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Let's Go Cultural! at Whitehouse Common Primary School: Welcome and Day 1

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Day 1 of the Let's Go Cultural! transnational meeting at Whitehouse Common.

Our guests arrived at school and were welcomed by flags, bunting and lots of smiling faces. Find out what happened next in the two videos that follow.

Firstly the amazing welcome given by our staff and pupils as well as our special guests, Mr Andrew Mitchell (MP for Sutton Coldfield), Mr David Allen (Mayor of Sutton Coldfield) and governors including  Mr Crossan, Mrs Burton and Mr Philpott.

And in the second, what happened after that when our visitors went on a tour of the school, met some of the pupils and were then taken by Señora Stevens to explore Sutton Coldfield Park and Nature Reserve - in the rain!

Rewind to March - Let's Go Cultural!

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Do you remember what you were doing in March? It seems such a long time ago, and so many things have changed! AtWhitehouse Common we were welcoming some very special visitors to visit our school and local area. Even then our plans were changed by circumstances but whilst we were unable to welcome our Greek and Turkish friends in person, we were delighted to host our Spanish and Austrian friends. 

Over the next week, we'll be sharing videos of the visit as we lead up to European Day of Languages on September 26th.

We hope you enjoy the memories of the parts of the visit in which you were involved as well as finding out what the visitors did when they weren't in school!

The videos will be posted on the Erasmus+ part of the website rather than the front page. You can access that by clicking on the OUR SCHOOL tab at the top, scrolling down to LINK SCHOOLS and then ERASMUS+BLOG at the bottom of the list. If you follow Twitter, you will see notifications there that will link to the posts. And, probably the easiest way, you can look at the Twitter stream on the right hand side of the website front page and click on the posts as they appear!


IMG 9930 opt

Let's Go Cultural! - Letters from Y6 at WCPS to Y6 at CEP Antonio de Ulloa

final logoClass 6B at CEP Antonio de Ulloa in Cartagena sent our Y6s some letters via teachers Lola, Esperanza and Rocío. They had a little longer to reply that Y4 so managed to write letters which, unfortunately, are stuck in 'lockdown quarantine.' 

However, all is not lost as Señora Stevens has taken photos of them all and made a video that has been sent to their teachers to share with them via their online learning platform (like Showbie) I'm sure they'll be really pleased to read the messages.

Here's the video:

Let's Go Cultural! - Letters from Y4 at WCPS to Y4 at CEP Antonio de Ulloa

final logoThe children in Y4 at CEP Antonio de Ulloa in Cartagena sent some letters to our Y4s at Whitehouse Common, delivered by their teachers Lola, Esperanza and Rocío when they visited.

Unfortunately there wasn't time to respond in length to the messages but some of the chidlren managed to write a postcard to say hello. Lockdown means that the postcards are not going to be seen in the near future so, rather than keep the children in Spain waiting, and to cheer them up, Señora Stevens has made a video of them that we've sent to their teacher who can share it with them via their online learning platform (like we use Showbie)

Here's the video: 

Hello song - CoVid19 version!

final logoLots of the partner teachers had a meeting via Zoom the other day and decided to sing the Hello! song for you all as a symbol of us all being in the same situation and wanting to support one another. 

You can read all about it here but here's the video! Do you recognise anyone? And watch out for people who managed to record themselves twice - or even three times!


Let's go cultural - Looking back to our project meeting in Cartagena.


final logo


As we reach the end of Day 2 of our project meeting at Whitehouse Common, it has been drawn to the attention of Señora Stevens that she never posted the videos of our first meeting that were promised a few weeks ago. 


So here is the story of the first project meeting in five videos! 









Let's Go Cultural! - A 'welcoming' task


This week in assembly we talked about how we can welcome our Erasmus+ visitors to school in March (9th-13th) and here are two ways that children can make sure we offer the best Whitehouse Common welcome we can!

1. SINGING  We rehearsed our two songs and the children sounded really good. With a little more rehearsal, particularly of our special welcome song, we'll sound positively angelic, and I defy anyone NOT to be impressed!

The lyrics and a link to the music for our Welcome song is here. The Hello song has been shared previously but here's the karaoke version so the children can see if they really have it memorised!

2. DRAWING   We also talked about how the chidlren in Spain had welcomed Mrs Harding, Señora Stevens and all the other visitors with smiles and flag waving. The Language Leaders suggested that children might have a bit of time over half term to have a go at making some Welcome posters or flags that we could wave and display to make our visitors from Austria, Greece, Spain and Turkey feel welcome. Images to help are at the start of the post and here's how to say 'Welcome' in the various languages of our project! 

German (Austria) - Willkommen

Spain - Bienvenido

Greece - Καλώς Ορίσατε

Turkish - Hoş geldiniz

 [The project logo hasn't come out very well on the image at the top but it is on each post on this blog so there are better versions to copy!]


Let's go cultural - Clapping games at CEP Antonio de Ulloa

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During the meeting in Cartagena, Señora Stevens was beckoned into a classroom where the children were desperate to share some clapping rhymes and games in Spanish. Some are traditional and some were adapted by the children. Señora Stevens was inspired and you may see and hear some of them in a class or playground near you!

Here's a video to inspire you! Which is your favourite?


Let's go cultural - A visit to La Casa del Folclore.

final logoDuring the meeting in Cartagena, Mrs Harding and Señora Stevens along with the teachers from the other participating schools were taken to visit the Casa del Folclore (the House of Folklore) which is a special building where culture and folklore is celebrated and safeguarded for the future. They saw artefacts from Cartagena's history as well as typical decoration, historical pictures and agricultural implements. They were also treated to a demonstration of traditional music and dance.


 Hope you enjoy this snapshot of the visit!


Let's go cultural - Romans and Carthaginians

final logoLet's Go Cultural! is all about sharing our own culture and learning about the culture of our partner schools, enjoying new experiences and celebrating our similarities and differences.

The Festival of the Romans and Carthaginians happens in Cartagena every September and commemorates the 2nd Punic Wars over 2200 years ago! (You can find out more here.)

During the meeting in Cartagena, the children of CEP Antonio de Ulloa shared their work on the festival and staged a procession for the visitors dressed as Romans and Carthaginians complete with music and drumming! 

Here's a video to give you a taste!



Let's go cultural - Welcome to Cartagena!

final logoHere's a video of how the visiting teachers were welcomed at CEP Antonio de Ulloa on Day 1 of the first transnational project meeting for Let's Go Cultural! 

Our Spanish partners have set the bar high!

Whitehouse Common - we're the next hosts so we need to match and even better this! 



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