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Lo que aprendimos esta semana (Primavera 1)

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! 

It was lovely to see so many smiling faces in Spanish lessons this week and very pleasing that, after a bit of thought, we remembered what we'd been doing before the holidays.

Year 6 had been working on verbs before the holidays, identifying the infinitive of the verb. They remembered that Spanish verb infinitives end with -ar, -er or -ir, and that this is the word you find in the dictionary. This week they were working on making sentences with infinitives. Using ink pads and their fingers to make fingerprints, the pupils created characters and then decided on a name and something that the character liked to do before writing sentences using Me llamo... (My name is...) and Me gusta ... (I like...) There are some examples below. Señora Stevens was particularly impressed with Hannah who decided to be ambitious and challenge herself by using a negative sentence about what a character did NOT enjoy doing. ¡Fantástico Hannah!

Hannah fingerprint Spanish


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Señora Stevens is teaching Spanish in year this term and 2DH enjoyed singing about El granjero, joining in with animal noises as well as beginning to learn the names of some jungle animals whilst 2MW enjoyed singing Venid a ver mi granja and playing a game with Tigre.

Year 4 focused on the months of the year and asked each other ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? to conduct a survey about birthdays. (Mi cumpleaños es en octubre if anyone wondered!) They enjoyed singing this song once more, although we did have to work on our pronunciation of agOsto and octUbre. 

Screen Shot 2016 01 09 at 18 opt



Year 5 have been working on Las mascotas (pets) and this week played Hundir la flota (Battleships) to practise asking and answering questions about how many pets they might have. Lots of Spanish was spoken and it was amusing to see the tactics pupils had to stop their partner seeing their card!

Next week in Spanish one year group will be using a Padlet to find information, another will be having 'una carnaval de animales' and one more will be using their imagination.  


Competition closed and entries posted!

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After a final check with the Language Leaders that we'd collected them all, the entries for the OneThirdStories story competition were counted, copied (just in case!) and put in a big envelope. Then after school Señora Stevens went to the Post Office and sent them off to Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Fingers crossed that one is successful! 

Thank you for using your imagination; I know that OneThirdStories will be impressed. They tweeted us to say that they were looking forward to our entries, as did the Post Office who commented on the excellent colouring.

Spanish advent calendar

Pupils have been enjoying opening the doors on the Spanish advent calendar each day and following the story.  Will Papá and Mamá Noel survive the visit of their naughty 'nietos' and will everything be ready for Christmas? And will all the cheeky puffins be found? It's specially deisgned for schools so there are no doors at the weekends and it concludes on viernes, el dieciocho de diciembre, just as we break up. 


Screen Shot 2015 12 11 at 13 opt

[Click here] to view the calendar. You can also read - and hear - the story in French and German by going to the main site.

Have you entered the story competition?

Last week our Language Leaders presented a competiton to their class mates that involves languages and storytelling. Run by One Third Stories, the competition is open to any primary aged pupil who could win prizes for themselves as well as the school if successful.

The blurb says:

We want to get children everywhere excited speaking foreign languages. That’s why we’re asking for their help making a storybook that makes learning a new language simple and fun in our new competition.

All the children have to do is read the story so far, decide what should happen next, and send us their ideas. Oh, and draw us a picture of course. 

The most creative idea will be in the final book with the student who made it credited as one of the authors. They’ll also win a pack of fun language games and activities.

The story so far features a (Spanish speaking) girl and a cat who are caught in a storm that blows away the girl's words. A blue teapot is the first character to help her recover some words that include tetera, azul and gracias. You can view it story here

The children have to decide who will be the next character who will help the girl, and which Spanish words might be recovered. The entry form asks for a drawing of the girl, the cat and the new character, and then a brief summary of the next part of the story including at least three Spanish words. This doesn't have to rhyme and doesn't have to be written completely in Spanish!

Pupils have until Thursday 10th December to complete their entries which should be returned to their class Language Leader or Señora Stevens. (If anyone in Foundation or KS1 wants to enter, return the form to your class teacher.)

You can find out more details and download the story and an entry form from the OneThirdStories website; click here for details. 

There are prizes for the winners as well as their school, and there is also a prize for the school with the most entries! So let your imaginations run wild!


International Education Week Challenge


To mark International Education Week (16th-20th November), pupils at Whitehouse Common have been taking part in a Homework Challenge set by the British Council.

International Education Week is an opportunity to promote the importance of an international dimension to the education of young people across the UK, increasing familiarity with different cultures and languages as we prepare young people for an increasingly globalised future.

Years 2-6 were given a challenge sheet listing 20 fun activities, and given two weeks to see how many they could complete. Tasks included eating food from a different country, listening to music in a languaeg other than your own, listing countries they'd like to visit before they're 25 and reading a book in another language. Pupils were off to a flying start as one of the tasks was to speak to someone from another country which they did with great enthusiasm when they met our Mexican visitors. Some classes have tapped into the linguistic knowledge of their classmates too to complete tasks such as learning 10 words in a language they are not learning at school. 

Language Leaders will be collecting in the forms tomorrow (Tuesday) and we'll report next week on how people got on. 

You can see the challenge here. Why not have a go yourself?

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