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International Education Week Challenge


To mark International Education Week (16th-20th November), pupils at Whitehouse Common have been taking part in a Homework Challenge set by the British Council.

International Education Week is an opportunity to promote the importance of an international dimension to the education of young people across the UK, increasing familiarity with different cultures and languages as we prepare young people for an increasingly globalised future.

Years 2-6 were given a challenge sheet listing 20 fun activities, and given two weeks to see how many they could complete. Tasks included eating food from a different country, listening to music in a languaeg other than your own, listing countries they'd like to visit before they're 25 and reading a book in another language. Pupils were off to a flying start as one of the tasks was to speak to someone from another country which they did with great enthusiasm when they met our Mexican visitors. Some classes have tapped into the linguistic knowledge of their classmates too to complete tasks such as learning 10 words in a language they are not learning at school. 

Language Leaders will be collecting in the forms tomorrow (Tuesday) and we'll report next week on how people got on. 

You can see the challenge here. Why not have a go yourself?

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