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What types of monkeys live in the rainforest?

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We’ve had lots of fun using the laptops to research many different species of monkey. Some of they looked very peculiar, they all have different characteristics. For example,  Emperor Tamarin has a  tail that is 41 cms long, it also has a long, white moustache and lives for about 17years.

Click on the link below to find out more.






Mamma Mia!

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During our brass lessons this term, we are going to be learning to sing and play some songs by Abba.

Mr Orgill has kindly set up a new website for us to use to practise these songs at home.

Click here to visit the Abba website

Remember, you need to be practising your instruments for at least 10mins every night to improve your playing skills.

Happy New Year!

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What a brilliant start to the new term, this week we have all been on a trip to the Botanical Gardens. This trip was an excellent way to start our rainforest topic! During the day we learnt the location of the tropical rainforests, we looked at examples of adaptation (both plants and animals) and we were able to explore some plant products like, cocoa pods and coffee. The whole experience has left us really excited to learn a lot more about the rainforests.

Here are some pictures of the day.



Merry Chrismas!

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Well done to everyone in Year 4. You have all worked really hard this term and made lots of progress! Miss Hodgson, Mrs Alcott and I are very proud of you all. We hope you have a lovely Christmas and get a good rest, ready to start again in January.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas activities this week.

christmas 1

christmas 2

Brass Concert

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Brass Concert

We had the opportunity to show what we have learned through out weekly brass lessons. Thank you to everybody who came along to see the concert, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! We demonstrated the notes that we have learned a variety of tunes. We were then able to entertain you with a range of Christmas songs which we played and sang along to. We're all looking forward to next term when we can learn even more notes and play even more tunes.

Songs to practise for the Christmas Play

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Here are our Christmas play songs. Try to practise these at home.

  1. Most Wonderful time of the year

2. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

3. Busy Christmas Countdown

4. Nestor – The Long Eared Christmas Donkey:

5. Gloria

6. The Wisemen's Song

7. It's time for celebration

Mad Scientists

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Today has been science day! Year 4 have had lots and lots of fun carrying out 4 different investigations.

The first investigation was linked to our electricity (covering our topic of conductors and circuits) We had to find out which materials were good conductors or good insulators of electricity.


Another experiment was investigating the powers of acids and watching the vinegar remove the dirt off all the copper coins.


Finally, we got the change to remove the M from m&ms! Which was very exciting and very unusual.

Christmas Concert

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We are really enjoying our music lessons and we are really improving with our instruments. Children are reminded that you should be practising your instruments for 10mins every evening.

Click here to practice our familiar songs.

We are currently rehearsing for a Christmas music concert where parents and visitors can come along to watch us play our instruments. There is now a second website where you can practice your Christmas tunes.

Click her to practice our Christmas songs.


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Over the past few weeks we have been looking at poetry during our literacy lessons. We started by reading and responding to poems and then writing our own poems, then finally performing poems. To help us think about how to perform a poem effectively we looked at some of the professionals.

Click on the picture!

The website below shows Michael Rosen reading lots of his own poems. We really enjoyed listen to chocolate cake and no breathing in class! He decided he performed the poems extremely well and used lots of gesturers, facial expression and voices.


Michael Rosen

Black History Week

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This week at school was black history week and our focus for the week has been Nelson Mandela. We found out all about his life, his story and why he is such an influential figure in history. Over the week, we used role play to explore his feelings and beliefs as well as designing our own persuasive posters.

Mandela 2

Mandela 1


Bones and Movement

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Over the last few weeks, Year 4 have been taking part in lots of different science investigations. They have been seeing if children the same age have the same sized bones, as well as considering why we have muscles and how they help us move. They have all learnt so much including; which animals have backbones or not, how many muscles we have and how useful are muscles are when we exercise. All of the children have been very enthusiastic about their learning and have even brought in some x-rays and models of bones.


xray pelvis


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This week in Literacy, we had a wonderful opportunity to use the Ipads in the classroom. We used them to access the internet to research our current topic - The Ancient Egyptians. It was a new experience for a lot of us and we really enjoyed ourselves. We're hoping to incorporate the use of the Ipads a lot more into our lessons over the course of the year. They are a fantastic learning resource and an exciting way of extending our use of ICT.

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