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Howtown Day Three 2014 Photos

 Howtown HJ Day 3 2014 004 Small Mobile Howtown HJ Day 3 2014 022 Small Mobile 
 Howtown SG Day 3 2014 035 Small Mobile  Howtown SG Day 3 2014 007 Small Mobile
 Howtown SG Day 3 2014 056 Small Mobile  

Howtown Day Three 2014

Today the children have enjoyed another fantastic day in the lakes. We began the day with morning presentations from two of the groups and then began our day's adventures.

Mrs. Hawkesworth's group went for a canoe today with the intention of rowing back, however due to a certain lack of rowing power they had to 'suffer' being toed back into port!

Miss Greenwood's group went for a hill day, which the children greatly enjoyed - some hoped to see the sea from the height we were at and guessed that it was nearly as high as Mt. Everest - but found out that the mountain was actually only a sixteenth of its height.

Miss Maugham and Miss Johnston's group took part in a hike, which to the delight of their tired legs was only short. Once in the woods they explored, gathered firewood and proudly boiled water for hot chocolate on their own camp fires. After this they canoed back to the centre in the sunshine.

Other activities consisted of gorge walking and climbing.

The children are now enjoying their night time activities before a hot chocolate and bed.

Over and out from Howtown.

Howtown Day Two 2014 Photos

Howtown AH 2014 002 Small Small

Howtown AH 2014 040 Small Small

Howtown SG 2014 086 Small Small

Howtown SG 2014 092 Small Small

Howtown Day Two 2014

The children enjoyed a full English breakfast to fuel them up ready for the day. After completing their morning jobs each group went off on various adventures. Mrs Hawkesworth's group enjoyed tunneling and a ropes course in the morning followed by raft building and a dip in the lake. Miss Maughan's went for a walk and then came home on the steamer boat across the lake.  Miss Greenwood went climbing with her group and Miss Johnston's group went for an 11 km walk. The children are currently enjoying their evening activities of night line and orienteering.

Howtown Day One 2014 Photos :)

Howtown Day One 2014

We arrived safely at Howtown on time at 12.30 and were greeted by our fantastic instructors.

It wasn't long before we met our first challenge (some were challenged more than others) ... making our beds! We then enjoyed our lunch in the glorious afternoon sunshine.

Following this we had a tour of the centre and organised our group's equipment. We then embarked on our first team building activity - the famous 'Jog and Dip'. Mrs. Hawkesworth and Miss Greenwood joined in with the aquatic fun to the delight of the children. Miss Maugham and Miss Johnston had an equally important, and drier, role - taking photos!

Tonight's menu choices included: macaroni cheese, sweet chilli chicken, sausage casserole and mince and dumplings. All of the children enjoyed ate well.

Howtown Day Three

A second night’s sleep was had by all and children had to be gently persuaded to get out of bed this morning. Once breakfast and morning duties were completed an impromptu limbo competition took place; the finals are hopefully being held later this evening.

Canoeing, gorge walking and choir singing on the steamer have all contributed to everybody having a fantastic day. A good deed was carried out by Fiennes group who found a dog and returned him to his delightful owner. On the downside Mrs Hawksworth has decided that sheep poo is not good for the hair!

Healthy appetites have built p during the day’s activities that will shortly be satisfied by a delicious array of dishes.

Tonight’s activities include: raft building, tunneling and a good old-fashioned camp fire.

Over and out from Howtown base.

Howtown Day Two

We think that we have set a residential record of having all of the children sound asleep by 10 pm and not waking up until 7 am!

The children enjoyed a hearty breakfast followed by morning duties. After this they assembled in their activity groups and prepared for the day's challenges. Once everyone was suited and booted in very fetching red waterproofs and various footwear (staff included) the children embarked on their adventures. This included: hill walking, gorge walking (where children had a shower in the waterfall) and climbing.

Some children commented that their day had been 'awesome', 'the best adventure ever' and one child even asked if they could stay for a month!

We must go as the smell of dinner is tempting our taste buds to the kitchen. A range of activities are planned for this evening which the children are looking forward to.

Howtown Day One

We arrived safely in the Lake District early this afternoon where we ate our lunch and had a tour of the centre. Once the children had met their instructors they were sent off to make their beds, lots of children ended up in quilt covers rather than the actual quilt! After tackling this first 'challenge' the children faced the famous 'Jog and Dip', which was undertaken by every child, many of which double dipped.

The children had thoroughly warmed up in time for tea. The night activities are due to begin as we blog and here's hoping for a good night's sleep for all!


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