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Keeping ourselves safe in Year 5

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We have had a great first week back in Year 5, covering lots of things to do with SMSC and PSHE.

Two of our highlights were a visit from the NSPCC and creating some role plays about keeping safe on social media. We were also given cards from the NSPCC that allow us to go into an o2 store with any smartphones, tablets, etc that we have and they will show us how to make ourselves safe when using the internet on them. We recapped our SMART rules and how to use 'Report' features online, too.

Space Camp Number Two

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5MM has their Space Camp on Thursday 1st December!

Space Camp 6   Space Camp 5
 Space Camp 7  Space Camp 4

Children arrived, excited for the evening ahead! They then split into three teams -Team Peake, Team Aldrin and Team Armstrong. Each team then rotated around three different activities.

Space Camp 18 Space Camp 15
Space Camp 19  

Does the surface of a planet affect the size of the crater produced? Children enjoyed investigating this using flour, rice and sugar.

Space Camp 13 Space Camp 14

The second activity was art based. Children enjoyed creating their own nebulae pictures using pastels and chalks.

Space Camp 16 Space Camp 12

The third activity was with with an astronomer from Warwick University. Unfortunately these was lots of cloud cover so, instead of using our telescope to look at the stars, we created the solar system to scale.

Space Camp 21

Space Camp 23

Finally we all got an iPad and went outside stargazing using the Star Walk app.

Space Camp 1

Space Camp 22

We then all came back inside and warmed up with hot chocolate while watching Space Chimps.

Space Camp 23

The best part of the evening was seeing that Tim Peake himself had liked on of our tweets!

Space Camp

Space Camp

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The very first Space Camp was a resounding success! 5SG all had an absolutely amazing night stargazing and learning about space.

Space Camp 10.11 3 Space Camp 10.11 2
Space Camp 10.11 4 Space Camp 10.11 1

Children arrived back at school, after going home at the end of the school day, and upacked their things into their own Space tents.

Space Camp 10.11 5 Space Camp 10.11 6

They were then put into two groups, Team Peake and Team Armstrong.

Space Camp 10.11 8

One team began the night with a Science investigation. Does the surface of a planet affect the size of the crater produced?

Space Camp 10.11 14 Space Camp 10.11 17
Space Camp 10.11 15 Space Camp 10.11 12
Space Camp 10.11 16 Space Camp 10.11 11

While the other team created their own nebulae pictures. The two teams then swapped over activities.

Space Camp 10.11 9 Space Camp 10.11 10
Space Camp 10.11 13 Space Camp 10.11 18
Space Camp 10.11 20 Space Camp 10.11 19

We then got ready to go outside with Astronomer Greg Brown from the Warwick University Outreach Team for some star gazing. Greg talked to everyone about the different stars in the sky and we learnt all about the solar system. The children were able to look through school’s very own telescope at the night sky as well as using a specail app on our iPads.

Space Camp 10.11 21 Space Camp 10.11 22
Space Camp 10.11 23 Space Camp 10.11 24
Space Camp 10.11 25 Space Camp 10.11 27
Space Camp 10.11 25 Space Camp 10.11 28

We warmed up back inside with some hot chocolate and settled down to watch Space Chimps.

Space Camp 10.11 30 Space Camp 10.11 29

The children slept well after the film and enjoyed a filling breakfast in the morning.

Space Camp 10.11 31

Everyone had an absolutely amazing evening. A huge thank you to everyone involved in organising. 5MM –your turn soon!

Order! Order!

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This week we have launched in to our Crime and Punishment topic.

We were all horrified to hear from Mr Horne that the large, priceless trophy had been stolen! Clues had been left for us to investigate.

Police tape 4 2

We returned to class and learned about what happens when a crime is comitted. We explored a courtroom and role played what would happen if this case went to court.


for website

Hearing the evidence before making a judgement!

Mad Science Assembly

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Today Key Stage Two were lucky enough to have an exciting Mad Science assembly with Atomic Abbie. She showed us how science and magic are very closely linked by performing some amazing experiments. One of the experiments made it seem like a cup of water had disappeared. Our favourite was when Atomic Abbie used a leaf blower and toilet paper to make someone into a mummy!

There will be a Mad Science Club for Year 3 starting next Monday.

5MM song to practise

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Constellation Spotters

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This week in science we learned about constellations. We discovered that constellations are patterns of stars in the sky. Many constellations have names and stories that go with them.

Clcik on the image below to find out more about constellations.


After finding out about the many shapes the constellations make, we created our own constellation telescope. These were the instrctions we followed:

1. Cut out a small circle from the black card a size that will fit on the end of the cardboard tube

2. Mark on a constellation onto the black card with a pencil.

3. Pierce each star with a pencil with bluetac underneath.

4. Stick the black card on the end of the cardboard tube and look through.


We evaluated our finished product afterwards - perhaps try to make one at home, using what you learned from your first attempt.


website 1


website 2


website 3

Brilliant Brummies!

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To kick off our Topic this term, we had a day out to Birmingham. However, this was no ordinary trip...we were on an open top bus! We had a guided tour with the Big Brum Buz and went sightseeing all around the city centre - it was pretty fun and we learnt lots about brilliant Birmingham's history, landmarks, buildings, people and canals!

big brum bus edit

Afterwards, we went to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for a look at how Birmingham has developed through history from as far back as the War to the present day.

Welcome to Year Five

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We have had a fantastic start to Year Five so far. Well done to everyone for having such wonderful, positive attitudes to school. Miss Greenwood, Mrs. Mytton and Mrs. Rowney are extremely pleased to see all of their children in smart uniforms and entering their classrooms with a smile on their faces. It has been lovely to hear all about what everyone has enjoyed doing over the summer holidays.

This week we have been focussing on the Paralympics and thinking about the challenges that these athletes have overcome. We have also had lots of fun creating some fantastic art work.

We are looking forward to having a brilliant year together!

welcome back to school 2g0kcn7

Year 5's Health Week Fun!

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Our focus in Year 5 for Health Week was 'Exercise and Health'. We had a fantastic and fun-filled week taking part in lots of different activities, including a skipping challenge, creating and testing out our own 10 minute workout, and designing a new piece of fitness equipment. We were also very lucky to have Mr Williams from Bishop Vesey's PE department come and speak to use about how food and exercise are linked.

Through our Maths lessons, we were exploring and comparing the nutritional values of different foods. We looked at healthy alternatives and analysed the different costs from different supermarkets. 

In Literacy we took on the role of the lead character in 'Run Fat Boy Run' and wrote a diary entry as he was training for the marathon. 

Take a look at our 'Wow Book' page that shows a snippet of what we got up to!

Wow page

Sir David Attenborough

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To commemorate the 90th Birthday of Sir David Attenborough, we have been learning all about him and his fantastic work. We have watched some of his documentary clips and wrote an autobiography in role, as well as learned about all the ways he has been celebrated. 




Sir David Attenborough small

Making bread!

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As part of our current DT project, linked to The World's Kitchen, we have been analysing, designing and making our own bread! We had a few ingredients to choose from for our first round of batches and got quite creative! The trickiest part was making sure we followed the method accurately and used the correct kneading techniques. We have learnt a few things we can improve on for our final product though, which is what it's all about!

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