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Please Sir, I want some more!

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Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the classic text of Oliver Twist - we might possibly watch the film but we are focusing on the text which is VERY different.

Looking at how Charles Dickens used dialogue to develop his characters is part of our key focus, although we will also look at the historical aspects of the story as it links nicely with our history topic - how cruel were the Victorians? 

The end goal is to write our own little stories based on Oliver, Fagin and Monks' experiences in the story, ensuring we use dialogue to develop the story and our characters.

oliver twist

A heartbreaking story

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Year 5 have really enjoyed reading and completing writing activities based on Cherry's expeirences in Zennor. 

We have role played and freeze framed to explore characters emotions, we have looked at the structure of the story, as well as thinking about speech and how that can add to a readers experience and understanding.

Even though it is a heart breaking story, we recommend that everyone read it.

Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll

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Year 5 have been rocking out the last few weeks during our Music lessons! 
Our Rock education started with listening to Livin' on a Prayer. We then thought about the pulse and tapped, stamped and jumped to it. 
Since then we have listened to We Will Rock You by Queen and Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple, each time comparing it to Livin' on a Prayer and deciding which one we preferred and why.
The next stages will to continue to learn more rock songs and even attempt to create  some rock music of our own 

We  will continue rocking for as long as we can! 

Introduction to Year 5

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It has been a great first week back! 

In Year 5 we have thrown ourselves straight into some great work across the curriculum. In English we have started to look at our class poem 'The Highway Man' and polished and published a piece of descriptive writing. Maths has all been about securing our previous place value knowledge ready to be able to work with numbers up to 1 million! We started our History Topic with lots of questions after a box of artefacts was found whilst the new gazebo was being installed.  :-) 


We all know what is expected from us in Year 5 and are looking forward to the many exciting experiences ahead.


Jobs for Year 6

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Year 5 spent some time this afternoon learning about the roles of House Captains and Peer Mediators. We saw the job descriptions and discussed how important it was to be role models in these jobs.

Applications (a short speech) for House Captain need to be ready for sharing on Monday 24th June. Voting will take place on the same afternoon.

Applications (paper copy) for Peer Mediator Monday 1st July.

Application forms and job descriptions can be collected from 5AG.

Get Sporty!

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We have been getting ready for the summer sporting season in Year 5!

With Area Sports just around the corner we started pracising our athletic skills: sprinting, relay, standing jump and throwing.

To add to the fun we had some time playing rounders.

wk4 1


wk4 2

wk 4 3

Rapid Recall Boards!

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Rapid recall

In Maths today we got to try out the new Rapid Recall whiteboards that the PTA have bought for the school. These are a super resource to help develop arithmetic skills.

The children had a great time!

Tom's Midnight Garden

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As part of our English this week we have been looking at a clsasic text, Tom's Midnight Garden. We have read a short extract from the text.

Using Box It Up, we have imitated the story, innovated it by changing the setting Tom starts in, and then finally today we have started to invent our own next chapter. Discussing what could be happening next was very exciting as the children took the story in a variety of directions (none of which are even close to the actual story). We will find out tomorrow what really happens to Tom.

Classic texts 1classic text 2


Audio Books!

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Please click here to listen to some audio books! They are a great way to listen to a story together. world book day

A great way to start the day!

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There's no better way to start World Book day then spending some time reading! Year 5 had the pleasure of reading a variety of text to Year 1, who were a wonderful audience.

group read 1 groupread 2


We couldn't resist getting a big group photo either! How many of our books characters can you name?

year group

Time To Celebrate!

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To finish off our time in South America we created our own masks. We looked at the history of the Rio carnival, how the costumes were made and how the carnival takes a year to organised.

Understanding the scale of the event helped us to understand the importance of it to the people of Rio, and for the 500,000 people who travel there to experience it.

wk 7 4wk 7 5wk 7 6wk 7 7

 The Rio Carnival starts this weekend so look out for information and clips online!


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Year 5 have dressed up in brightly coloured clothes today to celebrate carnival time for our South American topic. This fits in nicely with the Rio Carnival which starts this weekend.

We have been learning how to Samba! 

wk 7 1

Samba is a Brazilian music style of infectious rhythm. It developed as urban music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

We got out the instruments and created our own carnival parade, we even took it outside (although the weather wasn't as nice as South America).

wk 7 3

As a way of recording our day the children are creating their very own movie trailers, using IMovies. They have been taking their own photos and videos to add to their trailers. We will share our trailers with each other later in the day.

wk 7 2

Keep an eye out for further updates of our carnival activities.

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