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Super Start to Year 6

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Super start for all of Year 6 this week. All pupils have been thoughtful, alert and given 100% in their lessons.

We started our Big Read sessions with new texts: 'Skellig' and 'Big Black Book of Secrets'. We also enjoyed starting our class reader, 'Darkside'. In maths, we have worked on place value and our number bonds.


Well done to both classes, Mrs Cleaver, Mr Worth, Mrs Allen, Mrs Nagle and I have loved having you back and look forward to a successful 2020-2021.


Commemorating the Year 6 journey

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All four Year 6 bubbles took part in a special tree-planting ceremony this morning. This was done to celebrate the resilience and fortitude of our fantastic children in the face of adversity in recent months. What a different final year at primary school this turned out to be !

It was wonderful to come together outside to celebrate all that these children have achieved. What a wonderful legacy this tree is for, current and future, pupils to play under. 

We look forward to more celebrations over the coming days!

With special thanks to the Roberts family for donating the tree and accompanying plaque. 

kai tree


Darcey tree





Laura tree


Charlie tree


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For Guided Reading this week, Year 6 have been reading 'Cogheart' by Peter Bunzl.


They have analysed the vocabulary used in the text and then answered questions from the sentences stems as exam preparation.

Our sentence stems include:

  1. Looking back and finding easy answers
  2. Read and think more deeply like a detective
  3. Connect important words and phrases to build ideas
  4. Know what is in the writer's toolkit
  5. Notice the author's use of language and explain how it makes the reader think.

Well done Year 6!


Allies V Axis

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In history today, we located The Allies and The Axis powers from World War II. We used atlases and iPads to support our learning. We looked into where countries were located within the continents, and how this affected the progression of Germany.


Singing and Sports in Y6

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The children have been raising the roof with some fabulous singing this week; we've been learning some songs from Matilda the Musical. The children have learned the words from a musical libretto and been learning to recognise musical notation as well as singing in a three-part arrangement.

We wlecomed some specialist coaching this week from Sutton Town Netball Club. They will continue to support with some netball coaching for the girls over the next 6 weeks. We are really lucky to receive this opportunity, and we've been really pleased to hear that the girls have enjoyed it so far!

music                                                                netball

Trench Life

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Today we visited Staffordshire Regiment Museum in Lichfield. This allowed us to:

  • place people from our local onto a chronological framework- Civil War to World War 1 and 2
  • summarise major events in history, ordering them
  • identify and examine propaganda from WW1
  • describe key events from W1 from a range of sources.

The trip was fanastic and we gained experience of what life was like in the trenches, why a soldier would enlist and weaponry they would use- to name but a few things!



Tanka Poems

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Happy New Year to all!

Year 6 have continued their work on Tanka Poems this week. Tanka Poems are traditional Japanese poems written using specific syllables for each line. The pattern follows a 5, 7, 5, 7, 7 syllable format and the subject is usually feelings, seasons or weather. The pupils have completed their draft poems and edited them to meet the criteria set by the National Curriculum. Here is an example of a Tanka Draft completed by Year 6. The annotations are edited notes on the poem will be written up in ‘best’ this week. Editing skills are vital for the transition to secondary school and to ensure the writing is the best it can possibly be.

thumbnail IMG 6137

Super Circuitry

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Year 6 completed their DT Topic today- Wire-Loop Games. They drew, constructed and evaluated their games. The games were created in a series circuit, using different components to indicate if the game was completed successfully. These components included: buzzers, lamps, fans and motors.



Merry Christmas from Year 6 and The Year 6 Team.

Riveting Report Writing

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This week, Year 6 have been assigned the task of uncovering who was responsible for the mysterious disappearance of Ricky Thomas. Ricky is a fictional character from our text, 'Darkside' and disappeared under suspicious circumstances. The pupils have used eye-witness account and primary sources to piece the puzzle together. This culminated with a Hot Write in the form of a police report. 


police report 1

Some excellent, thought-provoking writing- well done Year 6. 


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Year 6 have started their new book, 'Darkside'. We have been creating diary entries as if we are Jonathan Starling, a young man being chased through the streets of London, seeking solice in Darkside. The pupil's have researched London and compared and copntarsted the author, Tom Beckers, other novels.

Image result for darkside Jonathan Starling

Look at our super t-shirts for the Y6 show!

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Anderson Shelters

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This week Year 6 designed, made and evaluated Anderson Shelters. As part of their World War II topic, they investigated how people in Britain remained safe during The Blitz and created scaled-down shelters from recycled goods.

Below are some examples. Well done Year 6!

 blog ww2 shelters

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