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Lo que aprendimos esta semana (Primavera 7 y 8)

it's been a busy start to the new half term, and it's already 2/5 over! Most classes have begun new topics and are working hard to fit in as much as possible in the short time before Easter.

Y2 have started learning about 'la fruta'. Last week they learned the names of five fruits and we talked about words that included certain Spanish phonemes. This week we looked at photographs of La Boquería market in Barcelona and compared pictures of fruit stalls in Spain and England to find differences.

Y3 began to talk about things in their pencil case; they particularly enjoyed the word 'un sacapuntas' and I understand that 3JH are getting very proficient with their dictionary skills. 

Y4 are starting a unit based around describing faces that will see them working on the way adjectives behave in Spanish. They  learned a song and a rhyme about their face. Here's a link to the video and below is the poem. It's a rebus - can you fill in the missing words? A clue: they're all body parts apart from line 4 = sonreír (smile) and line 8 = palomitas de maiz (popcorn)

 cara opt

Y5 finished their time topic and are getting ready to tackle some Spanish related Maths, looking at currencies, prices, distances and dates of birth!

And Y6 are moving on from talking about the places in town to talking about how they might travel around. This week they used all their language learning skills (LLS) to match pictures of transport with the correct label in Spanish. They used cognates and near cognates as well as context and some 'sensible guessing' to work out the 11 new phrases. They also learned about the dangers of 'false friends', words that look like and English word but don't mean what you think. For example, you'd think that en coche meant by coach and en autocar meant by car, but it's the other way around!


Y5 and 6 completed special Spanish activities this week as it was World Book Day. Find out what they did in the next post!

Lo que aprendimos esta semana (Primavera 6)

In the last week of the half term, there has been lots of Spanish activity going on at Whitehouse Common. 

Year 4 finished their unit for this term by reviewing personal information questions including ¿Cuántos años tienes? ¿Cómo te llamas? and ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? and worked hard to read and understand a conversation between two Spanish children. They were pleased with how much they could understand without looking in a dictionary; it's not always necessary to know every word to understand what is said! Year 5 finished their unit on the time by starting to make a mini book. They will complete them after the holidays so look out for pictures in the next post.

Señora Stevens was very pleased on Tuesday on Year 2 as both 2MW and 2DH didn't just remember the colours in Spanish, they also pronounced them beautifully. ¡Bien hecho! And Señora Stevens was even happier when Áine said that she had something to show her. Áine explained that she had been playing some Spanish games on her computer and decided to make some little cards to learn some Spanish words. They are lovely and we shared them with 2DH who were equally inspired and gave Áine un gran aplauso for her hard work.

 AineAine work

Señora Stevens was also very excited to visit 3JH who, along with 3EC and 3CC, have been learning about colours this half term. They wanted to share a song that they had learned and Señora Stevens was very impressed with the way they not only remembered all the words in the right order (they weren't on the screen) but also coped with the music getting faster and faster. Have a look for yourself here!

3JH sing


Year 6 worked hard on Thursday to finish their calles of buildings to make our own pueblo. Here are some of those made by 6LC; there will be more to follow after half term when Señora Stevens has had an opportunity to read them all and shares some of the excellent Spanish behind the doors!

multiple shops



Next half term is quite short so everyone will be working hard to pack as much as we can into our Spanish lessons and still leave time for some work on culture and traditions.

¡Que tengais un buen descanso! ¡Hasta pronto!

Spanish story competition - the judges' favourites

Whilst none of our stories won the OneThirdStories competition, some came very close. Pictured below are the three entries from Whitehouse Common that were picked out by the judges as being extra special. Do you recognise your story? Whitehouse Common opt 2

Everyone who entered has already received a certificate, but if the writers of these three stories would like to find Señora Stevens on Tuesday, she has an extra little something for you.

(Looking forward to seeing you, Abbie, Shirin and Sumaiya!)

Lo que aprendimos esta semana (Primavera 5)

Señora Stevens isn't teaching Spanish in Y3 at the moment so it's very exciting when she gets to see what they're doing. This week, 3JH were very excited to show her their work and were all ready to sing for her too but unfortunately were unable to find her. The colour work below is very impressive and I know that many older pupils would be very proud to have produced such neat accurate work. ¡Bien hecho a todos! Although there are only three eamples below, i know that there were many other great examples, including one that made it to the Excellence Board!

3JHcolour opt4AB worked on 'Saints' Day Showdown' this week, discovering the dates of some special days in Spain - and the United Kingdom too as they realised that el día de San Andrés on el treinta de noviembre is a special day in Escocia, and el día de San David on el primero de marzo is important in Gales. And year 6 are coming to the end of their unit on their town, and are working on their assessment which they will finish next week.

Year 5 have continued to work on telling the time this week. Everyone made progress this week, whether it was learning how to say minutes past the hour or minutes to the hour using digital clocks (it's tricky!) Isabella and Eddie did particularly well, demonstrating that they could work with both analogue and digital time in Spanish, with Eddie choosing some quite hard times to manipulate. ¡Enhorabuena!

hora opt

Year 2 had great fun on Tuesday afternoon working on sequencing colours in Spanish. They enjoyed singing the 'rojo, azul' song and dragging the beads into the correct sequence, demonstrating their mathematical skills as well as their Spanish. Señora Stevens was very impressed by their pronunciation too; everyone was using their Spanish glasses this week!

Here are some photos of the children making sequences.

boy sequence alfie sequence


Señora Stevens was very proud to hand out certificates this week to all those who participated in the OneThirdStories competition. If you didn't get one and think that you should have done, please see Señora Stevens on Tuesday. She was also pleased to speak to some parents on Thursday at Parents' Evening. Muchas gracias to those who stopped and chatted, or looked at the work and resources on display. If you ever want to ask questions about Spanish or language learning (at Whitehouse Common or in general), please contact Señora Stevens who will be happy to talk to you. 

Sptable opt

Parents - don't forget to look at your page in the Spanish section. This week Señora Stevens has added some links to Spanish videos that might be of interest.

Pupils - don't forget the competition to tell the story of the oak tree outside the Willows building. They need to be written before the end of the week. 

Lo que aprendimos esta semana (Primavera 4)

Let's start this week with some news from Reception. These two smiling 'chicas' were sent to show their work to Señora Stevens on Tuesday. She was very pleased to see them and 2HD gave them a round of applause for such beautiful colouring of 'el arco iris'. ¡Bien hecho!

Lily and Saanvi opt

2HD clapped out the names of animals in Spanish this week whilst 2MW made an animal symphony by clapping the rhythm of the Spanish animal names whilst saying them. They did hope that the other classes weren't disturbed by their enthusiasm! And staying in FKS and KS1, Señora Stevens was in charge of assembly on Tuesday and recruited some helpers to tell the story of El Nabo Enorme. Unfortunately there are no photographs but Daisy did an excellent job as 'el nabo enorme' who finally popped out of the ground, but only when pulled by el abuelo, la abuela, Marisol, el perro, el gato, el ratón y la araña!

In KS2, Year 3 opened their class assemblies with a Spanish song about friends, and a piece of Y3 Spanish work made it onto the Excellence Board. Can you find it here? Year 4 continued to work on the date, this week talking about the date of their birthday as well as various Saint's Days.

5SG and 5MA continued to grapple with the time. They completed a Tarsia through which they discovered that to say minutes past the hour you use 'y' meaning and, and to say minutes to the hour you sue 'menos' which means minus. The two teams who completed their Tarsia first are pictured here.

que hora opt

swing opt amelie opt

And year 6, despite having quite a short lesson this week, managed to produce some lovely work on what you can and can't do in the town. I particularly liked Amelie's colour coordinated work which uses conjunctions and negatives, and the clever use of an adjective in the piece of work on the left makes it stand out from the rest. 

However, there were so many excellent ideas that here are some further examples!

pueblo multiple opt

Make sure that you've read the news about the OneThirdStories competition that was published earlier this week, and also the news about the eTwinning tree story writing competition. Señora Stevens has already received a lovely story from Ruby but would love to receive lots more. They will all be shared with the partner schools so even if your story is not the one chosen to be written in the travelling book, it will be read all over Europe!

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