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Andrew Mitchell

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On Friday Year 5 have been very excited about a special visitor to school.  We were lucky enough to spend Friday afternoon with Andrew Mitchell, who is the local MP for Sutton Coldfield.  Year 5 had the opportunity for a question and answer session with the MP, finding out about his role in parliament and his interests.



Parent and Grandparent Lunch

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5RD have really enjoyed having their lunch with parents and grandparents today.  They enjoyed eating together in the Oaks hall and then spending some time together on the playground.  5CD are looking forward to doing the same next week.  We love school dinners!


Tamworth Castle

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Year 5 had a very exciting trip to Tamworth Castle this week to develop our understanding of how the Tudors lived. We enjoyed participating in three activities, including role-plays, quill writing and exploring the Castle. We are now looking forward to writing our own recounts in our Literacy lessons.



Black History Week

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Year 5 are looking at the very influential lives of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.  We have used drama, art and ICT to present what we have found out about these two great men.  We have really enjoyed finding out about them and the achievements they made during their lives.

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Book Week

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Last week was World Book Week so we took this opportunity to work with Year 1 children. On Friday afternoon Year 1 read their favourite books to Year 5. Year 5 were very supportive, helping the younger children read difficult words and asking questions about the story they had read. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.


Harry Potter Excitement Hits Year 5

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We have been looking at significant authors over the last few weeks and in particular J.K. Rowling.  This week we are using all of our knoweldge from visual literacy and the reading we have done to write our own Harry Potter stories.  Watch out J.K. Rowling...!

European Day of Languages

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On Monday it was European day of languages so this week Year 5 have been learning a new language. 5CD have been learning simple phrases in Turkish and 5RD have been learning Thai. Later this week both classes will be recreating their counties flag and presenting their flags in assembly.


Year 5 Philosophy

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We have enjoyed learning about philosophy this week.  Philosophy is an Ancient Greek word meaning ‘love of wisdom’ or ‘aiming to be wise.’  We hope to be very wise at the end of the sessions!  We have thought about a special poem and what it could mean:

A wise old owl lived in an oak tree

The more he saw the less he spoke

The less he spoke the more he heard

Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

 What are your thoughts on the poem?



Morris Dancing

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Year 5 are still working really hard. This week we have been able to start our topic work. During P.E Year 5 have really enjoyed starting to learn a traditional morris dance. We have watched two different videos and picked out the key moves involved. We are now working In small groups to put these moves together to form a dance that fits the rhythm and beat of the music.



A fantastic start to Year 5

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We have all had a great start to the year in Year 5.  We are working incredibly hard and are looking forward to the year ahead.  To begin the year we have been looking at symbolism in religions and also within artwork.  We have looked at the Singh Twins artwork and created our own portraits in the same style.  Within our paintings there are symbols that tell you a little about ourselves...see if you can see any.


Our artwork


A portrait of Princess Diana by the Singh Twins

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