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Oh no! Those rotten Romans are coming!

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This term the pupils spent time designing their own Roman shields. They used traditional colours and added symbols that had meaning to them. The shields were either rectangular or oval in shape and all had a traditional boss. They were ceramic and made from air-drying clay, this allowed the pupils to create and paint their shields this week. The results were fabulous with lots of metallic colours being used. The shields will be displayed round school as part of our Roman topic. Thanks to our parents for all the support, the children have loved the topic and have gained much from it.

roman shield


Marvellous Maths!

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Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful break.

This term has brought exciting changes to our maths curriculum. Year four have been, and will continue to, develop depth to their maths knowledge through questioning and investigation work. They have taken up the challenges with determination! This week we have undertaken an investigation into how we can sort objects, namely Smarties, and represent this data in an appropriate manner. Many pupils used histograms and pictograms to explain their investigation. Higher level learning, well done!

In other news it is almost time for our class assembly. Thank you for supporting the children to learn their lines and the songs we look forward to showing you our hard work.



Professor McGinty arrives!

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He came...we saw...the Romans conquored! Year Four had great fun this week travelling back in time with the wonderful and wild Professor McGinty. The pupils' experienced first hand the artefacts used by the Romans such as; mosaic tiles, clay pots, coins and drinking vessels. They learnt all about the Celts and their primative way of life, from the 'pointy do-do sheds' to their choices to live upon the hilltops of ancient Britain. The children thoroughtly enjoyed their history session and produced some excellent work as a result.





Professor McGinty 1



The Raving Romans!

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This week the pupils' in year 4 have been creating their very own Roman dance sequences. They have based their moves on activities that Romans would have participated in daily, such as: sword fighting, cooking, washing and sharpening tools. The dance has been created using a three-beat piece of music.

Roman boy

The classes look fabulous and will add set choreography to their dance sequences next week, ready for our class assemblies in the New Year. We will be asking parents to start gathering clothing for the assembly as each child will need to be dressed as a Roman man or woman. Further details to follow!

Perfect Poetry

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This week the pupils have been applying their wonderful literacy skills to poetry. They have used mature vocabulary to make poems much more interesting. Each class created prose from the poem 'Daddy fell in the pond' and we had lots of great ideas as to how and why he fell...Daddy was obviously very clumsy!

In other news pupils received their Walk to School Living Streets badges. A very high number of the pupils across year 4 were successful. A great achievement. Well done!

OurWork 06 LivingStreet 02

Brilliant Ballet!

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This week Year 4 and 5 had a member of The Birmingham Royal Ballet come into school to teach them different ballet skills. The ballet teacher focussed on the story of Swan Lake and discussed how movement and music can tell a story.

The children loved learning the different positions and were enthralled by the different body placements and how they can portray anger, happiness, sadness and hope.

The pupils worked in mixed groups of around six and put together their own pieces which included a starting position, a dramatic dance between Odette and Rothbart and a finishing stance.

The feedback from the children was that their perception of ballet changed and they loved using their bodies in different dramatic ways. What a success!

lucas position 1olivia position 2white swangroup hold

Fabulous Footie from year Fours!

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This week Year Four have concentrated theri efforts on learning, and honing, some new football skills. The pupils have worked on their spacial awareness, ball control and heading skills. All pupils stepped up to the plate and had a good go at heading the ball back to their partners. We had some rogue balls that made their way onto the field but on the whole the pupils were great!


In other news 4AB and 4JM spent their science lesson practically explaining how sound is made. They used the tuning forks to demonstrate how sound travels through different mediums such as water, metal and the air. Well done guys, another great science lesson from you all.

Getting ourselves in order!

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This week in maths we have been looking at number ordering. The pupils analysed a variety of different numbers from negative numbers to decimals. They were each given a number from -9 to 964 and the asked to physically order themselves. The pupils applied their knowledge of numbers and collaborated beautifully to ensure the line was correct.

number ordering

In other news the pupils in year four were given their brass instruments. Mr Orgil was very impressed with the enthusiasm and how well the children could make sounds with their cornets and baratones. Well done guys!

We had some questions regarding the brass link website where you can access the materials from home. We will clarify where this is with Mr Orgil and post the link on the blog next week.



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100 5703100 5707

This week the pupils in 4JM and 4AB constructed a volcano as part of their volcanoes topic. The pupils spent time using papier mache, card, paper and paints to create some wonderful examples of cone volcanoes. Today they blew these up using vinegar, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda.

The conditions were perfect, the sun was out and the children were prepped wearing their safety equipment. However, when the time came the eruption was more fizzle than fury.

The pupils decided to change the variables and next week we aim to blow our volcanoes using cola and a mint. Wish us luck!

'Whitehouse' the owl, is in place

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Our Wild in Art Owlet is now in place in the Gracechurch Centre in Sutton Coldfield! We are very lucky to have been allocated a location close to home making it nice and convienient for you all to visit!!

He currently stands in prime position with two other Owlets in the main concourse of the centre (near the House of Fraser entrance).  He will be there all Summer so take the opportunity to go and say hi to 'Whitehouse'.

Gracechurch Owl

Brilliant Brass

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Well done to all the children in Year 4 for learning to play their brass instruments this year. Mr Orgill has now completed all of their final assessments and the children are prepared for their end of year concert on Monday. The concert will be in the Oakes hall on Monday afternoon at 2.45pm.

Please come and join us to see all the fabulous progress they have made this year.

Sports Day Fun!

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Well done to everyone for the fantastic effort you all put in to your races on sports day. The children all tried really hard and showed great competitive spirit. Well done to Acer for winning the KS2 event.

sport 1

sport 2

sport 3

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