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Feeling Inspired

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Last week we had lots of fun pretending to be police inspectors and collecting evidence regarding a peculiar incident with frogs and lily pads! We had to interview witnesses to see if their claims were true.  Whereas this week, we will be picking apart and writing our own newspaper articles.  On Tuesday we were lucky enough to work with parents, grandparents and friends in the Year 5 workshop. It was a Literacy based theme and linked to our work on newspapers. Mr Melville and I can’t wait to read your final newspapers next week!

Look at the recent news on the website below.


Ancient Mayan Civilisation

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Mayan Civilisation

We have already been learning about Mexico and last week we designed persuasive posters to convince people to visit. We explained about foods, traditions and key places to visit.

This week we are building on our knowledge of Mexico by beginning to learn about the Ancient Mayan Civilisation. Today we researched about the class system and later this week we will be writing a diary extract as if we were a priest, warrior or farmer. Life was very different depending on how much money you had and what your occupation was. Would you rather be a nobleman or a peasant?



A fun filled week

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For the whole of this term Year 5 will get to go swimming. Last week was their first week and they all had so much fun. They all got to develop their strokes like front crawl and backstroke as well as learning new skills like sculling feet first and head first. They cannot wait to have this week’s lesson!




This week, in Literacy, the children have started to prepare a debate and persuasive piece of writing. They would like to convince the judge to re-open the case of the Highway Man because he was wrongly murdered by King George’s Men and there has been a terrible injustice. Let’s see if their letters will be persuasive enough to clear the Highway Man’s name forever. 


judges hammer

A light bulb moment!!

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We’ve now started our new topic in science, this half term it is electricity. We have had lots of fun making a range of circuits for example, ones that include two blubs, two batteries, buzzers and switches. We’ve also begun to explore the differences between parallel circuits and simple circuits; looking at how to turn one blub off whilst leaving the other one on. We’re all so excited about the investigations we will be planning and carrying out during this topic. 


Can you remember what each symbol represents?



Welcome Back!

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Welcome Back!

We hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and that you are ready to work really hard in the spring term. This week has been so exciting; we have begun to read The Highway Man by Alfred Noyes. We have already written descriptions of the characters and will be re-enacting parts of the poem as well as analysing the language used and explaining the impact on the reader.

Also this term we will be investigating electricity in science, looking at The Mayans in topic and continuing to visit Birmingham Metropolitan College for P.E.



Netball Skills

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This Half Term, Year Five have been enjoying some excellent PE provision offered from Birmingham Metropolitan College to increase their netball skills. 



Each Monday we have put our wellies on and marched ourselves across the Bishop Vesey Fields and up to the college (this is a workout on its own!). We have then benefitted from using the expertise of numerous college sports leaders to increase our passing accuracy, shooting skills and team play .


At the end of the unit we are having an inter-house tournament. The points of which will go towards the sport's day result. As well as this we have been benefitting from the expertise of the Bishop Vesey teachers and coaches each Friday, where we have been developing our hockey skills. 


Keep Calm - It's not Christmas yet!

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The past few weeks have been as eventful as ever. Within Literacy we have been analysing the features and language of stories from other cultures. We wrote our own epic adventure last Friday. During maths we have continued to build upon our skills for shape, space and measures.

We have got stuck right into our new ICT topic where we are using 3D designing software to create our own schools. We can access the software at home to keep practising our skills. Follow this link to download it:  Sketch Up

Practice is well underway for our carol concert at St. Chad Church on the 16th December. Be prepared to be amazed by our choral angelic voices that will truly start your Christmas holidays in style. 



We are Bloggers!

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Last half term we had great fun in our computing sessions learning how to create our very own blogs. We were able to create titles, add text and pictures, and even embed a video.

After this we read each other's blogs and commented in the feedback boxes. We have really enjoyed the topic and are continuing to populate our blog pages with weekly topics such as book reviews, weekend news and what we're getting up to in school.

Why not take a look. Click on the pictures below to access each Year Five Class blog. 

5JM:                                                                                                             5CC:

kidblog-illustration-300x139       kidblog-illustration-300x139


We are continuing to build our blogs at home and in school. It is a skill we have developed that we can continue to use throughout life.

Over here and over there

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For the past few weeks, Year Five have been learning Birmingham as part of a local area study. We have looked into the famous buildings that Birmingham has, including the changes made to the city over the last century. Birmingham has many influential people that have left a big impression on the world whom we have researched and presented information on. Within Art, we have sketched the Birmingham City skyline.

birmingham-uk2 790206c

We have now moved into learning all about South America, specifically focusing upon Brazil. Currently we have been distinguishing between physical and political maps for the area and we will soon produce tourist board brochures for the Brazilian Government.

Brazil 120-animated-flag-gifs

Rugby Treat

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Year Five had a bit of a treat today, with a visit from Mr Davies from Bishop Vesey's Grammar School. Bishop Vesey's are now always in on a Friday working with a different year group for a term to develop sports skills. Year Six have been enjoying some specialist rugby training. But as they're away, we pinched their session!

We had great fun learning how to pass and receive the ball properly. We played interception games and finished off with a good session of Tag Rugby. We developed many skills (especially how to form up properly as a team) and are looking forward to further rugby sessions in the future.  


Year 5 Rugby


Sponsored Events Next

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Next week Year Five will be taking part in school-wide sponsored events to raise money for the school to purchase more Literacy materials. In Year Five, we will be holding a sporting/fitness afternoon on Friday 26th September. We are going to challenge ourselves to see how many football and basketball goals we can score in 5 mins. We will seehow many jumps we can manage in 5 minutes using a skipping rope and to finish off how many Aerobic excercies we can perform (burpees, star jumps, push ups, squat jumps, etc...) - again all in 5 minutes. 

The children have all taken home sponsorship forms. We look forward to seeing how we get on next week. Stay tuned to the Year 5 blog to find out. 

Second week in - back to business

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We've got stuck back into to all of our subjects this week - ready to make super progress this year. In maths we have been consolidating and extending our knowledge of place value, addition and subtraction. Literacy lessons, we've been planning and writing an alternative sequel to the Harry Potter novel. Whilst in Science we are exploring the Earth, Sun and Moon.

This Friday we will be performing our expressive dances that wecreated whilst in Year 4, all about the Rainforest. If you're coming to watch see if you can see what the movements and actions we have designed represent. 

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