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Magic mascots - choosing our mascot.

This year Whitehouse Common are participating in a couple of eTwinning projects. The first is entitled Magic Mascots and involves six schools from six countries exchanging mascots over the school year. We will be working with schools in Croatia, Poland, Spain, Finland and the Ukraine.


Our first task was to choose a mascot for Whitehouse Common, and the Language Leaders decided upon a bear in dungarees. They then debated and voted on his name, and would like to present to you:


William Henry was named after Shakespeare and the Duke of Cambridge, and Henry VIII.

He has now begun his travels representing Whitehouse Common and has flown to Madrid in Spain, complete with his passport, scrapbook, gifts for the partner schools and a game of table ping pong to play. You can see inside his box here.


Language Leaders 2016-17

LANGUAGE LEADERFollowing the success of the Language Leaders last year, a new school year brought a new round of applications. Once again all KS2 pupils were invited to apply for the post by submitting a letter explaining why they wanted the position and what they felt they could offer.

This year, the outgoing Language Leaders were involved in the selection of their successors. Following their deliberations (which were long and detailed including some interviews when they weren't sure who to choose) at least one Language Leader was appointed for each class with a few having two.

So congratulations to Scarlett, Roman, Beau and Tia, Hollie, Sofia and Kirstie, Olivia and Amsa, Maddie, Rohan and Freddie and Josh and Yousaf, the Whitehouse Common Language Leaders 2016-17.

Their first task was to pick a mascot to represent our school in our latest eTwinning project...

International School Award Reaccreditation success

ISA optHave you ever looked at all the badges at the bottom of the school website? If you have, you may have noticed one that says International School Award 2011-2014. You might even recall when we were awarded this accolade!

Over the last year, Señora Stevens has been collecting evidence to prove that Whitehouse Common Primary School deserves to be reaccredited with the Full award.

To qualify, a school applying for the Accreditation/Reaccreditation level of the International School Award will have embedded international learning across the school and curriculum and in doing so will have to:

  • work with international partners on a range of projects, sustaining activity throughout the academic year (including language learning activities)
  • embed the international work across the whole school (most pupils must be involved)
  • share educational practice with partners overseas and implementing changes across the school

And, if applying for reaccreditation,

  • disseminate their approach to international work and demonstrated long-term impact.

At the end of June, the application and evidence was submitted, and during the holidays we received good news!


Congratulations on your Re/Accreditation of the International School Award 2016-2019
Dear International Coordinator,
Thank you for submitting your Impact Evaluation of international learning activities. We are delighted to inform you that Whitehouse Common Primary School has been successful in gaining Reaccreditation of the International School Award and is accredited for three years from 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2019.
Here are the assessor’s comments on your Impact Evaluation, to highlight where your application was particularly impressive and points to take note of as you continue to develop the international dimension in your school:
Whitehouse Common Primary School.
International School Award Re-Accreditation: APPROVED.
Your school is clearly committed to the ongoing development of global citizenship via classroom-based learning and collaboration with partner schools in oer countries. An international dimension is firmly embedded in your curriculum, staff professional development programme and whole-school planning and ethos under the guidance of your own expertise and experience. Your international work enriches the curriculum, contributes to improved learning and educational outcomes and raises awareness of other countries and cultures, whilst providing opportunities for your pupils to consider and address global issues in a meaningful and motivational context. Your international dimension dovetails neatly with ICT and MFL teaching and learning. Your active collaboration with schools in other countries is effectively managed so that your pupils can communicate, share and discuss common themes freely.Foreign language learning is enriched with intercultural understanding provided by the link with peers in Mexico and by other opportunities to include cultural aspects. Short-term activities are balanced with ongoing programmes of study. Your ambassadorial role is high-profile, in which you support and disseminate international learning to a wide audience in other schools. Your impact evaluation is reflective and insightful, highlighting the positive effect of international work not only on pupils and local community, but also on staff professional development via the opportunity to share good practice with and learn from colleagues in different education systems in other countries. You have made good use of funded programmes such as Connecting Classrooms and Comenius, and continue to benefit from innovative eTwinning project work. You have good plans to sustain and further develop your international dimension. Congratulations on your International School Award Re-Accreditation 

There will be an national award ceremony later on in the Autumn at which we will be presented with our certificate and plaque, and if you check the bottom of the website in a few weeks time, you should be able to see our newly updated badge. 

Last year's Language Leaders suggested ways in which we can carry on developing our international work in 2016-17, and I'm sure that the next cohort will have plans too so watch this space!



The eTwinning Tree project - online!

oak treeThis year Whitehouse Common has been participating in an eTwinning project called The eTwinning Tree. The main activity was for schools across Europe to visit a special tree, imagine what the tree would say if it could talk, and write stories and poems and draw pictures for a special book that would travel between the schools. We welcomed the actual book in March - you can find out about it here.

The book didn't manage to visit all 33 schools this year but it will continue next year. However, materials from the project are being uploaded to a special website for us all to see here -






There's an electronic version of The eTwinning Book stories available here and you can see the actual book in electronic form here. You can't take the postcards out of the envelopes or touch the leaves etc but you can see the beautiful illustrations.

Finally, in April we wrote a section in a Storyjumper online story and now you can read the whole story!

Lo que aprendimos esta semana (Verano 12)

Another busy week of Spanish learning at Whitehouse Common amidst all the end of term assemblies, celebrations and concerts.

Year 1 continued to work on contrasting delicious and disgusting things to eat, this week using dictionaries, glossaries and word lists to make their own ¡Qué rico! ¡Qué asco! posters. Looking at all the new words was very exciting and some found it hard to choose which to use on their posters. Others were fascinated by the Spanish script in one of the dictionaries.

1AG rico asco

Year 4 and 5 completed their owrk on the weather this week by presenting El pronóstico complete with wigs, glasses and foam microphone. Señora Stevens took so many photographs and videos that she had to keep downloading them to make space for more. Below are some of the photographs. Special mention to Millie, Mya, Aaliyah and Laila for their very expressive and demonstrative 'pop up' weather presenting!

y5 weather

y4 weather
















In the last week of term, we will review our learning over the year and Señora Stevens will be asking people for their highlights of the past year in language learning. If you want your memory or reflection to be shared, be sure to find her next week!

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