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Welcome to Year 5!

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What a fantastic start to the new year! Year 5 have experienced a very busy theme week, which has ensured a wide variety of learning opportunities. We have created mood boards and considered a range of sculptures and statues which are displayed in Birmingham city centre. We thought about why these piece of art work are displayed publically and what place they have in our city.

In science we investigated a range of forces that can act on an object. We thoroughly enjoyed working in small teams to complete a balloon race and ensured that everyone had a job and specific role. This was great experience and we were able to consider a wide variety of forces!

Dance has proved extremely energetic; our topic space had enabled us to explore a wide variety of themes, shapes and motifs! We have thought about how to create an alien dance using street and expressive dance. We learnt how to perform contractions and expansions to add a variety of levels to our dance moves.

We are looking forward to next week and building on the positive start to the term!

Cluster Day!

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Year Five enjoyed a fantastic day out at Arthur Terry Secondary School for Cluster Day.

Cluster Day is when lots of primary schools team up to celebrate being part of the wider community. It gives us the opportunity to develop friendships, old and new, working collaboratively to have fun and enjoyable experiences.


Arthur Terry Entrance

The theme this year was 'We Will Rock You'. The children were split into several groups and taught by teachers and older students from Arthur Terry. Some of us learned songs, others learned dance routines. We performed these later on the huge stage in the performing arts centre. 

We also enjoyed some super science sessions where we made our own glow stick solution and balloon rockets.


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Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic trip last week, visiting Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire.

One of the most famous sites in the world, Stonehenge is the remains of a ring of standing stones set within earthworks. It is in the middle of the most dense complex of Neolithic and Age monuments in England, including several hundred burial mounds.

We were able to visit the stones and ask questions that were answered by the experts that look after this magnificent world heritage site. Activities were arranged by the attached museum; we were able to build a wall using 'dorbing' techniques (made out of chalk and water); we also learned how our ancient ancestors were able make their own rope from reeds and grass!  On top of all this, we were able to learn from around a camp fire inside a Neolithic house, how the ancients used natural resources for everyday uses. It was super fun!




Although the coach trip was rather long we think that it was definitely worth the extra effort to get there.


Cricket Competition

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Year Five have thoroughly enjoyed their cricket sessions with Bishop Vesey's Grammar School. We have developed our bowling, batting and fielding techniques. This week we will be having an inter-house competition to try out all the skills we have learned. 


Stay tuned for photographs and results of the winner.

Test Week

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Alongside Year Six's SATs tests, Year Five are completing tests of our very own to show off all the hard work we have been putting in this year. The school has never been quieter! 

Theatre Visit

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Year 5 were very fortunate to receive a visit from a theatre group week which taught us all about social groups and rights.

We became members of the 'Circle Group' in a fictional land called Broddington. All our hands were stamped with a circle to signify our belonging.

Our group was being pressured from outsiders and we looked at the complexities of how to respond to negative media and community pressures. In the end we made good choices to overcome our difficulties. 

Police Badges

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In Year Five we have enjoyed developing our sewing skills to produce a police badge of our very own. We first needed to design the badge and decide upon the best stiching choices to use and colours of fabric and thread . We then made them and evaluated how successful we were. It was difficult to keep our badges in line with our designs but we perservered. 

Everyone was able to thread their own needle (Wahoo!), saving the teachers much frustration. 

Solar Eclipse

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Today we got to witness a solar eclipse from earth. This is when the moon passes between the Sunand Earth. At 9:30am this morning all of the school gathered on the field to watch this special sight. (We had to wear special glasses to protect our eyes) Its seemed very eerie because it went very dark and quiet.

After we had watched it, we did a selection of activities, linked to space, in our phases. These included; making a news report about the event; writing an explanation about what was happening and producing art work using pastals and chalk.

The next partial full solar eclipse will happen in 2026.

Crime and Punishment

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Year 5 have been investigating a serious crime this week! A trophy from the cabinet in the entrance hall has gone missing! The children had to think about how to analyse the crime scene, as well as writing a short list of questions that could be asked to one of the witnesses around school. Some children wrote questions for Mrs Murray, Some children wrote questions for the teachers and some children wrote them for other children. Once the list of questions had been complied children had to look at a finger print under the microscope.





Mayan Masks

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To end our Mayan topic, this week Year 5 have been designing, making and decorating Mayan masks. At first we looked at and evaluated lots of examples of Mayan masks. They were all linked to nature and painted in natural colours like browns, yellows, red and oranges.  Then we make our own out of clay. We learnt how to join two pieces together using cross hatching. After they had dried we painted them using only three colours.  Here are the pictures of our masks. 

Photo 04 03 2015 10 29 57

Photo 04 03 2015 10 30 09


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This week Mr Melville and I have been very impressed with all of the homework based on Mexico. There has been such a selection of activities including, information booklets, menus, food tasting and poncho making. Here are some pictures and examples.


blog 1

blog 2


Lemon Power!

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We used three simple steps to make a circuit using lemons.

  1. We placed the strips of metal (aluminium, copper, brass and zinc) into the lemons
  2. Then we attached the wires to each strip of metal
  3. Next  the we attached the wires onto the clock

The citric acid in the lemon reacts with the metals to create a chemical reaction. (It acts like a battery) This then releases the electrons that travel through the writes to the clock.

Have a look at the steps bellow.

It was lots of fun but very difficult to get to work. You can also use a potato. 

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