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Reading for pleasure

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We are currently reading Night Raider as part of our Fiction Express online reading project! On a Friday a new chapter is released: we read the chapter and then vote for the next instalment!!! This is an excellent resource, which we are also accessing as part of our guided reading independent activities.

A busy week!

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A busy week!

We have been working extremely hard to further develop our mental maths skills and mental calculations. Pupils are encouraged to learn their times tables and corresponding division facts. Equally we have begun to memorise all prime numbers and square numbers up to 100!

Class Assembly 

We would like to thank all parents and visitors who came to watch our class assemblies The Terrible Tudors. We thoroughly enjoyed performing for you all!

Making a Splash!

This week in swimming we have practised and improved our back stroke technique. Please remember to include a swimming hat and goggles as part of your swimming kit. 


Practical science

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Earth,Sun and Moon We have been finding some fantastic facts about the Earth, Sun and Moon ! This week we completed a practical science investigation outside to help us understand (practically) the relative sizes of the Earth,Sun and Moon! We have learnt that if the sun was the size of a beach ball, the Earth would be the size of a pea, the Moon would be the size do a bead! Our world is amazing and we are looking forward to finding out more wonderful,crazy and fascinating facts!

Assembly work

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This week we have written our year 5 assembly and begun to select our parts! We have been set the task to learn our lines, so that we can be ready to rehearse without our script next week! Our topic for this assembly is the Terrible Tudors. The date for our assembly performance is Friday 24th of January 2014. 


Year 5 Swimming

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This week we have begun our year 5 swimming lessons! This was a great start to our new year and we are all looking forward to improving our swimming skills and techniques!

Year 5 Choir

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The Year 5 Choir have been very busy this Christmas performing four songs at two very special events.  Firstly we went to Lichfield Cathedral to perform in front of a huge audience alongside a professional Brass Band, children from other schools and a string orchestra.  It was a very special event and the cathedral looked beautiful with all of the Christmas decorations and tree.  We felt really special and honoured to be there.

Then twelve of the children then kindly gave up their Friday evening to perform at a concert to raise money for Good Hope Hospital.  The audience loved listening to our singing - we were fantastic!  

At both events we sang; 'This is the Time and the Season,'  'We're Walking in the Air,' 'We Wish you a Merry Christmas' and 'The Gift.'

Good Hope      027small

Where's all this glitter come from?

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We are looking forward to our final performance at St Chad's church on Tuesday 17th December at 6pm. We hope to see you all for our Chirtismas celebrations and carols. 

Please remember to wear your angles or star costume. 

Also this week it's Christmas party time! Thursday afternoon we'll be jingling away to a host of songs, games and food. You may bring a party outfit to wear- but you will need to wear your uniform for the morning.

Let's have a super week! We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


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Mulan - Stories from other cultures

Year 5 are currently studying stories from other cultures. We have used our visual literacy and inference skills to make inferences about a range of characters. We have learnt that characters show how they feel through facial expressions and their actions. We have written a rang eof texts in response to Mulan and thought about how we can show what a character is like, rather than 'tel' the reader.

Year 5 update

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Winter Festivities

This week we have practiced our Christmas Carol service! We have learn many Christmas carols and we are looking forward to our rehearsal at St Chad's church on Thursday 12th December. Please note that all costumes for our carol service must be sent into school by Friday 13th.

Many thanks Year 5 staff

Hockey tournament

On Friday 13th December 2013 Year 5 are taking part in a (in house)  Hockey tournament at Bishop Vesey School. Please ensure that all children have warm clothes and suitable shoes to walk to Bishop Vesy school. We are looking forward to using our skills to peroform in a range of matches.

Year 5 Update

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Last week we all thoroughly enjoyed competing in our first house cross country race! We are looking forward to having another go in the Spring term to see if we can improve our personal records. 


We are currently receiving hockey coaching training form Bishop Vesey school. We have learnt how to improve our dribbling and passing skills. This week we began to play some mini games to improve our tactical play. Everyone is looking forward to our tournament in a couple of weeks - we will keep you posted with the results. 


As part of our literacy work we have studied a unit called Castle Attack! We have researched the legend of Robin Hood and thought about what it would have been like to live during this time. We have written a mysterious story opener about a knight travelling to a magical castle.

Feeling Sporty!

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Last week we participated in our first inter-house competition: a Cross Country race! It was excellent fun. All the boys and girls from years 5 and 6 could be seen jogging through the muddy fields accompanied with huge smiles on their faces.  The PE blog will be updated shortly with the KS2 results (following the 3/4 race this week). 

Despite being tired from racing across field the previous day we were well prepared on Friday for our Hockey sessions with the Bishop Vesey teachers. Already it is clear to see we are making super progress. Towards the end of the term we have been promised the chance to compete against each class: 5JM vs 5LR - we have vowed to make sure we are ready for the challenge!

On top of all this physical activity we focused on how sport affects the body during Science Day on Friday. We measured our pulse rates before, during and after excercise and analysed the results. It was interesting stuff!

This week we will be continuing with our usual course of lessons with a sprinkling of Christmas Song practises ready for the concert in a few weeks time. 

cross country


Practical Science Blog

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We are looking forward to our practical science day on Friday. Our topic is Keeping Healthy so we will be thinking about how we can look after our bodies and keep fit!

Please Remember: On Friday we are having hockey sessions at Bishop Vesey School. We are walking across the muddy field so please make sure that you have appropriate footwear.

The Blue Planet: We have made PowerPoints about the Blue Planet and recorded some fantastic facts about the coral Reef. We are learning all about the amazing creatures that dwell in the different oceans!

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