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Ullswater Day Four

Wonderful final day, with the sun shining and bright blue skies to wake up to. Pupils did a variety activities including: a trip to the farm, gorge walking, sailing on the lake, testing rafts on the water, hill walking and a visit to Aira Force to name a few.
Children and staff are very excited to be returning home tomorrow to fill you all in on our fantastic adventures.

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Ullswater Day Three

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The children continue to do us proud with their team building skills, collaboration, perseverance and independence. They've faced lots of challenges and the fresh air and bracing walks  mean they go to bed tired!
Today the group tunnelled around the Outward Bound centre, built shelters and designed and made our raft ready for tomorrow's sail. We applied our collaborative skills and encouraged people through the warren of tunnels below the ground. Many of us were apprehensive, including Mrs. Brady, but we all did the activity! Excellent. We then built shelters and designed our rafts. Our DT skills were put to the test as we designed, made and evaluated our use of ropes and knots. Let's hope they float tomorrow.
Today the group walked through the cloud up to Gowbarrow Fell (481m). We didn't stay long on the summit as  it was very windy! We took it in turns to lead the group, developing our leadership and observation skills. We walked back to Ullswater in sunshine, identifying Wood Sorrel and tasting it. Yummy, just like apple skin!
We then stopped off at Watermillock Church to admire the architecture before heading back to the centre. Looking forward to another adventure tomorrow!
Today the group began by learning and rehearsing skills on site that would help them on their day of adventure today. We then travelled over to Howtown and donned our boiler suits and went tunnelling. It was very wet and dark but we loved having the opportunity to explore! We then travelled to Boredale and climbed the gorge. We worked extremely well as a team and used skills learnt today including a Roman handshake and spotting. This evening we are orienteering on site.
Today the group boarded the minibus to the beautiful Boredale valley.After donning our waterproofs, safety helmets and harness's we made our way up the gorge. We overcame many barriers while wading through some deep water at times. We created our own dam and then cascaded the water all over us! Another fun filled day for Johnson!
We travelled further afield today (we could see Carlisle and the Scottish border!) and through the wind and cloud climbed a rock face. We learnt how to tie special knots to keep us safe and we had to work as a team to ensure a successful ascent and descent of the rock faces. There were three levels of difficulty and most of the group decided to go for it and challenge themselves. With the encouragement of the group, Mrs Cowdery made it!
We began our adventure at one of the most well known beauty spots; Aira Force. At the bottom of the waterfall we had a forage through the forest looking for mushrooms, leaves and identifying poo! We played Winnie the Pooh's favourite game at the top of the waterfall and then branched off and walked up the fell. Once we reached the top, it was time for lunch. Although the view was amazing, it was extremely windy and so we ate in the group shelter (a huge parachute). On the descent we identified native trees to the area and their importance to the landscape. I wonder what tomorrow brings.
The mini bus transported us to Howtown where we ascended Hallin Fell, this was quite challenging as it was steep in places and the grass was wet and slippy; however, we encouraged and supported each other to reach the top where we felt very proud of ourselves. The view was stunning as we sat eating our lunch. After taking an easier route down, we then used ropes to climb the side of a rock face; this required more team work as each person pulled the ropes to help their team mates climb up and abseil back down. Finally, we were treated to thrilling ride on the speed boat across Ullswater back to the Centre. A fabulous day was enjoyed by all, even when it tested our perseverance skills to the limits.

Ullswater Day Two

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Today Francis caught a bus to Angle Tarn after donning the safety equipment collected from the store, the pupils proceeded up the gorge to the waterfall. Each child navigated the narrow ridges and boulders supporting each other using ropes and the ever helpful, Roman Handshake. The children behaved impeccably and worked fabulously as team.

The group took the speed boat across the lake before boarding the Steamer from Howtown to Aira Force National Park. We ascended many steps to get a view of this amazing waterfall and then walked back to the centre via a very rocky mountain path and another forest before finally walking down a 'very long' road. After leaving the centre at 9.30am we returned to the centre at 4.30pm exhausted but very proud of our achievements.


Today Mallory caught a minibus to Glennriding Dodd. Here we navigated our way up the rocky mountain and back down again. We stopped at intervals for a much needed rest and worked really well as a team to make sure we were all safe. The views were absolutely amazing!


Today Johnson caught a speed boat across Ullswater to Howtown. Once kitted up we continued on a trek along the coastal path to a forest. Once in the forest we undertook a sensory game and had to locate coloured objects that match our cards. We enjoyed a lovely picnic overlooking Ullswater Lake. Once back at Howtown we tunnelled through the centres narrow tunnels. We used many BLP skills.

Scott and Hilary
Today these groups went to Cold Cove to gorge walk. The children worked collaboratively to help each other through the gorge. The children have to be spotters, anchors and supporters using Roman Shakes. Once we reached the top, some children had showers in the waterfall.

Today we got a power boat across the lake and then walked to one of the highest points overlooking Ullswater; Hellin Fell.  The views were amazing. After this we walked down through a wood of Oak trees and some of us did a barefoot walk. It felt great! We then worked collaboratively in pairs to identify trees while one of the pair was blindfolded. We used many of our BLP skills.

Ullswater Day One

Wow! What a start to the week. We had a fantastic journey and only hit a small amount of traffic on the motorway. When we arrive we were greeted with brilliant sunshine and a glorious view of the lake. After meeting our friendly guides for the week, we were shown our rooms and had to make our own beds! (This took a while)

Later that afternoon we all enjoyed a refreshing jog and dip in the beautiful lake – teachers included! Followed by a hearty evening meal and some evening activities like orienteering.

We are eager to see what the week has in-store. Hope you are not missing us too much.

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Howtown 2017 Day Four

We've had a wonderful day full of even more adventures, many of which got us very wet!

Miss Greenwood's group went for a walk into the forest where they built dens and had hot chocolate. The children then jumped off a crag and into Ullswater,  where there were three layers of challenging heights to conquer. After this they canoed back to the center.

Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Rowney's groups have been gorge walking in deep waterfalls, some children named this area 'The Jacuzzi' and then enjoyed cliff jumping into the lake, a fantastic time was had by all.

Mrs. Cowdery's group canoed across the Lake and then also jumped off the cliff.. Mrs. Brady's group walked to Pooley Bridge and returned on the steamer - the children even had the opportunity to drive it! They discussed our year group poet, Wordsworth, and saw the inspirational sites for his poem, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud . There was a stone bench engraved with some of his poetry.

We are extremely proud of the achievements of every child during our trip. They've exceeded their own (and our) expectations,moving out of their comfort zone on several occasions. We are now off to join the children for their final evening activities of camp fires, toasting marshmallows and reflecting on the accomplishments.

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Howtown 2017 Day Three

Another fantastic adventure was had by all.

Mrs. Brady's group went on a hill walk, they saw stunning views from the climb to the top of the 149 ascent. They scaled sheer rock faces and traversed along ridges - the children's perseverance was fantastic and they walked 4km in total. Miss Greenwood's group went gorge walking; the children's teamwork skills were amazing. They really encouraged one another and used the 'Roman handshake' to help each other up the waterfall. After this, the children went in a speed boat to a cliff and jumped off into the lake.

A hill walk was completed by both Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Rowney's groups to Pooley Bridge and Glenridding. The children loved playing in the waterfalls and the meandering streams along the journey. Positive comments were made by the public about how extremely well behaved the children were on their return visit to the center on the steamer boat.

Mrs. Cowdery's group scrambled up a dry gorge using harnesses and ropes. They spotted deer in the distance - David Attenborough eat your heart out! Lunch was eaten whilst admiring the breath taking views, before descending into Sandwick.

We have been very lucky with the weather, and so far escaping the rain! The children are enjoying their evening activities of night-line and orienteering. We are excited for even more fun tomorrow.










day 3

Howtown 2017 Day Two

Following a good night's sleep, we woke to the gorgeous views of Ullswater, covered in a blanket of mist. After a hearty breakfast, the children embarked on their first full day of activites in the glorious sunshine. Team persuits included gorge walking, canoeing, hill walking and bushcraft. Everyone demonstrated superb collaboration, perseverance and resilience skills whilst working as a team to complete their tasks successfully.
Yet again, Pete the chef served up a delicious array of food which was gratefully  received after a very rewarding day. Hot chocolate and biscuits await the children following their evening activities before watching a film and having an early night!!
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Howtown tuesday

Howtown 2017 Day One

We arrived in the picturesque Lake District just in time for lunch. After devouring our sandwiches and snacks we found out where our dorms were and set off on our first challenge: making our beds! Once this task was complete (it took a while) we collected our bags and settled in to our rooms.

After this, we met our instructors and set off on our first activity - jog and dip. The lake was far from being on the toasty side, however we were extremely brave and conquered this task with chattering teeth smiles on our faces.

We had a lovely dinner of either: sausage casserole, sweet chilli chicken, mince and dumplings or macaroni cheese as well as many other options.

The children thoroughly enjoyed our first selection of evening activities followed by a hot chocolate and cookie.

Over and out from the Howtown Team!

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Howtown: Last Day Reflections

Thanks girls for summing up such an amazing week so creatively! Safe journey home.

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