting to see how warm they feel in this lovely cold weather!!!

Later in the week, the children will all be making their own elbow joints with elastic bands that represent the muscles.


Elbow Joint


Watch this space...there will be some photos of both of these activities on the blog next week.

Music Madness

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Last week, Year 3 went music mad!! 

We listened to the sounds of a storm and imagined how we could make the different sounds using our own vocals and a range of different instruments. We all found trying to keep a steady beat very difficult but we persevered and achieved it after lots of practice.

After splitting up into smaller groups, the children created their own piece of music thinking about how the sounds of a storm built up, created chaos and then faded out. The children collaborated exceptionally well during this task, which resulted in an excellent, well created piece of music. 

Blog   Blog3CR

Year 3 go potty!!

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Last week, 3CR and 3JH completed their topic on the Groovy Greeks. To finish off, we spent two lessons in the Art room making and decorating Greek Pots using clay and paint. There were some fantastic pots made, with bases and handles and decorataed in authentic colours and tones. Watch this space...there will be a new piece of pottery coming home in the new year.


This week, we have started our new Topic of 'Extreme Weather', which we will continue into the spring term. During our topic lesson we listened to the sounds of a storm and considered how these sounds made us feel. We also discussed what instruments could make these sounds then tried to create a steady beat using clapping and introducing sounds that represent weather. 

ExtremeWeather      Music

Getting back into the swing of things!

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Winter welcome

Welcome back!

We are all back after our well earned break and raring to go!

This week, we are finishing off our Groovy Greeks topic with some art work - making our clay pots that we designed at the end of last half term. we can't wait to get creative and enjoy using our art room!

We are also starting a new Literacy unit exploring shape poetry which will link nicely to our forthcoming topic - Extreme weather. We will be looking at Calligrams this week and exploring how to use descriptive writing to paint vivid pictures in the minds of a reader.

We will also be spending some time this week investigating different religions and beliefs using our RE resource boxes. We will be using our BLP skills of questioning and making links to find out more about our diverse world.

Remember to keep visiting our blog and see what we are up to as we enjoy the next few weeks and the festive frenzy which awaits us!

Celebrating Black History Month

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Black History

This week we have completed an activity all about Martin Luther King to mark and celebrate Black History Month. 

We have learnt about both his significance in history and his impact on our world today. To reflect on our learning and share our understanding, we created written work including mind maps, poems and our own "I have a dream.." speeches.

We used our BLP skills of empathy and listening to support our learning and deepen our understanding of this influential man.

We are also coming to the end of our Groovy Greeks topic and have spent this week learning about the origins of The Olympics (through guided reading, topic activities and PE) and designing our own Greek pots which we will be making when we come back after the half term holiday!

Greek olympics

We have had a busy but enjoyable half term and are now looking forward to a little rest before returning for another exciting half term packed full of learning and even more fun and creativity!

Remember to keep up with our blog to see what we are doing as the year goes on ...

Another busy week!

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We have enjoyed some more busy times in Year 3 with lots of different learning across the curriculum.

We held our Athens Vs Sparta debate last week which was great fun and helped us to develop our speaking and listening skills. We used the facts that we had researched in our topic lessons to support our arguments and gave some excellent points of view to defend our side.


This week we are writing our own myths using characters and settings from traditional Greek myths as a strating point but calling on our fantastic imaginations and creative minds to become authors and create brand new myths of our own. This will help us to show off our writing skills and apply all the things which we have learnt over the last few weeks.

In Science, we have moved on from exploring our digestive system to our circulatory system and finding out more about the job of our heart, veins and blood. We have used a range of videos and songs, such as the one below, to support our learning. It has been very interesting and we are learning so much more about our bodies and how they work!

Exploring Equality and taking a closer look at digestion!

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Last week, we revisited the values of our LTE (Learning Trust of Excellence) with a focus on Equality. We considered why it is important to celebrate our differences but treat each other equally. We wrote poems to share our learning and some of us read these out in our special celebration assembly.


Later in the day, we continued with our Science work and explored the digestive system. We watched a practical demonstration which showed each step of the process and tried using scientific vocabulary to explain our knowlegde and understanding.

We watched how the food travelled all the way from being chopped up by our incisors as we eat to the end of the process (where the chocolate spread sandwich looked quite different to how it began!)


P1080635 Small 4

P1080640 Small 1  P1080646 Small 2  P1080650 Small 3

It was a great lesson and we showed our learning well through the comments and ideas that we shared in our class learning journeys.

This week, we are looking forward to developing our speaking and listening skills through a debate in topic. We will be challenging each other in the Year 3 classes to argue as Athens and Sparta!

athens vs sparta

Mythical Monster Mayhem!

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This week we have continued our work in Literacy on Myths and Legends. 

We have looked in detail at the tale of Pandora's box and now we are moving on to explore and compare the characters in this type of story using Theseus and The Minotaur as our starting point. This work is giving us an opportunity to develop our vocabulary and detail in description and use our imaginations to create vivid pictures through our writing. We are really enjoying exploring the mythical monsters of the past.

cerberus        medusa          minotaur

On Friday, we will be revisiting the values of our LTE (Learning Trust of Excellence) with a focus for Year 3 on equality. We will be writing poems to help us understand and share the message of the importance of this value.


It's all Greek to us!

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This week we have combined continuing our Groovy Greeks topic with celebrating European Day of Languages and it has proved to be great fun!


We learnt a bit more about Greece and some famous Greek people in history and today and we practised some simple Greek words a phrases so that, should we meet a Greek or go to Greece on holiday, we could greet people and introduce ourselves. We practised this using some role play. We learnt the numbers 1 to 10 too and practised saying them in order.

We also enjoyed looking at the Greek alphabet which is VERY different from ours and we used a song to try and remember some of the letter names.

Look at the video below to see how we tried to learn these - Can you keep up?

Finally we looked at the design of the Greek flag and thought about interesting ways that we could recreate it.

We finally took inspiration from the most recent Eurovision Song contest and the postcard flags which each act created before they performed. We made our flag using the images of shells which we all contributed to in order to use and develop our effective collboration skills.

   Greek flag                    postcard flag

We've really enjoyed exploring languages and have certainly learnt alot!

Topics for our new term!

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This week we have completed our work for Voices In the Park. We have thought about the park setting and how illustrations can change the way we view a picture, the mood and atmosphere. Setting descriptions are a super way of conveying a mood and emphasizing how the characters feel. Smudge and Charles enjoyed their time at the park and we have considered how we can write our own version of this brilliant story.


In R.E this term we are thinking about stories with a meaning. To open this unit of work we considered some of our favourite stories and how we can learn valuable lessons from them. This type of teaching is called a moral and we have thought about what characters we can learn from and how they could make better choices.

The Greeks - a reminder

Our new topic for the autumn term is the Groovy Greeks! We are going to compare Ancient Greece with modern day Greece. We request that if you have been on holiday to Greece and have some photographs or postcards that you would bring them in to school for Monday 15th September. Equally if you can bring in a holiday brochure this will help build a picture of what modern day Greece is like. Many thanks!

An Arty Start...

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Welcome back

So, the summer is almost over and we've had the big return to school!

It has been great to see all the Year 3 children ready for action and raring to go!

We have begun this week with an art focus week in which we have linked all of our learning to art and the artist George Seurat. We have explored and learnt about pointillism and have created our own artwork inspired by Seurat.

Seurat   art

We are looking forward to an exciting half term filled with challenge, fun and lots of learning!

Remember to look at our blog each week to keep up with all of our news...

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