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Thank you for a Fantastic Year!

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Miss Doughty, Mr Davids and Mrs Dixon would like to thank all Year 5 pupils for a fantastic year, filled with lots of fun, and even more hard work!  You have all been a pleasure to teach and have made some really good progress.  Well done, enjoy your holidays!

ps.  Mrs Dixon and Miss Greenwood are really looking forward to reading your holiday homework projects :-)

Health Week

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All of this week has had a health focus. Year 5 have been lucky enough to have a visit from the life caravan and a tennis coach. All of the Literacy, maths and topic work has been linked to healthy eating, bodies and minds. They have designed new fitness equipment and written instructions explaining how to use it.

Additionally, this week Year 5 have enjoyed spending two days in Year 6, meeting their teachers and learning about what it will be like in September!

Cluster Day Fun!

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Year 5 had a fantastic day at Arthur Terry School today.  We were spies for the day and had a variety of activities and challenges to complete.  We had to turn copper coins into gold, hunt for the criminal by investigating fingerprints and ink, crack a secret code and carry out many physical activities.  It was great fun!

Fire! Fire! Fire!

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This week Year 5 were lucky enough to have some special visitors. On Monday afternoon five firemen from Sutton Coldfield Fire Station came into school to talk to us about staying safe. The session was spilt into four different sections. The first was about safety in the car. The men were telling us that the majority of their calls come from people involved in car accidents. We had to identify the hazards to the diver e.g the driver being on the phone. The second session was linked to hazards at home. The next session was linked to making a call to the emergency services and finally, the last workshop was linked to fire alarms and escape around the home. We learnt a lot of new facts and information.


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We were pleased to hear that our butterflies hatched safely out of their chrysalis, unfortuantely this happened over half term therfore we missed seeing it for ourselves.  Mr Horne and his family looked after them for us until they were ready to be realsed outside.

We also welcomed our visitors from Indian this week by singing 'Together' and performing a dance.  We hope they feel very welcome at Whitehouse Common School.

Flight to St Lucia

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Today we went on a very special flight to St Lucia! We were each given a passport and boarding card and directed to our seat by the air hostesses. We then flew first class with British Airways all the way to St Lucia. It took over 5hours and was over 6000km away. During our journey we learnt: where St Lucia was, what sea surrounded St Lucia and what the capital city was.  We now cannot wait to find out much more about the climate, language and tourism.

Year 5 Booster Starting Success!

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Year 5 have had a fantastic start to their booster groups.  All the children have ensured that they have the correct equipment with them at the right time and that they are in the right place promptly.  They all also have a great attitude towards their learning and are all trying hard to make excellent progress over the next half term.  Well done everyone!

Busy Busy Busy!

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This week all of Year 5 have been working extremely hard, we have been doing our end of year test. We go the chance to show off how much we have learnt over the year!.

Our caterpillars have now started to develop into chrysalis! Quite a few of them are now hanging upside down in their pot and starting to create their chrysalis. Fingers crossed they change into butterflies before we break up for half term.

In topic we have had fun sketching images of lillies. We looked carefully at the images so we could observe all of the little details. We worked hard on our shading, noticing which parts of the flower were lightest and darkest.

Investigating Germination

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This week we have carried out an investigation into what seeds need to germinate.  We set up a fair investigation and had different variables to investigate.  We used our results to make conclusions.  We have also been learning about the parts of flowers and pollination.  There is a lot of key vocabulary to be familiar with!  

In addition....our caterpillars are growing quickly!  They have trebled in size and have begun to grow little spikes!  We don't think it will be long until they turn into chrysalises! 

New arrivals!

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This week Year 5 have had some new arrivals in their classroom, some caterpillars! Over the coming weeks we are going to look after them, feed them and watch them grow. We will be able to link our observations with our work on ‘life cycles’ in topic and science lessons. There are ten caterpillars in each classroom and they are about 2cm long at the moment. I wonder how big they will grow before they change into a chrysalis?

Life Cycles & Literacy

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In year 5 we are learning about Life Cycles.  We started our topic this week and Mrs Dixon and Miss Doughty are still waiting for something very exciting to arrive in the post...any guesses what it might be?  We have also been preparing for a class debate on whether The Highwayman should have been killed or not.  What do you think?

School Governors

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Welcome back!

This week has been a very busy start to the summer term. We have all come back ready to work and excited about all of the progress we are going to make.

On Monday some classes in the school got a visit from their link Governor. Even though Year 5 were not able to meet theirs, they still got to learn lots of information about Governors.

They learnt:

  • Who the Governors are
  • How many Governors the school has
  • What roles / areas of responsibilities they have within school
  • How they help our school to be an even better place

The website above shows where the children did all their research.


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