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Year 6 Excellence Board 13.11.2020

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Well done to Amy and Anough. Some superb factfile work on The River Severn and Katherine Johnson!


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IMG 4729

Year 6 Excellence Board 6.11.2020

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Well done to Joshua (6AB) for wonderful use of text mapping and vocabulary. A huge well done to Jack Gledhill (6MW) for his work on long division. A super effort from both boys.


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Black History- Katherine Dunham

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As part of our Black History learning, we have concentrated on the success of Katherine Dunham.

blog k dunham

Katherine Dunham revolutionized American dance in the 1930's by going to the roots of black dance and rituals transforming them into significant artistic choreography that speaks to all. She was a pioneer in the use of folk and ethnic choreography and one of the founders of the anthropological dance movement. She showed the world that African American heritage is beautiful. She completed groundbreaking work on Caribbean and Brazilian dance anthropology as a new academic discipline. She is credited for bringing these Caribbean and African influences to a European-dominated dance world.


As a year group we performed dance routines in the 'Hiplet' style- an amalgamation of hip-hop and ballet. The class members created a dance sequence and which we learnt together- thanks go to Daisy and Skye for this! We performed the choreography, incorporating a variety of dance skills. Well done to all!

Villa Vision Eye Health Initiative - Year 6

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AVFC Crest c638df40 05ed 4886 a9fd 2cc1b9bc5e23Please see the following information regarding the "Villa Vision Eye Health Initiative". 

Parent Letter

Parent Flyer


Year 6 Excellence Board 23.10.20

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Well done to William and Sara-Louise for their wonderful alternative ending to The Giant's Necklace. Super use of passive voice, embedded clauses and commas for clarity.

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Excellence Board 15.10.2020

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Well done to Harry and Travis, who are 6MW and 6AB's Excellence Board. Some super writing and wonderful Maths completed this week.


6mw 15.10

6AB 15.10

Year 6 Excellence Board

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This weeks Excellence Board is: Poppy and Ryan (6AB) and Natalie (6MW). Well done!


IMG 4582 useIMG 4581 use



Online Safety

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Year 6 looked into Friendships and Online Safety today, as part of their PSHE lessons. Some wonderful, mature discussions were had and the classes enjoyed working through the case study of Jaz, a young lady who was having a tricky time with her schools friends.

156787 notepad

Great work Year 6!

Super Start to Year 6

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Super start for all of Year 6 this week. All pupils have been thoughtful, alert and given 100% in their lessons.

We started our Big Read sessions with new texts: 'Skellig' and 'Big Black Book of Secrets'. We also enjoyed starting our class reader, 'Darkside'. In maths, we have worked on place value and our number bonds.


Well done to both classes, Mrs Cleaver, Mr Worth, Mrs Allen, Mrs Nagle and I have loved having you back and look forward to a successful 2020-2021.


Commemorating the Year 6 journey

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All four Year 6 bubbles took part in a special tree-planting ceremony this morning. This was done to celebrate the resilience and fortitude of our fantastic children in the face of adversity in recent months. What a different final year at primary school this turned out to be !

It was wonderful to come together outside to celebrate all that these children have achieved. What a wonderful legacy this tree is for, current and future, pupils to play under. 

We look forward to more celebrations over the coming days!

With special thanks to the Roberts family for donating the tree and accompanying plaque. 

kai tree


Darcey tree





Laura tree


Charlie tree


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For Guided Reading this week, Year 6 have been reading 'Cogheart' by Peter Bunzl.


They have analysed the vocabulary used in the text and then answered questions from the sentences stems as exam preparation.

Our sentence stems include:

  1. Looking back and finding easy answers
  2. Read and think more deeply like a detective
  3. Connect important words and phrases to build ideas
  4. Know what is in the writer's toolkit
  5. Notice the author's use of language and explain how it makes the reader think.

Well done Year 6!


Allies V Axis

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In history today, we located The Allies and The Axis powers from World War II. We used atlases and iPads to support our learning. We looked into where countries were located within the continents, and how this affected the progression of Germany.


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