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SPARKS Fire Service Training

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To start our week off we had a visit from the fire service team from Sutton Fire Station. The fire fighters delivered information which concentrated on fire and road safety.

They told us all about the importance of having working smoke alarms, knowing how to get out of the house in a fire and what do to once we are out the house. We looked at hazards around the home that could potential start a fire and what to do to reduce the risk.

The firefighters also talked about road safety, such as being safe inside a car, where to cross safely and how to stay safe near the roads.

The final part of the session was about hoax calls and how this can cause serious harm to others. 


Dress up :-) The gear was very heavy!

Wind in the Willows

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suspected coverClick on the image to listen


Terrific Torches (and a Happy New Year!)

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Happy New Year!

Last week Year Four had great fun designing and making their own torches as part of our design and technology curriculum learning.

We needed to research current products, create a working electrical circuit, design and install a working switch and then finally encase the components in a sturdy molding (or plastic bottle).

We evaluated our products and identified areas to improve them should we do it again.


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During RE we have been learning about Siddartha Gautama. He was an Indian prince who gave up his privileged life to study with monks and found the way to enlightenment. He is better known as the Buddha.

We have looked at the beliefs of those who are Buddhist and tried to experience their beliefs by doing some meditation in class.  We wrote blessings to say to ourselves during our meditation and focused on being calm and listening to our surroundings.

We also discussed the importance of everyone taking time to just be still and calm as the world we live in is very busy and loud.


Rotten Romans

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Professor McGinty visited Year 4 today to help start our Rotten Rome topic. He told us all about the Celts and the Romans. We got to see lots of "stuff" that the Romans would have used, from under floor heating to Roman shields.

It was a fantastic lively start to our Roman learning and we all got VERY excited!

Can You Catch A Mermaid?

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To start off our myths and legends work we have been reading Can You Catch A Mermaid? 

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To help us to remember the story we have used Talk for Writing activities. We started by imitating the story, which meant we needed to explain the main parts of the story. We then created our very own actions to help us remember the story. We could be as creative as we liked as long as it helped us remember the words/phrases in our part of the story.

Don't forget to ask us to show you some of our actions and what the story is about.


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The instruments have been handed out. The children have been shown how to open the case. The blowing method has been practised. Now the real fun starts!

As you may be aware Year 4 are lucky enough to have brass lessons all year, playing either the cornet or baritone. In the next few weeks a PowerPoint will be loaded on to Moodle to encourage the children to play at home. But for now please encourage the children to practice how to make a noise on their instrument and remember to send it in every Tuesday.


Thank you for your ongoing support.

Year 4 Team

What a great first week back!

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The children have settled back into school life extremely well.

This week we have gone over our school rules, created symmetrical patterns, completed work on Charlotte’s Web AND sent off for our own Blue Peter badges!

To be awarded our Purple badge we had to watch an episode of Blue Peter and then review it. We thought very hard about the things we enjoyed about the programme and those things that we thought would improve the show.

Having these special badges allows us to gain access to over 200 attractions around the U.K for FREE, that is we get in free, our adults still have to pay for themselves. Click on the picture below to see the list of the great places we can visit.

about blue peter badges purple 1024x576

Terrific Tamworth

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As part of our 'Reign Over Me' topic, Year 4 ventured outside of Whitehouse Common to visit one of the countries few, intact, motte and bailey castles. Upon arriving at Tamworth Castle the children took part in three workshops: 

  • running of a Tudor household
  • artefacts and relics
  • self-led tour of the castle throughout the ages

The pupils had the opportunity to dress as the Tudors did, to set a dining table for Lady Ferris and look into what the Ferris family would have eaten. The artefacts workshop allowed us to look at the cutlery they would have used, how the Tudors learnt in school, their daily routines and how all of this shaped our lives today.

The self-led tour gave us time to explore and take charge of our own learning. The castle has many rooms, all of which have been set up to represent different periods that the castle has survived through.

Light and Sound

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As part of our Science Light and Sound day we have looked at how light travels. In groups we carried out a number of experiments to look at: reflection, refraction and the spectrum of colours found in white light.


The pupils enjoyed the tasks and found the practical nature of learning fun and informative.

science light and sound

Wonderful Wind in the Willows!

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This term we have been focusing on the timeless classic 'Wind in the Willows'. The pupils have been working on their use of fronted adverbials and conjunctions. Reordering sentences has proved tricky but all pupils showed great perseverance. Here is the link to the BBC radio adaptation of the story we have been following:

We look forward to seeing you this week for our class assemblies. The children have worked very hard learning their lines. Thank you for all the wonderful outfits, the support from home has been fantastic!

Christmas 2016 Quiz!

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To get our countdown to Christmas started, year 3 and 4 held a phase quiz. The phase gathered to answer some rather tricky questions in a bid to win a star prize. Mr Melville created the quiz and had been particularly clever/mean with some of his questions! The children were mixed across the phase and loved interacting with different children from other classes. Excellent behaviour was displayed at all times… well done guys!  


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