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A Step Back in Time....

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Our Roman topic has begun with a fascinating visit from the incredible Professor McGinty!

He came to see us with his amazing ALLAPOTPPBT and shared facts, artefacts and knowledge about life in Roman Britain.





We learnt a lot and used what we had learnt to explore further using freeze frames and drama activities to reflect key elements of our learning.

It has inspired us and helped us to generate questions which we will explore further through our topic work.

So far we have used our geography and history skills to find out where and why the Romans invaded and settled and found out more about life in Roman Britain; school, family life, food and entertainment.





Thinking back and looking forward...

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Thinking back to the end of last half term, we had a great last day with our Green "Eco" activities.

We worked across our phase, with Year 3, to explore lots of aspects of the theme including; making bird feeders, writing spanish sentences about animals and their habitats, designing our own ponds and inventing Eco-robots! It was great fun!

Now, looking forward to this half term and the exciting things which await us...

Our topic is launched this week with a visit from Professor McGinty who is going to use his time traveller knowledge to introduce us to The Romans. We can't wait to tell you all about it next week!


We are also going to be developing our football skills with Aston Villa football coaches, increasing our music knowledge and skills to play even more ambitious tunes (we have already learnt 3 new notes to help us - it is getting tricky now and we need to practise much more!!!) and  investigating materials in Science to find out about thermal insulators and thermal conductors.


It is going to be a busy half term so please keep looking at our blog where we will tell you more about these activities and share our learning with you.



Twycross Zoo!

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What an exciting day!

We had tremendous fun on our trip to Twycross this week. We improved and built upon lots of learning from our topic about rainforests; as well as having lots of fun. 

Starting off exploring the different types of endangered apes and monkeys we moved on to learn about the rainforest canopy and met a few interesting creatures (such as a tortoise, cockroach, & snake). After lunch we continued to explore the zoo trying to find as many of the animals we had researched in class about as we could. 













It was a great day and we thouroughly enjoyed ourselves- learning loads. May we thank Mrs Hawksworth helping and organising the trip- as well as parents for their financial contributions as well as making sure all the children were well prepared for the day.


We can't wait for the next one!


No business, like snow business

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Well, what a week! We've had great fun with the weather, enjoying the chaos and excitement that it brings.

Well done to everyone who has made it into school for the last few days despite the hard conditions. Good attendance across the year group so far this week. 

Obviously this is because you are all keen to rehearse and practise for our upcoming class assemblies on Friday. Don't forget to remind parents about the event of the year.

4JH In the morning at 9:15am

4JM In the afternoon at 14:45

A big thank to parents who have helped with costumes and supported children to learn their lines and practise their songs. We look forward to seeing you on Friday.

Rainforest Ramble

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Yesterday we immersed ourselves into our new topic of The Living Rainforest. We travelled by plane and then began different activities all linked to the Rainforest. We looked into rainforest layers, the man of the jungle (Orang-utan), designed a tribal mask and made rainforest sounds using musical instruments.




Throughout the term we will look into: what rainforests are and the plants within them, the people that inhabit the rainforest and surrounding areas, the disappearing rainforest and endangered species it contains, the benefits people receive from the rainforests, and finally what can be done to save them.


Another reminder about PE kits; they need to be in school for the whole week. 

Also as requested here is the video to the Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat song so that you can practise ready for our class assembly next week.




Happy New Year!

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It has been really exciting to get back to school and settle into the New Year. We are kick starting the Spring Term with the theme of Friendship.



This week we will be exploring what it is to be a good friend to all and work on developing strategies so we build life skills to ensure we can always get along with each other and everyone. We will also be making a friendship pledge (a bit like a promise) on Friday, vowing to try our hardest to make sure everyone has a positive, friendly and warm school experience.


On top of this we are also devoting much of the week to exploration of Maths in different subjects. Already we have delved into using Maths in PE (we called it Mathnastics!) and searched for maths within our topic of the Rainforest. We will continue to work on our problem solving skills throughout the week.

No Business Like Show Business!

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With the Christmas production fast approaching, our current Literacy unit focusing on play scripts and our own brass band concert less than a week away, Year 4 are most certainly becoming a clan of talented performers!

We have been busy perfecting our songs and moves for "Cinderella Rockerfella" and also rehearsing with our cornets and baritone horns to enable us to showcase our progress in music next Monday afternoon. 

In Literacy, we have been planning and writing scripts to tell the story of Joseph's Coat (linking to our colour topic) which will lead to a short performance at the end of this week to demonstrate our understanding of using stage directions, vocabulary and punctuation for expression and character.

With commitment, hard work and so much talent, who knows... perhaps you will see our names in lights in the future!

Watch this space...


Bright Sparks in Year 4!

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We have been working really hard on our Science topic of Electricity (Circuits and Conductors) and have enjoyed lots of practical work to investigate how circuits work.


Recently we explored designing and testing our own switches through our "Making Links" BLP skill. We had to apply both our knowledge of materials which conduct electrcity and our understanding of simple circuits to be successful.




It was great fun and we came up with some interesting and innovative designs!

This week we are going to be taking part in a science linked workshop with Sustrans which will let us explore using energy to generate electricity. This will be another opportunity for us to think about electricity and circuits whilst considering environmental issues too. 


Pyjama Pandemonium for Pudsey!

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Last Friday we enjoyed a day of fun and activity to raise money for Children in Need.

We dressed up (many of us in our pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns!) and took part in a number of different activities to help us understand more about this important fundraising event.

Each of us designed a new and unique Pudsey Bear, following in the footsteps of famous fashion designers who had done the same for this year's campaign.

We played games and completed a quiz on the official Children in Need website and we also had a handwriting lesson with a twist! We had to write using the opposite hand which helped us to think about how challenging and frustrating tasks can be for children with disabilities. It was certainly tiring as it took a lot of effort and concentration!

Now we are approaching the festive season, our Christmas production rehearsals have begun and we are busy learning the great songs which we will be performing in a few weeks. Listen out for us practising at home too!


Maths Day!

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On Friday of last week Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to extend their skills in maths through a day devoted to the subject. 


During the day we increased our understanding of co-ordinates by playing (and learning) a large scale version of battleships with ourselves as the targets!


We moved on to increase our understanding of time (which links with our targets) and finally we met Mr NK the exciting rapping times table expert.  


We have also launched our exciting new Times Table cards, which are going to help us to learn all of our tables and achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. 

Topic Launched!

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Welcome back from a well-deserved break!

We are a raring to go with our new topic all about colour, with which we will be looking into themes within poetry; in  ICT, creating onscreen patterns; and Art creating our own ‘Technicolour Dreamcoat’ using collage techniques. On top of all this we will make links within RE and other areas of Literacy such as drama, and storytelling.


We shall also be continuing our Music lessons and beginning to learn Christmas Carol's in our music.


Spirited Away and Wikispaces

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Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their cinema trip yesterday to the Empire cinema in Sutton Coldfield. We watched a film originating from Japanese culture that really stretched our imaginations. When getting back to school we created storyboards to retell one scene of our choosing.



Throughout the Autumn term we have been creating our own Wikipage websites sharing all of our learning about Egyptians. Within this we have explored the ideas of collaborative writing and peer editing. We have learned how to add images to a webpage and gone even further by adding videos using a technique called embedding.


The children have all said what a fun time they have had with their ICT.

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