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A Great Start to 2012

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Getting back into the swing of things has been great fun in Year 4!

|During our Literacy lesssons we have been looking at persuasive writing and the different features that companies use to persuade us to buy.  We have created our very own Marks and Spencers style adverts, using descriptive, persuasive language as well as selling exclusive holidays. Smile

We are also starting to prepare for our class assembly, 'Wanted Around the World.'  We have started to learn our song and we are making sure we use our loud clear voices when reading our lines.    We can't wait to show you all about your learning from Autumn term. Laughing

Within our Science lessons we are looking at 'Habitats' and so far this term we have been out and about in our school site looking for different creepy crawlies and the habitats they live in.

Next week we will be starting our new Literacy topic of 'Stories with Dilemmas' which will give us the oppurtunity to use lots of drama and links to our topic work, we look forward to sharing it with you soon.





All set for 2012!

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Happy New Year from Year 4!

We have come back from the holidays refreshed and raring to go and last week enjoyed two busy days of learning about New Year Around the World as part of Every Child Matters Week.

On the first day back, we met with our link governors and had the opportunity to talk to them about our learning and our time so far in Year 4. We also got to ask them questions to find out more about their roles and responsibilities and get to know them well.

For our ECM activities, we learnt about New Year in the Punjab and enjoyed lots of creative and practical work with the Year 3 and 4 teachers which included drama, dance, art and stories. We linked our learning to Miss Harper's visit to Bawa Lalvani by looking at video clips and photographs and using these as part of our work.

It was an exciting and rewarding couple of days and we are now looking forward to our new topic for this half term, which is Colour, and all the interesting learning which we have ahead of us!

Holidays are comin' ... ...

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Year 4 are merrily enjoying the festive build up!

We have been singing our hearts out and giving it our all for the Christmas productions which has been lots of fun!

In class, we have been getting creative and using our design and make skills to produce some beautiful cards and stockings.

We are looking forward to working with the teachers and children across year three and four over the next two days to enjoy some more art and craft activities, making all kinds of exciting festive treats to take home. We also have our fun filled Christmas parties to help celebrate the end of the year together! Woohoo!

There is such a lot happening and so much festive cheer in Year 4 this week. It is great!

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and look forward to sharing lots more news with you in 2012!


The Christmas countdown....

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With christmas fast approaching, Year 4 are very busy trying to fit everything in to the week!

We have been continuing to practise our Christmas show, members of 4AG have been perfecting their Christmas singing to share with our new friends at Bridge Special School in Erdington and we have been using the skills that we have developed this term through our Literacy work to produce storyboards \and scripts for "The Snowman".

With our classrooms looking christmassy, we are enjoying sharing our advent calendar each day and we now have festive postboxes ready to deliver our christmas greetings to our friends!

Year 4 love christmas! Woohoo!


Y4 Christmas Performance Track

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Here it is as promised!  Remember to only sing until the end of Frosty The Snowman.  Make sure you listen to how it's sung.  
Practise as much as you can.

Click on the play button below to listen to the song:

Alternatively, if you would like to download the track to your computer, right-click [here] and select Save Target As (Internet Explorer) or Save Link As (Firefox).

Thank you, Goodbye and Best of Luck...

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Year 4 would like to say a big thank you to Mr.Watts and Miss Ainley who have been working with us for the past five weeks.

They have both worked very hard and joined in with all kinds of activities including our school trips.

We have enjoyed your lessons and had lots of fun and we hope that you go on to enjoy teaching your own classes in the future.

We will miss you but wish you lots of luck and happiness in all you do!


Feeling Festive...

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With the wintery weather truly here and December rapidly approaching, Year 4 are getting into the festive spirit.

We have been busy rehearsing our songs for the Christmas production and have begun to link some of our poetry work in Literacy to winter themes.

We are getting ready this week to start decorating our classrooms and thinking about all things festive and the next two weeks promise to be filled with festive fun!


Terrific Teamwork!

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This week, we have been challanged to develop our communication, co-operation and collaborative skills when we have had to work effectively in a group.

In both our science and topic lessons we have had to work well together in order to be successful.

We worked in pairs or small groups to build outdoor shelters which could provide safety and warmth if we needed to survive in the rainforest. Our designs were all very different and we were very creative and resourceful in our work!

In science we worked in larger groups to plan and carry out investigations to find if there was a relationship between a person's age and the size of their bones. We had to organise ourselves carefully to make sure we collected all the data accurately and could discuss what our results showed.


ThinkTank fun!

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We enjoyed another great trip this week with a visit to the ThinkTank to learn all about being green and eco-friendly.

It was lots of fun and we learnt all kinds of things through exploring all the hands on exhibits and listening to a talk about the journey of food.

There were lots of links to our learning in school at the moment as there were exhibits about; skeletons, bones and muscles (to link to our Science topic), the rainforest (our topic theme and linking to our Literacy work) and recycling (which is part of our eco work at school). We also found out about some foods which travel to us from around the world (including the countries where our link schools are found).

It was a great day and fun was had by all!


Next week we are looking forward to linking some of our learning to Miss Harper's trip to India!

We will let you know all about it so remember to come back and find out more!


Talking topics...

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We are busy in Year 4 this week finishing off our Treasures topic by making our own Treasure chests using a range of maths, DT and problem solving skills.

We are also starting to think about our new topic for this half term, The Living Rainforest, through our Literacy and Science work.


Make sure you visit our blog next week to find out all about the exciting things we learn on our trip to The ThinkTank!

Playscripts and Popcorn!

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Year 4 had a very exciting trip to the cinema this week to celebrate film week and to develop our understanding of script writing.We enjoyed some fresh air on our brisk walk through the local area to the Empire and then had fun watching Cars 2 on the big screen! We are looking forward to writing our own scripts for film clips in our Literacy lessons.


Exploring Islam

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This week we enjoyed our first trip of the year.

We went to the first ever permanent islamic exhibition in the UK which taught us a lot about the faith, its history and the beliefs and lives of those who follow it.

We were able to ask questions, try on traditional clothing and look at all kinds of objects which helped us to understand the important elements of this religion.

It was an enjoyable morning and we could all say that, when we left the exhibition, we had learnt new things and understood a lot more about Islam.


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