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Beef visits Whitehouse Common

beef arrives

As part of the Magic Mascots eTwinning project, Whitehouse Common has recently been visited by a second mascot. Beef comes from Kyiv (Kiev) in the Ukraine and is a small big eyed panda.When he arrived, Year 5 enjoyed looking at the gifts that we had been sent including a bag, a pen and some Ukrainian dolls, and were very interested in the writing on the box in which Beef arrives as it was written in Cyrillic script.

beef decorations beef read

Beef enjoyed time in Year 5, attending assembly, taking part in lessons, making Christmas decorations and even attending 5MM's Space Camp. He joined in Guided Reading with 4JM, joined in the acting out of El Pequeño Petirrojo in Year 3 and was taken all over the school by various children who looked after him well. Beef even found a long lost brother who we named Steak. They both enjoyed numerous play dates and had lots of fun taking part in Christmas dinner and Christmas Toy Day.

beef toy opt

Beef has now waved goodbye to Steak and started his journey to the next school he will visit in Spain. However, we still have Steak, and a new mascot will soon arrive to explore Whitehouse Common. I wonder who it will be?

Lo que aprendimos en español (otoño 1-6)

The first half term of the year has flown past! Although there’s been no specific Spanish news on the website, there’s been plenty of learning going on throughout the school.

Year 3 have begun their KS2 Spanish learning by reviewing how to introduce themselves in Spanish,  responding to questions politely and speaking with good intonation thanks to work on Spanish phonics. They also discussed Spanish names and how Spanish children have two surnames or family names as they take their Dad’s name and their Mum’s name.

Here are some of Y3 dressed up to practice addressing Señor, Señora and Señorita.

hola opt
monstruo opt

Year 4 have been working on days of the week and re-reading La Oruga Muy Hambrienta. They then used their dictionary skills to imagine what un monstruo hambriento might eat and rewrote the story as a mini book. 

Here are a few examples!

Year 5 have been working on la familia and began the topic learning a song about Lisa Simpson and her family. After working on the vocabulary and grammar for a few weeks, they are now writing about their own families.

Year 6 have been tackling some grammar, distinguishing between the indefinite and definite article in Spanish and then applying rules of gender and number to it. Quite tricky as English just uses a (an)/some and the rather than four different ways of saying the, two to say a and two to same some. They’re now applying this to describing sports kit for two Spanish Olympic athletes. 

articles opt



Elsewhere in the school I’ve heard classes singing in Spanish and I know that Y1 have been looking at words to do with family. Looking forward to having a look at Class Learning Journeys next half term to find out more!

Magic mascots - our first visitor has arrived!

Welcome to Nalle from Finland!  


The Language Leaders were very excited to find a parcel at their very first meeting this week. When they opened it and saw Nalle, they were even more excited, checking where Finland is found on the map, reading Nalle's scrapbook to find out about him, and of course, giving him a welcome squeeze. They discovered that Nalle means bear in Finnish and that he comes from a place called Outokumpu!
For the rest of the day Nalle followed Señora Stevens around, and he attended our very special assemblies in the afternoon, finding out about Black History Month, congratulating Miss Harper on her upcoming wedding and waving goodbye to Mrs Paterson as she retires. He particularly enjoyed singing the songs.


As we're on holiday this week, Nalle is exploring our local area with Señora Stevens. We hope that he is warm enough in his specially made Tshirt and trousers as it's become very autumnal all of a sudden!

Magic mascots - choosing our mascot.

This year Whitehouse Common are participating in a couple of eTwinning projects. The first is entitled Magic Mascots and involves six schools from six countries exchanging mascots over the school year. We will be working with schools in Croatia, Poland, Spain, Finland and the Ukraine.


Our first task was to choose a mascot for Whitehouse Common, and the Language Leaders decided upon a bear in dungarees. They then debated and voted on his name, and would like to present to you:


William Henry was named after Shakespeare and the Duke of Cambridge, and Henry VIII.

He has now begun his travels representing Whitehouse Common and has flown to Madrid in Spain, complete with his passport, scrapbook, gifts for the partner schools and a game of table ping pong to play. You can see inside his box here.


Language Leaders 2016-17

LANGUAGE LEADERFollowing the success of the Language Leaders last year, a new school year brought a new round of applications. Once again all KS2 pupils were invited to apply for the post by submitting a letter explaining why they wanted the position and what they felt they could offer.

This year, the outgoing Language Leaders were involved in the selection of their successors. Following their deliberations (which were long and detailed including some interviews when they weren't sure who to choose) at least one Language Leader was appointed for each class with a few having two.

So congratulations to Scarlett, Roman, Beau and Tia, Hollie, Sofia and Kirstie, Olivia and Amsa, Maddie, Rohan and Freddie and Josh and Yousaf, the Whitehouse Common Language Leaders 2016-17.

Their first task was to pick a mascot to represent our school in our latest eTwinning project...

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