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Terrific Tamworth

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As part of our 'Reign Over Me' topic, Year 4 ventured outside of Whitehouse Common to visit one of the countries few, intact, motte and bailey castles. Upon arriving at Tamworth Castle the children took part in three workshops: 

  • running of a Tudor household
  • artefacts and relics
  • self-led tour of the castle throughout the ages

The pupils had the opportunity to dress as the Tudors did, to set a dining table for Lady Ferris and look into what the Ferris family would have eaten. The artefacts workshop allowed us to look at the cutlery they would have used, how the Tudors learnt in school, their daily routines and how all of this shaped our lives today.

The self-led tour gave us time to explore and take charge of our own learning. The castle has many rooms, all of which have been set up to represent different periods that the castle has survived through.

Light and Sound

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As part of our Science Light and Sound day we have looked at how light travels. In groups we carried out a number of experiments to look at: reflection, refraction and the spectrum of colours found in white light.


The pupils enjoyed the tasks and found the practical nature of learning fun and informative.

science light and sound

Wonderful Wind in the Willows!

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This term we have been focusing on the timeless classic 'Wind in the Willows'. The pupils have been working on their use of fronted adverbials and conjunctions. Reordering sentences has proved tricky but all pupils showed great perseverance. Here is the link to the BBC radio adaptation of the story we have been following:

We look forward to seeing you this week for our class assemblies. The children have worked very hard learning their lines. Thank you for all the wonderful outfits, the support from home has been fantastic!

Christmas 2016 Quiz!

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To get our countdown to Christmas started, year 3 and 4 held a phase quiz. The phase gathered to answer some rather tricky questions in a bid to win a star prize. Mr Melville created the quiz and had been particularly clever/mean with some of his questions! The children were mixed across the phase and loved interacting with different children from other classes. Excellent behaviour was displayed at all times… well done guys!  


Magnificent Mosaics

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As part of our art day we designed and created mosaics. Our art was linked to our current topic: Rotten Romans. We had lstudied Roman mosaics and how they were used to elaborately decorate the coliseums and baths of ancient Rome. Throughout our art day we used many skills including:

  • Shading and tone
  • Proportion
  • Symmetry
  • Colour palettes
  • Grouting

Here are some examples of our work:

mosaic boys x 2


mosaic girl boymosaic girl boy2

Magical McGinty!

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mcginty 2017This week saw Professor McGinty grace the classroom of Whitehouse Common Primary School. He, and Mr Hoot, took us back to 43AD to solve a postal mystery! The postman had brought a letter with very unusual digits on the front. What could they mean? The pupil’s looked at different Roman artefacts including coins, ceramic plates and jugs, mosaic tiles and clothing. Professor McGinty brought ancient Rome alive for us. The children loved his lively delivery and learnt a lot from the session. Well done to the children who solved the mystery!

Super Subtraction!

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This week the pupils in year 4 have been applying their mental maths skills to a variety of mathematical problems. They have used formally written methods to work through number problems, as well as word problems.

As always, the pupils have used apparatus to support their learning. The new Rising Stars Maths books have gone down very well too, with the children loving the new challenges set.

Well done Year 4.



maths 4AB

Wonderful Week!

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Year 4 have settled beautifully into their new routine. The children have working hard on their new topic; natural disasters. They have also participated in the Whitehouse Common Spelling Bee! What a week. Above is an image of one of the classes ordering themselves from smallest to highest during a mastery maths lesson. The children found ordering the decimals a little tricky at first, but soon realised when they worked as a team they could do it easily and efficiently.


Well done year 4! Here's to a great year.

Nighty Night

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This week the pupil's completed their own individual sleep diary. The diaries linked into Health Week and our maths lessons. Each pupil recorded the hours they slept, collating the evidence in a tally chart. From here the pupils created line graphs from the data, answering questions set. 



The data was very informative and the pupil's noticed that their sleep pattern was interrupted by certain activities such as iPad use before bed and drinking drinks with high sugar contents. We agreed the best activity to aid sleep was reading and our results highlighted that a drink of something without sugar, such as a glass of milk, helped us settle quicker. The graphs were well made and the pupil’s represented their data with great detail.

Is this the way to Amarillo?

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The pupils in year 4 have completed many activities related to the Queen's 90th birthday. We wrote letters, we attended a disco and we designed a birthday cake. Fun was had by all.

We have also been learning new brass songs, including 'Is This The Way To Amarillo?' which has entailed pushing oursleves to use new variations in our breathing.

lennon brass

Thank you for all the great hoemwork we have received so far this week. The deadline is not until the last week of term but we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the wonderfully creative peices we have had so far.

Well done!

great work wall

Marvellous models!

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This week we have had a number of Tudor models brought in. The models are very detailed and the pupil's have clearly spent a lot of time on their homework pieces. We done!

Here are some examples:






In other news it is almost time for our educational trip to Tamworth Castle. The pupil's will attend two workshops across the day and a tour. The first workshop is entitled 'Tudor artefacts' and will be held in the Guard Room and the second workshop is called 'Tudor Table setting' and will be held in the Dining Room. The weather is forecast to be positive so sun creams at the ready! Fingers crossed for sun.




Raving Reviews!

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Last term the pupils in year 4 completed a review of a Blue Peter show. The show focussed on endangered animals and the importance of sustainability. It also hosted a world record attempt and one presenter, Barney, leading a choir of over 1000 children.

I am pleased to say that all of the reviews were accepted and that nearly all of the badges have now arrived. Wow! The pupils did excellently in reviewing the show and made some inspiring suggestions on improvements and what they would like to see in the future. We are so proud of their effort.

Well done year four!





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