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Year 5 Parents and Children get Inspired!

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Year 5 held their inspire workshop this morning for parents to share ways of supporting maths at home with the children using ICT.  It was a real success with some extremely positive feedback from the parents who attended.  The children thoroughly enjoyed working with their parents and friends on a variety of maths games and problems – some even challenged their parents to beat them!  We had to think hard to complete some investigations (some of our brains hurt a bit at the end of the session!)  Well done to all of the children and the parents for their hard work and enthusiasm.  Don’t forget – you can access all of the websites and information from Moodle.

World Book Day in Year 5

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Yesterday we had a fantastic day during World Book Day.  We all dressed up as our favourite book characters and carried out activities linked to Oliver Twist.  We really enjoyed sharing books with the Year 1 children and taking part in a book swap where we brought in a book we have finished with and swapped it for a new one.  We are also looking forward to taking part in the Readathon as well as entering the 'What the Dickens'competition.



Planetarium Visit

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Year 5 really enjoyed a visit from the Think Tank Planetarium today.  We learned all about the Earth, Sun and Moon along with the Stars by sitting in a large dome and looking at the interactive lights display above.  It felt like we were really flying through space!


What the Dickens!

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Year 5 have had begun a new unit of Literacy looking at the great writer Charles Dickens.  We have used Oliver Twist as a focus and are really looking forward to writing our own stories to enter into a competition.  Click on the link below to look at the website which explains everything to do with the competition and why Charles Dickens is particularly important at the moment!





Science Madness!

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Today is Science Day!  SmileAcross the year group we will be carrying out lots of different fun experiments to develop our investigation skills. The investigation include; exploding bottles of coke, sinking and floating fruit, invisible ink and musical bottles. We will be exploring pitch, chemical reactions and optical illusions.

Click on the picture to have a look at one of our experiments.


D&T Day in Year 5!

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Yesterday Year 5 had a fabulous day researching, designing, making and then decorating biscuits.  We did this to link with our current topic Space.  We really enjoyed making the biscuits and decorated them to a really high standard.  In addition we also designed and made the packaging for our space biscuits to sell to a target audience of children and children parties.  We had great fun! 

Look at what we made!! 

biscuit      biscuit_2

Travelling to Space!

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This week during our Literacy lessons we have started to look at playscripts. So far we have read lots of playscripts and picked out the key features. This unit is linked to our creative curriculum topic which is space. On Tuesday we watched an exciting clip from Apollo 13. We used this clip to generate ideas about what it would be like to enter space and how it would feel, then we role-played the scene.

 Next week we will be starting to look at a range of space clips so we can begin to write our own plan based on a journey to space.




Learning about Life

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In year 5 we have been learning about life and the development of a baby before it is born.  We really enjoyed working with Lynda who brought in some models of tiny babies at different stages of their growth.  The baby at 12 weeks was tiny but perfectly formed.

Tiny 12week baby

KLynda WestMullen




Tudor Assembly

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Year 5 have had an exciting start to the Spring Term, both classes have been busy practising for their class assembly. However all of the hard work has been worth it. 5CD's and 5RD’s assemblies about the Tudors were amazing! It was very hard for the audience to tell that the children had only been practising for the under a week! All the children spoke with brilliant loud voices.




Happy New Year from Year 5!

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We are really looking forward to the year ahead and all of the exciting things that 2012 has to offer us.  In particular the Olymic Games and the Queen's Jubliee Celebrations. 

Year 5 are celebrating the new year with two focus days.  We are looking at New Year Around the World - and we are looking at Switzerland.  We have taken part in four different creative activities such as clay modelling, ICT, making masks and New Year cards. 

We wish everyone a healthy and happy 2012!


Lichfield Cathedral Christmas Concert

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After weeks of dedicated rehearsals, 15 Year 5 children were able to showcase their hardwork by taking part in the Christmas concert at Lichfield Cathedral on Wednesday evening. Our students were part of the Four Oaks Cluster Choir and their performance, which included Star Carol, The Gift and An African Crib Carol, was enjoyed thoroughly by parents, grandparents and members of the local community. The Whitehouse Common staff who attended the performance, were extremely proud of the smart and enthusiastic students who clearly sang their heart out. We endeavoured to match their performance when we had the opportunity to sing along with everyone to some traditional Christmas hymns. A special mention must be stated for Joseph Bardsley who demonstrated a calm and confident manner whilst reading a passage alone in front of the whole congregation. Well done to all the children who took part, it was an enjoyable evening for everyone.


Year 5 and the Christmas Production

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Year 5 have been working really hard on the Christmas production and have thoroughly enjoyed doing it.  The performances that we have done so far have gone really well and we are looking forward to two more next week for the parents.  We have been practising our year group song 'Choice Accomodation' which was a bit tricky to start with because it is quite quick!  We are now looking forward to a really Christmassey end to the term next week!! 



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