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Year 5 Update

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Last week we all thoroughly enjoyed competing in our first house cross country race! We are looking forward to having another go in the Spring term to see if we can improve our personal records. 


We are currently receiving hockey coaching training form Bishop Vesey school. We have learnt how to improve our dribbling and passing skills. This week we began to play some mini games to improve our tactical play. Everyone is looking forward to our tournament in a couple of weeks - we will keep you posted with the results. 


As part of our literacy work we have studied a unit called Castle Attack! We have researched the legend of Robin Hood and thought about what it would have been like to live during this time. We have written a mysterious story opener about a knight travelling to a magical castle.

Feeling Sporty!

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Last week we participated in our first inter-house competition: a Cross Country race! It was excellent fun. All the boys and girls from years 5 and 6 could be seen jogging through the muddy fields accompanied with huge smiles on their faces.  The PE blog will be updated shortly with the KS2 results (following the 3/4 race this week). 

Despite being tired from racing across field the previous day we were well prepared on Friday for our Hockey sessions with the Bishop Vesey teachers. Already it is clear to see we are making super progress. Towards the end of the term we have been promised the chance to compete against each class: 5JM vs 5LR - we have vowed to make sure we are ready for the challenge!

On top of all this physical activity we focused on how sport affects the body during Science Day on Friday. We measured our pulse rates before, during and after excercise and analysed the results. It was interesting stuff!

This week we will be continuing with our usual course of lessons with a sprinkling of Christmas Song practises ready for the concert in a few weeks time. 

cross country


Practical Science Blog

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We are looking forward to our practical science day on Friday. Our topic is Keeping Healthy so we will be thinking about how we can look after our bodies and keep fit!

Please Remember: On Friday we are having hockey sessions at Bishop Vesey School. We are walking across the muddy field so please make sure that you have appropriate footwear.

The Blue Planet: We have made PowerPoints about the Blue Planet and recorded some fantastic facts about the coral Reef. We are learning all about the amazing creatures that dwell in the different oceans!

Class Governor Visit

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Today we met our class governors! We had lots of questions for our governors and it was interesting to find out about their role in school. We are all really looking forward to working together this year and we spoke about some of our ideas that we have put forward to school council!

Our governors worked with us in guided reading and some groups worked looked at newspaper writing! We read the text together and answered some tricking comprehension questions to improve our inference skills.

In out literacy lesson, we looked at spelling strategies for adding the plural ‘es’ to hissing and bussing words! We also read some more myths and legends and thought about the purpose of myths and how the stories were told and retold over time. 

Myths and Legends 4th November

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Myths and legends Nov 4th

This week we have begun to study myths and legends in out literacy work. We thought about the purpose of myths and why they were told; we learnt that myths were used to explain why the world was like it was, as during this time people didn’t have science or technology to prove things. Often myths would also have a moral – a lesson that we can learn from.

This week we have studied the myth, Pandora’s Box. We were given a present by our teachers but told not to open it – the temptation was unbelievable! We decided we couldn’t stand it any longer, and we all begged to open the boxes! Our teachers said that if we really wanted to we could, but they wouldn’t be responsible for what was inside!

Each box contained a set of words, most of the boxes had negative words inside associated with sorrow. One of the boxes had positive words: the word hope was written inside. the myth taught us many things: to listen to advice, not to disobey, to resist temptation. We also learnt some SMSC skills as we had a vote on our tables and decided if we should open the boxes – this taught us how to deal with conflict and talk about solutions with others. 



Fantastic Fractions

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This week we have been completed our work on fractions. We have thought about how we can change a mixed number to an improper fraction, and how we can order fractions easily if we convert them so that they all have the same denominator! We used this as a real life context and thought about how fractions are used in everyday skills: fractions of time, fractions of amounts relating to food (pizza, chocolate, cake, yum!) fractions of money.


maths fractions l

Week 4 - Settling In

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We're settling in nicely! Can you believe it's week 4 already?

In Year 5 we have been looking closely at the work of the amazing Michael Morpurgo. In particular we have been studying his style of writing and copying the techniques he uses so that we can improve our own writing further. 

We have enjoyed reading a range of his books, including: Cool!, Kensuke's Kingdom, Alone on a Wide Wide Sea and My Friend Walter. 



Mr Melville had a great time in Howtown on 'holiday' with the Year 6 children. Parents of Year 5 children should be reminded that there is a meeting all about the plans for next year's visit tomorrow (Tuesday 24th September) morning.

Don't forgot this Wednesday is the calendar photo shoot where we will be dressed in the theme of Bonfire night - bring some props. 

Thank you for a Fantastic Year!

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Miss Doughty, Mr Davids and Mrs Dixon would like to thank all Year 5 pupils for a fantastic year, filled with lots of fun, and even more hard work!  You have all been a pleasure to teach and have made some really good progress.  Well done, enjoy your holidays!

ps.  Mrs Dixon and Miss Greenwood are really looking forward to reading your holiday homework projects :-)

Health Week

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All of this week has had a health focus. Year 5 have been lucky enough to have a visit from the life caravan and a tennis coach. All of the Literacy, maths and topic work has been linked to healthy eating, bodies and minds. They have designed new fitness equipment and written instructions explaining how to use it.

Additionally, this week Year 5 have enjoyed spending two days in Year 6, meeting their teachers and learning about what it will be like in September!

Cluster Day Fun!

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Year 5 had a fantastic day at Arthur Terry School today.  We were spies for the day and had a variety of activities and challenges to complete.  We had to turn copper coins into gold, hunt for the criminal by investigating fingerprints and ink, crack a secret code and carry out many physical activities.  It was great fun!

Fire! Fire! Fire!

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This week Year 5 were lucky enough to have some special visitors. On Monday afternoon five firemen from Sutton Coldfield Fire Station came into school to talk to us about staying safe. The session was spilt into four different sections. The first was about safety in the car. The men were telling us that the majority of their calls come from people involved in car accidents. We had to identify the hazards to the diver e.g the driver being on the phone. The second session was linked to hazards at home. The next session was linked to making a call to the emergency services and finally, the last workshop was linked to fire alarms and escape around the home. We learnt a lot of new facts and information.


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We were pleased to hear that our butterflies hatched safely out of their chrysalis, unfortuantely this happened over half term therfore we missed seeing it for ourselves.  Mr Horne and his family looked after them for us until they were ready to be realsed outside.

We also welcomed our visitors from Indian this week by singing 'Together' and performing a dance.  We hope they feel very welcome at Whitehouse Common School.

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