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Black History Week

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This week in school, we have been celebrating Black History Week. In year 4, we have been learning about Mary Seacole and her impact on society. We found out that she is famous for being a nurse and for making medicines to help the sick and injured soldiers in the Crimean War. We used our resourcefulness to find out more information on the laptops, visiting an interactive website. You can visit the website yourself and find out more by clicking on the image.

mary Seacole interactive

Well done us!

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On Wednesday last week, representatives from Year 4 (boys and girls!) went to play football in a small tournament at Arthur Terry school. The children played three matches, won, lost and drew! The children were a credit to the school and worked well as a team. Congratulations to all that took part!!


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We have learned that a sound is made by a vibration. We have also learned that pitch is when the sound changes between high and low sounds. This week in Science, we have been understanding how the pitch of a sound can vary depending on the length of the vibrating part. To test this out, we twanged different lengths of ruler to see how the pitch changed.100 4630

Sponsored Literacy Fun!

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On Friday afternoon all of the children took part in their chosen sponsored event to help raise money towards our new school handwriting scheme. The afternoon was a great success with the children having great fun drawing, skipping, goal scoring, target throwing or Lego tower building.

All the children in Year 4 completed their events. Please gather any outstanding sponsor money and send into school for Friday 10th October.

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Scotch Eggs and the Layers of the Earth!!

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The children have now begun their topic, Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We began by learning about the the construction of the Earth and its four layers. We used a range of different foods in the classroom to demonstrate the thickness and make up of each of these layers! We found the best example came from a Scotch egg, the ourter breadcrumbs represented the thin crust of our planet, the sausagemeat was the thicker, more gooey, Mantle layer and the egg made up the core with the white representing the outer core and the yoke the inner!

The classrooms smelt great when we had finished!!!


Welcome back!

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Welcome back! We've started year 4 in a really exciting way by being given our brass instruments for the year. Some of us have got baritone horns and some of us have got cornets. Our first lesson was great fun and Mr Orgill, our brass teacher, has prepared a website for us to visit at home so that we can practice our instruments as much as we can. Mr Orgill recommends 10 minutes every evening to help us to really improve throughout the year. Click on the picture to visit the website and get playing!


Well done

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Last week we had a day of transition, meeting our new teachers and finding out about what Year 5 has in store for us. We had lots of fun playing team games like cricket and completing work to go on our reflective display.

On Monday we got to start the week on a musical note, performing all of the songs and music we have spent weeks learning to our friends and family. We all sounded amazing and it was easy to tell how much effort everyone had put into their practising!

We’ve also had our 100% attendance assembly, where lots of us had a certificate for the summer term. Well done! Next week we still have some special assemblies to look forward to that will celebrate efforts, skills and commitment to learning and will be able to share our achievements with friends and family.

Air Resistance

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100 4266

100 4278

This week in Science as part of our Forces topic, we designed an investigation to test the impact of air resistance. This involved making paper planes, throwing them under fair conditions and measuring the distance it flew. From this, we were able to conclude which design was the most streamlined, which type of material was the most effective, and which size was the most affected by air resistance.


Super Heroes

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Year 4 have all become super heroes for their last term! This week they have been creating top trumps cards for their own super hero. They had to decide what name to give their characters, what their power would be and who their enemy would be. The pictures below show some of the children’s ideas. You can also click on the website to see some comics that are already available.




Brass Lessons

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Disney picElvis pic

Excitingly, we have another brass concert coming up in a few weeks time. We are now learning some new tunes to perform at the concert, so keep practising your instruments at home ready to impress our audience.

Click on the pictures to visit each website.

Health Week

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Last week year four had a brilliant start to the half term. We had lots of fun learning about keeping healthy and got to participate in a range of activities. We went to the life caravan to learn about making the right choices in certain situations, we watched a food show all about healthy recipes (and even got to try some too), we got to play rounders as a year group and practise some simple yoga moves and finally we had the opportunity to try lots of exotic fruits (kindly donated by Sainsbury’s in Mere Green) that we made them into tasty yogurts.



Welcome back Year 4!

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We hope you all had a fantastic Easter! What a busy first week back.

During R.E this week we have been looking at music and sounds. We started the unit by listening to music by composers like Vivaldi and Pachelbel so we could discuss our thoughts and feelings about the pieces. Then we went on to understand the importance of words in important hymns and finally, we developed an understanding of the importance of silence in Christian worship.

This term we will be studying solids and liquids in science and rivers in topic.

Don’t forget to keep practising your musical instruments as there will be no lesson next week.

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