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Order in Court!

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This week we have held a debate in Year 6 to discuss whether vampires are real or not... some really valid points were made such as:

DNA has been found in humans which is the same as vampire bats.

Many hospitals across the world have had to admit a large proportion of people with 'bite' marks on their necks.

Specialised cameras have identified non-human beings walking the streets in the dead of night.

Vampires have been invented by a company wanting to sell 'vampire killing kits'

Police records show no evidence of vampires sightings.

There is no birth or death records for Dracula.

We used the debate to write balanced arguements.  We have also written an alternative ending to Room 13 where Fliss makes a terrible mistake with horrific consequences!  You'll have to read our writing to find out more...



Working hard in Year 6

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We are thrilled to see how hard Year 6 children are working at the moment - everyone is really focused and putting in 100% effort.  In our groups we are all enjoying reading a selection of texts, including Inkheart, Thief and Danny the Champion of the World.  We are also continuing to enjoy Room 13 and have nearly finished it - we will soon find out what is in that mystery room!  Finally in maths we are all making sure that we work hard - some excellent progress is being made and we are all really proud!  This has also been celebrated at parents evening.  Well done everyone :)

Area 51 Leaked Information!

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This week we have come across some top secret information - initially confiscated by Area 51.  We have obtained an amateur video which documents what's inside Room 13.  There are several clues revealing what it could be: a knarled hand covered in blood, evil soulless eyes, dirty yellowed teeth and papery thin skin covering sharp cheek bones.  We have our suspicions as to what it is, however cannot reveal them for fear of breaking classified information. 



Magnet Mahem!

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We are learning about forces in science.  We know that there are forces all around us and that they act in different ways.  In year 6 we really enjoyed taking part in an investigation using magnets and have used our pknowledge to plan an investiagtion. 

222px-Magnet0873   magnets

Parent Meetings

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Thank you for attending the Inspire Workshop today. We hope that you enjoyed it and found it worthwhile.

Please be reminded that there is  SATs/SRE meeting on Thursday 23rd January 6pm-7pm. This is for parents only.

Thank you

Expressive Dance

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This half term we have started to create expressive dances in P.E. We are basing our dances on our knowledge of World War Two events and are thinking carefully about what life would have been like for children during the war.

We have also started our new topic - Australia and are excited to be finding out new things about this amazing country.

Tomorrow we have our Inspire Workshop and are looking forward to sharing how we learn in Literacy lessons with you.


Spooky Writing in Year 6

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We are reading Room 13 by Robert Swindells - it is realy spooky!  We don't know what lies hidden in Room 13 however this has not stopped our imaginations running wild and coming up with lots of ideas of what it could be...

We have used suspense in our writing and described things without actually telling the reader what it is!

We cannot wait to find out what happens, or what is behind that door!


Year 6 Inspire Workshop

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Please be reminded that the Year 6 Inspire Workshop will be taking place next Tuesday (14th) in the Oaks Hall.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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The year six children have continued to work hard this week on various Christmas projects including making peppermint creams and creating artisitc calendars. The phase also enjoyed performing their Christmas Carol Concert . We were extremely proud of the childrens fantastic singing and confidence in the church and are looking forward to sharing this with the rest of the school tomorrow.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support this term and also for the generous Christmas presents that we have received from you. We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas (if you are celebrating) and a Happy New Year!

The year six team

D&T Bird Houses

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We have really enjoyed making Bird Houses this week in D&T.  We first had to saw some wood to specific measurements, then used the glue gun safely to fix everything together before putting on a cover, painting them and making a bird to go inside!  We are so proud of them and how carefully we worked with the equipment.

P1020443small  P1020439small


Advent Reflection

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We have been reflecting about advent in Year 6 and thinking about what it means to Christians across the world.  While we do this an advent candle has been lit.  We have thought about the traditional story of Christmas according to the Bible.  We have also discussed the symbolism within this festival.  Year 5 and 6 are looking forward to our traditional carol service next Tuesday following our rehearsal today.  We are looking forward to seeing you at the church at 6.15pm.


The Snowman

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This week in literacy Year 6 are writing newspaper articles.  We have written newspapers based on 'The Snowman' and how a variety of different people from around the world have spotted a young boy and a snowman flying in the air!  We have used all of the features of a newspaper and ensured that we uplevelled our writing afterwards.

The Snowman

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