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The last week has been so exciting!

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We have now started our Egyptian topic, looking at where Egypt is on the map and learning about how important the river Nile was to the people living there.


In music on Monday we had an exciting music lesson, we all got given our brass instruments for the year. Some of us are learning to play the Cornet, others the Baritone horn. You will have the opportunity to see us in action at a concern near Christmas time.

We are into our stride with swimming this term, looking forward to all the progress we are and will be making.

Music Lesson

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baritone horn

Welcome back! It’s great to see so many of our children making a terrific start to Year 4 by working hard and enjoying themselves.

This week in Year 4 we had our very first music lesson with Mr Orgill. We were introduced to some unusual and exciting woodwind instruments including the didgeridoo and the blowing horn. We practised the two different types of blows need to play these instruments – the floppy blow and the tight blow (which I know the children have all been practising at home ready for next week’s lesson!). I’m looking forward to our next lesson when we will find out which instrument we will each be playing and get to take it home to practise.

Welcome to Year 4

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Welcome back!

Miss Hodgson and I hope you have had a fantastic summer! We are really excited about our first half term together and seeing how clever you all are. We hope you are all looking forward to all of the interesting lessons about the Egyptians, bones and Charlotte’s Webb.



Sunshine, Smiles and Celebrating Success!

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So, the last full week of our time in Year 4 is here and we are enjoying both the amazing sunny weather we are getting (with opportunities for taking our learning outdoors!) and reflecting on our successes throughout the last half term and the year.

This week we have had our special Abigail Bevington assembly (at which Morgan, Alice, Jessica and Ben were chosen for awards this year) and we still have music concerts and our 100% attendance assembly to look forward to in which many of us will have our efforts, skills and commitment to learning acknowledged and will be able to share our achievements with friends and family.

We have enjoyed watching the Year 6 and Nursery productions which were both fantastic fun and we are now focusing on our topic activities to complete our Superhero topic.

It has been a great year this year and we all have many achievements to be proud of and a lot to celebrate.

We look forward to a well earned summer holiday and completing the summer skills challenge to prepare us for our move into Year 5.

Miss Harper, Mr Melville and Mrs Paterson would like to take this opportunity to thank the children for all their hard work and enthusiasm this year and the parents for their help and support.

We hope you have a great holiday. Enjoy the sunshine ...and a rest!

A Healthy Transition...

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Last week we enjoyed a huge range of activities for our Health Week.

We visited Harold the Giraffe in the Life Caravan to learning about making healthy choices, we considered the healthy snack choices that we could make to keep our bodies healthy and full of all the nutrients we need and we thought about the choices we would have to make to keep safe in different situations (on the road, near water and dealing with peer pressure).

To support our healthy eating work, we took part in a workshop to make healthy chicken wraps which were nutritious (and delicious!!). Our other activities involved; drama, circle time discussions, ICT work and making posters.

After two days of transition, meeting our new teachers and finding out about what Year 5 has in store for us, we rounded off our healthy week with Sports Day on Friday... and what a glorious, sunny day it was!

This week, we are continuing with our Literacy transition unit and exploring lots of writing opportunities linked to Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. We are also finishing off our Science unit by investigating water resistance and immersing ourselves in our super heroes topic!

Global links and Flying high

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We have been reflecting on the visit from our friends at Bawa Lalvani and thinking about the learning we enjoyed while they were in school.

The exciting opportunity allowed us to find out more about our link school and the life, culture and customs of people in the Punjab.

The visitors joined us in a Literacy lesson so that we could show them how we learn and the structure of our lessons. They asked us lots of questions and were very interested to find out the similarities and differences in teaching and learning in our school compared to Bawa Lalvani.

Special assemblies gave us chance to share our thoughts about the link and its importance to our learning. It also allowed us to showcase some of the skills we have developed recently through our creative curriculum.

We also had a presentation from Ms.Manpreet and Ms. Jasmeen to share with us their experiences of England and tell us more about their roles at Bawa Lalvani. They even showed us some Bhangra moves and got us to join in! It was great fun!

This week we are exploring our Science topic of forces in a "real life" context by looking at the plane which is being brought onto our school grounds.

We will be asking questions linked to air resistance and then using and applying our knowledge and understanding in an investigation to find the most effective paper plane design.

Facing "The Dragons" with Pet Rocks!

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This week has been a busy return to the last half term.

In preparation for Business Enterprise and My Money Week next week, we put together a pitch for our business idea to take to our very own Dragon's Den and see if we could secure an investment in our company Pet Rocks!

Our hard work (and the presentation skills of those who delivered the pitch) paid off and we managed to obtain an investment to launch our product in the school shop later in the term.

Be sure to keep an eye out for advertisements and further details of our retail plans to own your very Pet Rock in the near future.

Aside from this, we have begun the new units in each of our subjects; planning exciting ways to investigate forces in science, exploring scales and measurement in maths and beginning to explore stories set in imaginary worlds for our Literacy.

Next week, we have lots of business linked activities planned and a visit from some teachers who work in our link school in India. We look forward to sharing all of our exciting experiences with you on our blog next week.

FOLTE fun!

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We started this week with celebrations for the launch of our new Learning Trust. As 7 local schools have joined together in the Four Oaks Learning  Trust for Excellence (FOLTE), we enjoyed a mufti day with activities to enjoy and learning more about what this means for us.

In Year 4, we made information booklets about our school and our classes which we would like to share with our partner schools in the future. For this we used our ICT and Literacy skills and developed many of our BLP skills in working together and planning our group contributions.

We enjoyed joining the rest of the school around the flagpole to sing our national anthem and watch the balloon release to mark the start of FOLTE. It was exciting to see Emelia from our year group representing Whitehouse Common across the schools in the learning trust!

This week we have also had a visit from Miss Maugham to introduce a new and inspiring reading activity to our guided reading sessions. Reciprocal reading will enable us to each take on roles in a group read, develop our skills and lead our own learning which will support our progress and maximise the skills which we are able to focus on in our guided reading work. The activity was good fun and we are looking forward to regularly participating in this next half term.

Getting App Happy!

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This week we have been lucky enough to have the chance to explore the new ipads in school!

We used the opportunity to try out different apps and think about how they could be used to support our learning in school. We had some great ideas for ways in which we could develop our Maths and Literacy skills and how we could use a variety of apps to enhance our topic work. It was really fun and we can see that there are many ways to make our creative curriculum even more exciting and inspiring!

We have also been busy with assessments to show our progress in reading, writing and maths. We are working really hard and it is pleasing to see just how far we have come and how much our knowledge and understanding has increased.

What a busy but rewarding week!

Time-travelling fun!

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This week, we revisited our Romans topic and reviewed our learning by travelling back in time and enjoying a Roman banquet.

We all took on roles; guests at the banquet, slaves, dancers, musicians and the clown and had the opportunity to handle artefacts that the romans would have used. It was really good fun!

The guests laid on the floor to eat and were waited on by the slaves (who even had to do tasks such as removing the guests shoes and tying their napkins around their necks!). After the meal, the entertainers danced, played instruments and performed to the guests for their amusement. Our entertainers were very good and worked hard to perfect their acts!

As part of the banquet, we tried some foods which the romans might have eaten. We ate olives and a range of fruit including; figs, dates, pomegranate and grapes. We also talked about the other foods which might have been served in those times.

It was a great opportunity to share the knowledge and understanding from our previous learning and to build on this with even more interesting facts. We used lots of our BLP skills through the activity too and were all completely absorbed in our learning throughout!

Working hard ...

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We have been continuing to work hard this week across all of our learning.

We have been busy focusing on developing our calculation and SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) skills in Maths and Literacy and learning more athletic skills in our Summer term PE, this week thinking about jumping techniques!

In addition to this,  we have begun to learn more about our water topic. We used atlases and internet research to identify key bodies of water in the UK and around the world, finding facts about them from a range of sources. It was fun and we really enjoy exploring maps!

Linking our research work to our ICT lessons, we considered the effective use of search engines and compared two to think about which we prefered and why. Most of us decided that Google was our favourite search engine and we discussed its advantages and disadvantages in research work.

We are going to continue to use the knowledge and skills that we have developed in ICT to support further research in our topic work and across all of our subjects this half term. Knowing how to use search engines more effectively should help us to quickly collect information which is more accurate and relevant to our work.




It is all about the skills...

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We have been developing a whole range of skills across the curriculum this week.

We focused on language and grammar skills in Literacy; learning about developing sentences using a range of connectives and getting to grips with the language used for explanations. We now know the key differences between instructions and explanations and will be using these skills next week to write explanations for our own creative inventions and machines (inspired by The Shirt Machine which we explored as part of visual Literacy work).

In Maths, we developed our calculating skills for both subtraction and multiplication. We learnt a new method for written subtraction and impressed our teachers with how well we could use it to calculate accurately. We continued to use the grid method for multiplication but began to use it to multiply decimals and applied this to real life situations in the context of money.

As part of our Science work, we continued to develop our scientific enquiry skills by exploring solids which behave like liquids in some ways and reasoning why. We took our learning outside to investigate, using sand and soil in our school grounds and applying our knowledge of particles in different states of matter to draw some carewfully considered scientific conclusions!

It has been a busy week and it has demanded a range of our BLP skills to be successful but we have worked hard and achieved a lot! We have a great deal to be proud of and we finished off the week reflecting in our wider range of skills through our Chance to Shine assembly. What a talented group we are!


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