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Steaming back into the Autumn Term

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Welcome back to Whitehouse Common. We hope you have had a fantastic Summer holiday and that you are looking forward to your time in Year 5.

This week we have been easing bank into the swing of things within our Art themed week. We have studied pictures of a local artist called Philip D. Hawkins who is famous for his painting and photogtaphs of railway scenes and trains. 

So far we have been gathering lots of research, preparing interview questions and writing a biography of his life. We have used this information to design and create 'mood boards' that illustrate the artists work and provide information to others.


Health Week & Sports Day

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This week we have thoroughly enjoyed a range of keeping healthy activities!

Food Roadshow

On Monday we learnt all about how to create healthy meals using basic foods and thought about what foods we enjoy! We have considered how we can make some of these snacks and meals at home with our families!

Cardio Tennis

On Tuesday we attended Cardio Tennis class. The coaches gave us lots of opportunities to try different techniques to improve our tennis skills. We played many games, but fortunately didn’t lose many balls!

Smoothie Anyone?

As part of thinking about our healthy eating, we have taken part in a cookery afternoon. We have made our own smoothies and enjoyed tasting them together! We thought about how we could advertise our product and what key persuasive points we could use to entice the viewer!

On Thursday we visited  the Life Education Caravan – we have thought about making healthy choices and how we can make the right choice for use and not follow the crowd. Being healthy isn’t just about exercise and healthy eating; it is really important that we have healthy minds.

Sports Day

Last week we enjoyed a splendid sports day; beautiful weather and a real team spirit shown by all of the children! We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and loved taking part in our house team events.

Dissolving and more dissolving

This term we have been learning all about dissolving and how different substances react differently in different liquids. We have also thought about the rate at which materials dissolve and how different factors can affect this.  At home, speak to an adult when they are next cooking and see if you can explain some of the scientific processes.

Art Skills

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Shading is a really improtant skill to use in art as it  helps make our work look 3-D. We have produced some still life pictures of fruit and flowers and used shading effects to bring our pictures to life! We have thought carefully about where light hits the objects and how we can show this using shading effects and cross hatching in our work. 

ICT skills

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Over the last couple of weeks we have created our own Powerpoint presentations for our topic life cycles; we have learnt many tricks using our ICT skills to improve our presenatiuons and make them visually inviting for the reader. This week we have learn how to change the background picture on each slide and improve our use of animations. After half term we will be sharing our ICT work in class and evaluating our finished products. 

The Giant's Necklace

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Michael Morpurgo is a significant children's author, and so there was no doubt in our minds that The Giant's Necklace would prove to be an entertaining read. As part of our writing project we are studying a variety of genres - from police reports, non-chronological reports, diaries, narrative accounts  - all in response to this short story! This week we are producing a newspaper report based on the events so far; for this writing activity we will be drawing on our skills used at the Inspire workshop!

We'll look forward to sharing these reports with you in a couple of weeks!

Chance to Shine

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We are very much looking forward to sharing our talents with the school in our Chance To shine assesmbly on Friday 16th 2014. So far this term we have been utterly impressed by the standard, creativity and talent shown in other year groups and have loved seeing other children, including our sibilings, perform too! Make sure that you look out for our talents this week - I bet you didn't know the wide variety of hobbies and activities that we like to take part in!

Pupils must ensure that they have brought back their reply slip to perform at this event.

Athletics and ICT

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This week we have been using ICT to help improve our P.E skills! We have taken photographs and video footage to help improve our throwing skills; using this technology helped us to identify what areas we need to develop to improve our throwing. 

Next week we will continue to improve our running skills and will use the video technology to help us improve our starting position. 

Writing project

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In our literacy work this term we are looking at a range of stories which are set in Cornwall. We have researched Cornwall using the internet and found many interesting facts. There are a variety of different beaches in Cornwall, many of which offer a variety of watersports activities! We have thought about the landscape and how it differs from Birmingham. 

Summer term

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We have just begun studying life cycles. This week we have thought about the life cycles of different plants and which plants flower and which plants produce fruits. At home have a look in your fruit bowls and think about how you can use your knowledge from our class science lessons, and apply this tour their fruits and their life cycles. 


Blowing our trumpets (and trombone and tuba!)

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On Sunday evening some Year 5s took part in the Birmingham Schools Ensemble Gala Concerts at the Adrian Boult Hall in Birmingham. Having started learning their instruments in Year 4, they have continued with lessons and are members of the North Birmingham Area Brass Ensemble.

They played Now the Day is Over, then the Police hit, Every Breath You Take before finishing with Yellow Bird.

They played confidently and represented Whitehouse Common brilliantly.

Well done!

On Thursday it will be the turn of the choir...

resized band

Week beginning 23rd March

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Wow! How did we fit it all in last week?

We came back from the weekend, fully refreshed after our exhausting one mile run on the Friday for the weekend, ready for another action packed week at WHCPS.

Last week we worked hard on our Literacy skills by writing our own version of a Victorian story with elements in the style of the great author, Charles Dickens. We really enjoyed this story writing; being able to develop our skills and ensure we use a range of vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation.

Also this week we have been adding further articles to our class blogs. We can now insert hyperlinks to other websites, add pictures, comment on each other’s’ blogs and even embed videos! It’s very technical stuff but we’ve aced it.

Wednesday saw a visit from the Acorn’s Children’s Hospice who brought in Lola the dog (we’re not sure what breed it was but it was fluffy!). We listened about children who are poorly in their hospice and what the charity does to help them. We were given the challenge to design a super dog outfit/costume – the winner will get to be on stage at a special dog show and receive a prize.

The end of the week brought further learning by creating storyboards to go alongside our reading of Great Expectations.

Who knows what we’ll get up to this week? (The teacher’s hopefully)  

Sports Relief

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Please ensure that you have your P.E kit in school including your trainers for our Sports Relief event on Friday 21st March 2014.

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