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Express yourself in lockdown

expressSpeaking a language confidently and coherently is an important part of the curriculum in the United Kingdom. However, the impact of Covid-19 has meant that many pupils have had fewer opportunities to speak the languages they are learning.  Therefore, the Association for Language Learning, the British Council and the cultural and linguistic bodies in the United Kingdom have combined efforts to devise an exciting event entitled ‘Express Yourself in Lockdown’.

This will be an opportunity to showcase language learners’ enjoyment of a language that they are learning or that is normally used in their home community from home (except for English!). 

Language learners can prepare:

  • A short poem in the target language (written by themselves or by another author)
  • A short presentation on any theme e.g. climate change, equality, why I love languages
  • A short sketch
  • A short dialogue

This can be a solo or joint performance but should be no longer than 90 seconds in total and should be recorded in landscape mode. The participants will record themselves delivering their performance, however participants who are under-16 should use either PowerPoint slides/Bitmoji/other pictures or video imagery rather than showing their faces.

Teachers can then upload the performances to a teacher or school Twitter, Instagram or YouTube account with the hashtag #CelebrateSpeaking and the language chosen (e.g. #French) by 28 February 2021.

Fancy joining in the challenge? Let Señora Stevens know if she can help you, otherwise choose your category, prepare your ‘speech’ and send it to Señora Stevens via Teams or ClassDojo so she can make sure you’re entered into the festival.

We’ll be having a look at some simple poems in our Spanish lessons over the next couple of weeks so you might like to recite one of those!

Find out more (including helpful tips!) here

Spanish successes and surprises!

Over the last few weeks Señora Stevens has been smiling rather a lot! Teaching via Teams has proved to be a challenge but also allows different opportunities . For example, last week, Y3 practised how to say their name and age by introducing her to their cuddly toys and action figures. Her meerkat Oleg is now friends with various unicorns. monkeys and teddy bears. And she very much enjoyed surprising Y5 with her wig collection – she’s sure she heard some parents giggling in the background! It is always wonderful to be able to interact with one another when we can’t be physically together, and Señora Stevens has been so impressed by the participation and attention paid, and especially the patience when things don’t quite go to plan, or when the wait for your go is long! And it’s been wonderful having the ‘in school’ groups joining too.
As well as the lessons, we’ve been smiling at the wonderful work being produced in response to assignments. A couple of weeks ago, Y4 researched Spanish festivals and made posters, factfiles and even presentations about them. You may have seen them on our Twitter feed. In the last few weeks, Y3 have been working on colours and were given a task with permission to do something different on the same theme if they wanted. So far, Señora Stevens has been sent a multicoloured dragon, a rainbow and a portrait of herself as well as a video of someone happily singing to themselves in Spanish as they work and another of someone telling me the colour of various household objects! There have been videos of counting and speaking practise, photos of children enjoying the Spanish online games and from Y2, some amazing snowmen made out of marshmallows, paper plates and also drawn (before all the snow!) Just yesterday Señora Stevens had a lovely time looking at Reception's Spanish learning - wonderful singing and finger waggling! 
Keep up the good work everyone!  

Spanish Advent Calendar 2020

advent calendar¡Hoy es el primero de diciembre! It's December 1st!

Señora Stevens has created a Spanish advent calendar to take us through to Nochebuena - Christmas Eve - full of Christmas videos from around the Spanish speaking world. Each day you can click on a door and watch a song, learn some Christmas words or find out about a tradition. There are even a few stories! 

You can't open a door until the day that matches the number so you have something to look forward to each day rather than binge watching all the content at once. 

If you click the image, it takes you to the Advent Calendar. 

¡Feliz Navidad!


Señora Stevens asks ¿Quién salta?

Slide1 optSeñora Stevens has just one last Spanish book to share before we break up for summer.

This one is called ¿Quién salta? - who jumps? and features lots of animals. You might be surprised at some of the answers to this question and the others posed. Enjoy listening to the book then try and join in with the actions.

Señora Stevens hopes that you've enjoyed the books she's shared and wishes you all a very safe healthy and happy break.

¡Hasta setiembre!




Time for another Spanish story!

book reading

It's time for another Spanish story from Señora Stevens who has been buying lots of books during lockdown. She thought that you might enjoy this one as it's a favourite in English. 

It's about a witch, a cat and a broomstick. Do you recognise it?

Señora Stevens hopes you enjoy the story. 

Watch out for one last story before the holidays!


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