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Lo que aprendimos esta semana (Verano 1)

We've only been back at school for a week and already the children have produced some 'trabajo excelente'. Everyone has been working hard but this week we're going to focus on two year groups, Year 2 and Year 4.

Year 4 have been working for the whole Spring term on parts of the head and face, and last week they finished a piece of work called Mi Monstruo in which they drew and described their own monster. Below are some of the monstruos muy espantosos. They have had to think about word order in Spanish - adjectives follow nouns - and also the gender and number of the noun as adjectives agree with nouns.



They worked so hard that we had time to do something else so we made some Wanted posters! They used a scaffold but many of them used a dictionary to extend their descriptions. Can you guess what 'es peligroso' means?

se busca1



Year 2 talked about Easter in a country that speaks Spanish other than Spain before the holidays. They focussed on Guatemala and the tradition of making 'alfombras' or rugs with coloured sawdust in the streets. They learned that the alfombras can only to trodden on by the parades carrying the image/statue of Jesus through the streets, and that although they take hours to make, they only last a few minutes before they are destroyed by the feet of the parades. Children took home an alfombra to colour and some of them returned them for a sticker.

IMG 1599 opt

Last week we looked at shapes - las formas - which links with Y2 Maths at the moment. We drew the shapes in the air, compared the English and Spanish words and linked to the coours that we had learned earlier in the term. I was particularly impressed with Yianni who wrote his shapes in Spanish AND Greek! Muy bien hecho! This week we're continuing to talk about shapes with our visitors from BCU.

IMG 1600 opt


eTwinning Tree book at Whitehouse Common

Whitehouse Common is part of an eTwinning project with 33 other schools in 26 different countries across Europe. The project is based around trees, their importance to the environment and their role in our history, and the central activity is a shared book that is travelling between the schools. Each school contributes a story, a picture and a poem or riddle as well as being allowed to add photos and leaves to a small envelope on their page. 

Each school can only have the book for a very short time as it has much travelling to do, and we have been host for the last ten days. During that time, the book has visited classes, been to assemblies and been thoroughly investigated by the staff and pupils. After some excellent entries in the competition to write the story or draw the picture in the book, Evie, Hannah, James, Reinart and Shirin were chosen to fill in the book on behalf of all the pupils:

The illustrator of the front cover


Our artist drew a beautiful picture of our oak tree through the four seasons.


Our chosen poet.


One of our authors...


and here's the other!


Their stories are written in the form of a tree. Clever, eh?

hannah James story

Thanks too to 2MW who posed beautifully under the oak tree and found some oak leaves (no mean feat in spring!) for the envelope. 

The book is now on its way to Oulu University Teacher Training School in Finland. We hope it arrives safely!

Lo que aprendimos esta semana (Primavera 9 y 10)

fruitOnly one more week to go before las vacaciones de Pascuas so what have the pupils of Whitehouse Common being learning in Spanish over the last two weeks?


Y2 have been roleplaying visiting the fruit shop. They've been practising asking the price of items in euros and being polite too! They were helped by learning a song called Tres manzanas por favor. I'm sure they'd sing it for you if you asked!


Y3 have been learning about and using bilingual dictionaries. They know that there are two halves to the dictionary, one for finding out how to say Spanish words in English and the other to find English words in Spanish, and that there are some very useful word lists in the middle too. 

Y4 have been working really hard on adjectives in Spanish and are getting ready to describe their own monsters next week. Last week they completed descriptions of a funny monster, concentrating on word order and agreements. Señora Stevens was particularly impressed by these two pieces of work; being a good language learner isn't about getting everything right all the time but about listening carefully and making progress.

monstruo1 monstruo2

Y5 have become more confident with numbers up to 100 and have been working out prices and change in euros. A couple of students have been enjoying it so much that they've been doing extensions of the extension activities!

And Y6 have working on talking about how they travel around town, learning that when you say you are going to a place that is  a masculine noun, the a and el join to become al whilst they stay separate if the noun is feminine. For example - voy al banco en coche; voy a la playa en moto.

We've also spent time this week looking at the amazing eTwinning Tree book, but that deserves a post of its own. 

In the last week before Easter some classes will be looking at how Easter is celebrated in Guatemala whilst others will finish off their unit of work with their 'big piece of work.' 

Magic Tree eBook - eTwinning Tree project

A couple of weeks ago, representatives of years 3-6 worked with Señora Stevens on a collaborative eBook as part of our eTwinning project. The eBook is an online story created using the Storyjumper website and written by all the schools involved in the eTwinning Tree project. Each school reads the story thus far then adds the next part, leaving the story at a point allowing the next school to easily continue. 
We don't want to give too much away as the whole story will be shared once it is finished but our part is below. Flora is the forest fairy who found a lonely tree and is travelling with a little boy called Tom to see the Queen as Raphael, the spirit of the Forest has stolen her magic wand and she needs it to save the tree from the three headed dragon. Our pupils enjoyed using their imagination and being creative in their story writing. We hope you enjoy it! 

1.ebookp1 2.ebookp2
3.ebookp3 4.ebookp4

The eTwinning Tree book has arrived!

The eTwinning Tree book has arrived and is currently in the hands of our talented pupils who are filling in the Whitehouse Common pages with drawings, two stories, a poem and an envelope of pictures and leaves. Yesterday afternoon 2MW had their photo taken under our special oak tree, the star of our stories, and their picture will be put into the book too. More news will follow as each class has the opportunity to read the pages made by the 11 preceding schools as well as seeing where the book has yet to travel (another 22 schools in 18 countries!)

oak tree

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