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We are busy in Year 4 this week finishing off our Treasures topic by making our own Treasure chests using a range of maths, DT and problem solving skills.

We are also starting to think about our new topic for this half term, The Living Rainforest, through our Literacy and Science work.


Make sure you visit our blog next week to find out all about the exciting things we learn on our trip to The ThinkTank!

Playscripts and Popcorn!

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Year 4 had a very exciting trip to the cinema this week to celebrate film week and to develop our understanding of script writing.We enjoyed some fresh air on our brisk walk through the local area to the Empire and then had fun watching Cars 2 on the big screen! We are looking forward to writing our own scripts for film clips in our Literacy lessons.


Exploring Islam

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This week we enjoyed our first trip of the year.

We went to the first ever permanent islamic exhibition in the UK which taught us a lot about the faith, its history and the beliefs and lives of those who follow it.

We were able to ask questions, try on traditional clothing and look at all kinds of objects which helped us to understand the important elements of this religion.

It was an enjoyable morning and we could all say that, when we left the exhibition, we had learnt new things and understood a lot more about Islam.



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We really enjoyed our activities for European Day of Languages.

We had great fun recreating the Egyptian flag, using images of Egypt and we learnt some simple Arabic to use in a conversation with a partner.

In Literacy, we have finished writing our fantastic Egyptian stories and are now moving on to exploring play scripts. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be hoping to become budding play-writes ourselves!


Feel the Force!

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In Science, we are finding out all about forces.


We have investigated friction by sending toy cars speeding down ramps, covered with different materials, to see how far they would travel. We found out that the rougher the surface, the less distance the car travelled because there was more friction.

Next, we will be heading outside and using fair testing to explore air resistance!

Exciting Egyptian Exploration!

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Year 4 are really enjoying finding out all about Ancient Egypt in our Treasures topic.

We have already done lots of fact finding using atlases, information books and websites which have helped us to discover more about The River Nile and the lives of the Ancient Egyptians. 

It is great fun learning about our topic through different subjects and we have enjoyed showing "A day in the life of an Egyptian" through dance and movement. We have also started to plan a story set in Ancient Egypt in our Literacy lessons.


Year 4 get back into the swing of things!

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Year 4 have enjoyed a creative first week with lots of exciting activities. We have started using our Spanish to write about our summer holidays and have painted hieroglyphics to decorate our new topic book covers.

We are looking forward to learning all about Ancient Egypt through lots of different subjects including Literacy, PE and Spanish.

We can't wait to share lots more with you on our blog throughout the year!

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